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August 10, 2006

Apple Unveils New Mac Pro Featuring Quad 64-bit Xeon Processors

New Mac Pro Completes Apple’s Intel Transition.

Apple MacPro
Photo: Courtesy of Apple

Apple has unveiled the new Mac Pro, a quad Xeon, 64-bit desktop workstation featuring two new Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors running up to 3.0 GHz and a new system architecture that delivers up to twