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— October 2005 —

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October 22, 2005

Swiss Watchmaker Longines salutes elegance and style

Longines Watches

Longines Watches

Not least by reason of the traditions and keen appreciation for elegance they share, Longines has partnered gymnastics for over one century now. Instituted in 1997 jointly with the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) and the European Gymnastics Federation (FEG), the Longines Prize for Elegance is today regularly awarded at the close of major gymnastics meets. The prize honors the athlete or team judged to be the most elegant performer during a world or continent-wide artistic or rhythmic gymnastics competition, and features a trophy specially designed by Swiss artist Piero Travaglini, a Longines wristwatch as well as a check worth US$5,000.

Longines Watches Gymnastics

According to the company, Longines has focused on gymnastics as an emblematic sport from its perspective not least because it expresses to perfection Longines’ own "Elegance is an attitude" message. Practiced on all continents, gymnastics meshes smoothly with Longines’ international corporate image. Combining physical strength and endurance with precision and grace, the sport is in tune with the innovative spirit of its skilled watchmakers. Its stylish refinement, its very beauty too, make it the perfect showcase for the message of poise and elegance that Longines watches invariably convey.

Established in 1832, Longines has from the first emphasized elegance, not least during its more than a century’s involvement in the world of sport, building its reputation for precision, reliability and technological expertise by monitoring sport performances, evaluating contestants’ performance and rating their stylistic proficiency. Official timekeeper at numerous Winter and Summer Olympic Games as well as of many international and continent-wide sport competitions, Longines has today decided to focus on sport disciplines where elegance is of particular significance: gymnastics and show jumping.

Since 1989, Longines has been the official partner and timekeeper of the International Gymnastics Federation. The company has earned its place and position by virtue of the know-how and practical experience it brings to bear on its appointed responsibilities. In fact, Longines’ involvement with the world of sport goes back to 1880 when it first made its chronographs available to the organizers of gymnastics meetings of every description. In 1912, Longines officially timed the Swiss Federal Gymnastics Festival in Basle. This event provided the venue for a pivotal world first in sports timekeeping: the introduction of the first automatic timing system based on the principle of the finish-line tape, snapped by the winner of the 100-meter race.

From the Olympic Games to world, international, continental and national championships, the company has unceasingly played a leading role in gymnastics. Most timing advances and innovations in this area have stemmed from Longines’ capacity to invent and adapt, improve and adjust, not to mention its constant technological inventiveness. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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October 8, 2005

Top photographers spearhead Nokia Nseries "See New" Competition

Five of the world's best photographers to lead the most ambitious mobile photography competition ever undertaken.

Photo taken with Nokia N70 by Juergen Teller
Nokia Mobile N70 Photo

Internationally renowned photographer, Juergen Teller; leading American photographer, Philip-Lorca DiCorcia; award winning London-based photographer, Nick Waplington; Raghu Rai, one of India's most respected documentary photographers and Jiancheng Dong, a prominent landscape and documentary photographer from China are heading up the Nokia Nseries 'See New' Competition.

Photo taken with Nokia Mobile. Photographer: Raghu Rai
Nokia Mobile Photography

The competition lays down the challenge to aspiring photographers around the world to 'shoot new' - capturing something from a different angle or something never previously photographed - using a megapixel camera phone.

View Nokia Mobile Photo: Photographer: Raghu Rai

View Nokia Mobile Photo: Photographer: Juergen Teller

View Nokia Mobile Photo: Photographer: Jiancheng Dong

View Nokia Mobile Photo: Photographer: Philip-Lorca DiCorcia

View Nokia Mobile Photo: Photographer: Nick Waplington

To inspire people to enter, the stellar line-up of professional photographers have themselves been shooting new using the Nokia N90 advanced imaging device. More than 60 brand new images from these photographers can be viewed at, Nokia Nseries' online community for mobile photography enthusiasts.

And the five photographers aren't just inspiring entrants with their images, they'll also be judging entries and offering a money can't buy prize: the chance to spend a day with them assisting on photoshoot.

"After pioneering the concept of mobile photography, we're now pioneering an exciting new photography challenge," said Pekka Rantala, Senior Vice President, Multimedia Marketing, Nokia. "The See New Competition is designed to encourage people to explore the possibilities of camera phone photography and uncover new photography talent from around the world. It's a unique competition both in terms of the caliber of professional photographers involved and by its global scale."

Commenting, Nick Waplington said: "Photography as a medium has developed to the point where it's around us, in all manners, at all times. Camera phones have played a big part in this, pushing the boundaries of when and how so there are many more opportunities to shoot new."

The competition is open to anyone over the age of 18 with a megapixel camera phone. Deadline for entries is 16 December 2005. Full terms and conditions can be found at

The Nokia N90 is the flagship camera product in the Nokia Nseries range of high performance multimedia devices. Packed with advanced camera features to capture great quality photos, the Nokia N90 is the first mobile device in the world to feature superior Carl Zeiss optics plus there's a two megapixel camera with autofocus and 20x digital zoom, integrated flash, macro mode for sharp close-ups and high quality video capture with on-device editing capabilities.

Nokia Nseries is a range of high performance multimedia devices that delivers unparalleled mobile multimedia experiences by combining the latest technologies with stylish design and ease of use. With Nokia Nseries products, consumers can use a single device to enjoy entertainment, access information and to capture and share pictures and videos, whenever and wherever they want.

Nokia is a world leader in mobile communications, driving the growth and sustainability of the broader mobility industry. Nokia connects people to each other and the information that matters to them with easy-to-use and innovative products like mobile phones, devices and solutions for imaging, games, media and businesses. Nokia provides equipment, solutions and services for network operators and corporations. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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October 3, 2005


FALL WINTER 2005/2006


The United Colors of Benetton collection of accessories for next winter completes and enriches the brand’s clothing collections. Dynamic, fresh ideas full of creativity and perfectly in tune with the latest fashion trends.


Multi-ethnic or stateless, international or global, fashion victim or trend setter, chic or casual, classic or ahead of the times? Questions with several answers, because the United Colors of Benetton woman of next winter will have many faces and multiple choices.
Versatile, chameleonic, glamorous, feminine, with lots of high-fashion touches; she dresses with flair and refinement, in tune with her times.

Defining Chic has a sophisticated background and a skilful blend of explosive Parisian creativity and cool New York chic. Skimpy, light melton coats, faux karakul overwear, and little suits. Other styles are reinterpreted in classic fabrics and worn with the floral silks of brilliant little dresses. Soft or warm colours; dashes of powdery turquoise or pink for very prim and proper knitwear.

Luxurious combinations of Shetland wool, soft country fabrics, classic elegance and a green palette … and it’s In the Irish Garden where casual classics shine with a new light. The cardigan with cables and lace-stitches, the knitted jacquard coat, the tweed knickerbockers, flounced skirt, leather jacket and even the Sixties-style cloak become fresh new styles for the third millennium.

Neo-Heart Breakers wear the clothes of the 70s’ rebellion: psychedelic mixes of turquoise and purple arabesques, sheepskin waistcoats and jackets, coats embroidered like Oriental shawls, velvet miniskirts, distressed jeans, skinny jumpers in strong colours. They pluck at male heartstrings with the same allure whether they wear ultra-feminine voile and lace slips or vintage check melton trench coats cinched at the waist.

A rather unusual play of fabrics and forms for About a Man. Women take a turn in men’s fabrics and styles: blazers that shout sensuality; cheeky, sexy suits. Vicuñas, herringbones and Prince of Wales checks drift from trousers to straight or pleated skirts with unquestioned grace. The obvious black, white and grey are punctuated by hues as colourful as it gets.

Tiny tiny blazers, short short jackets, bright bright duffel coats, tight tight trousers, light and airy padded jackets, super-decorated knits. In other words, Fashion Snapshot, the young line that sums up the Benetton look: strong colours mixed with style and lots of denim or corduroy. In addition to endless innovation.

The evening rises in the East. At least it does for the Moon Dolls, who at night wear jade-green lace, burgundy shot silk, Capri blue velvet, Indian-garden floral silk, Zen Master black satin. Feminine shapes like a delicate souvenir doll: bustier jackets, puffy tulle skirts, skimpy, sparkling cardigans. All worn under severe overcoats with a promise of preciousness, like jewellery cases.


The spirit of the United Colors of Benetton man for next winter is young, creative, free and sophisticated. The collection suggests, he interprets, mixes, remembers and re-invents. Four lines, four ideas. And all to elaborate on.

A Natural Boy chooses classic colours – black, camel, chestnut – wears tailored-look clothes, prefers luxury fabrics and adopts close-fitting styles that enhance a perfect physique. New ideas include narrow waists emphasised by flares in jackets and coats; bold-striped shirts; large jacquard-patterned knitwear; and, last but not least, sophisticated touches of purples and pinks.

West Coast, in other words snug elegance with the accent on comfort. "Worn-out" moleskin, corduroy or sand-blasted cotton jackets and trousers; easy-wearing leather jackets streamlined with ribs and darts; soft, patterned sweaters in bright colours. Melton overwear gives a comfortable fit despite sleek proportions. Natural colours with hints of midnight blue.

Padded items, colours and denim are the main ingredients of the Cold Mountain recipe. The rest is variety: from waistcoats to long jackets, there’s every kind of padded overwear. From red to green, from yellow to pale blue, from orange to pink, the palette spans the whole spectrum. Decorations, prints, appliqués and stitch patterns give oomph to typically sporty sweatshirts and pullovers. Extreme treatments subdue jeans and corduroy trousers, just as much as the passing of time.

Street Glam is a game of vintage played with pure creativity. Strictly reserved for the younger, it seems like a hunt for everything that’s worn, used, with a period look. Collector’s jackets, cabans and blazers are imbued with today’s freshness; ultra-treated, heavy-detailed jeans for connoisseurs; pullovers with "legendary" jacquard motifs updated through new technologies. Grey and denim blue matched with literally every colour of the rainbow.


The United Colors of Benetton collection of accessories for next winter completes and enriches the brand’s clothing collections. Dynamic, fresh ideas full of creativity and perfectly in tune with the latest fashion trends.

Accessories Woman

Boots are a must for the season. Boots in various lengths, from ankle to knee and even higher, in leather or suede - alone or together - with decorative stretch inserts for an easier fit. Casual or ultra-casual styles as well as elegant, sophisticated boots with delightful trompe l’Å“il details in traditional or bright colours (orange-yellow, pale blue, pink or green). The latest shoes rediscover the round toe and go wild with colour. Sandals are a seasonal fashion for those who have no fear of the cold;
styles featuring interwoven silver and gold, or with a closed toe - to wear from morning to evening with opaque hosiery.

As for bags, we’re seeing double; from two-tones to twinnings between different materials - melton and suede, synthetic and grosgrain, leather and velvet, brocade and leather, leather and suede, satin and velvet. Together with fur, ribbon, satin, opalescent leather, nylon. The range of logo-printed nylon bags is in unusual pastel shades. Shoulder bags with short or long straps, small suitcases, sacks, backpacks and little handbags - there’s really something for everyone.

One accessory we really can’t do without is a belt. The latest fashions oblige us to wear one not only with a skirt or trousers, but over a pullover, coat, blazer or even a blouse. It can be a leather belt with a decorative clasp and details, or patterned fabric, or metal with a buckle and semiprecious stones; wide, narrow, studded, thin or almost invisible - just as long as you’re wearing a belt!

Heads, hands and necks must be snug and warm. So it’s a riot of wool caps with coloured pompoms or rosettes, fabric cloches with tiny buckles and belt loops, boiled-wool berets or broad-brimmed suede hats with decorative stitching; gloves in all kinds of colours, made of fleece, leather or suede with a contrast-colour fur or knitted trim or inverted pleat; scarves and shawls of wool, silk, velvet, bouclé fabric or cashmere - embroidered, printed, decorated with handmade wool flowers or light-hearted pompom fringes.

Accessories Man

An absolute essential for him is the high shoe, ankle-length or higher, be it an ankle boot with a side zip or elastic, a classic brogue or a derby. Boots are de rigueur, but they must be lace-ups. Shoes and boots are of leather or suede in classic shades. Sneakers, on the other hand, step out in bright bold colours and are made of leather, suede and synthetic material, all together, in shades of emerald green, baby pink, coral red, golden yellow or airforce blue in addition to the more restrained beige and chestnut.

There’s a wide range of belts with highly creative buckles. Headwear focuses on caps, above all, although there’s also a choice of other popular styles. Scarves are all ablaze with multicolour weaves, kaleidoscopic knitted stitches, shaded wools and classic tartans. Pastel shades for the new "regimental", plain-coloured or dotted ties, which have become all the range among young adults. Shoulder bags with various pockets, courier bags and minimalist leather, synthetic fabric or suede bags complete the range of men’s accessories.


The United Colors of Benetton children’s collection for next winter is particularly rich and exciting: lots of ideas for the many boys’ and girls’ lines.
In addition to the brand’s signature creativity, this season there are also some new, key themes that appear in all the lines and form the creative core, the starting point to observe carefully before entering into the collection’s details:

– Soft wools and warm cottons guaranteed machine washable;
– Boys’ baggy trousers; stretch blazers for girls;
– An abundance of embroidery, decorations and applications;
– "Strong"-treated denim for a natural vintage look;
– Faux furs in all colours for girls;
– Genuine goose feather-padded jackets for kids of all ages.


White & blue, in other words, all shades of cool for wool or fur overwear; striped or jacquard sweaters typically worn by northern fishermen; tartan kilts interpreted in cooler colours; distressed denim; comfortable stretch corduroy trousers. To emphasise girls’ sense of snow: glitter prints, sparkling pale-blue sequins, frosty graphics dotted across sweatshirts and jersey tops.

Giving in to romance: a Scandinavian look that literally blooms with a profusion of embroidery, decorations, prints and appliqués. Sheepskins as embellished as ethnic shawls, jumpers full of fret patterns or maxi flowers, short skirts scattered with melton buds and shoots. Spring flowers and colours on snug midwinter clothes.

Girls or dolls go to fashion school: the Sparkling Girls of 2006. Lots of pink and just as much red for classic pieces: a little Jackie-O coat, a classic blazer, a scroll-decorated sheepskin, a houndstooth melton mini straight out of Barbarella, "sprayed on" T-shirts with glittering prints and wording.

Colour plus creativity is Harlem: spirited combinations of strong colours, of flowers and stripes, of wool and cotton, of corduroy and nylon, of distressed denim and faux furs. Then there’s handmade inlaid knits, printed sweatshirts, corduroy blazers or shiny bombers, denim miniskirts, bonded-cotton sports skirts. High spirits and movement in a riot of badges, decorations, sequins, pompoms, wool rosettes.

English Mood for quiet little ladies: traditional school attire acquires a softer look and lights up with femininity and glitter. Denim, heavy cotton, tartan and pinstripes worn with exquisite knitwear with touches of classic chic.

When snow starts to fall our wardrobe looks forward to a Colourful Winter and looks back to the 50s. White corduroy worn with soft-coloured knitwear richly embroidered in wave stitch. Tight-fitting T-shirts with graphics borrowed from period greetings cards in addition to hand-knitted pullovers. Super-soft, ultra-warm overwear and matching accessories.


The clothes of little citizens of the world all speak the same language: classic urbanwear gets the global look. Cool Boys & Babies don casual trousers, striped or check shirts, diamond-patterned pullovers, sweatshirts with city-slick graphics under warm long jackets. Soft shades with pink touches.
Sixties Colors and we’re suddenly in a U.S. TV series. Dads remember and kids discover multicoloured fleece or wool jackets full of wording or numbers, sweaters with our favourite team’s logo, padded jackets, white-collared polo shirts. They’re matched with soft trousers or jeans reinterpreted for the third millennium.

A romantic interlude for girls in a Country Mood. Lumberjacks’ sheepskin bombers over accessorised work trousers or worn-out jeans. Chunky knitwear and Ranger sweaters. Mother Nature provided the palette.

High-spec details, strong colours, sophisticated touches. The Trekking styles focuses on details and laminates trousers; makes jackets reversible; inserts, matches and layers superlative articles worthy of a true connoisseur.

Plucky leaders, Bikers kids give an ironic nod in the direction of the road genre. From shiny black bombers to flight jackets, from ultra-distressed jeans to jersey-inlaid shirts, nothing is by chance. Including the badges, prints and appliquéd embroidery.


Trendy new-borns already won over by the latest fashions. The New Born collection shifts the spotlight onto a few details to bear in mind, common to all the lines:

– Stripes, mini stripes, bands and fret patterns in myriad colours;
– Delicate handmade embroidery scattered over all the clothes;
– Distinguishing mini mascots: a penguin, a bee, a bear and a little angel


North for little romantics. Sweet knits in shades of pink with crochet edges or patchwork flounces; warm, pastel sheepskins.
Club, a classic, chic red-white-and-denim-blue theme. Simple styles with a few high-spec details, tiny touches of embroidery and lots of imagination.
Full Color is a play of candy colours hovering somewhere between ethnic and hippy. Stripes and checks, embroidery and prints burst from clothes in wool, corduroy, denim and super-soft sheepskin.


Ice, cool colours for a cold winter, a strong contrast with warm, soft and oh-so-comfortable fabrics: fleece, wool and goose feathers.
Book for mini intellectuals who already have their eye on university: dungarees and casual trousers under pullovers and T-shirts with an "older brother" look.
Gang: too nice to be naughty, new-born boys are sweetly ironic in their inlaid-fleece bomber jackets, army-green zipped pull-on trousers and street T-shirts. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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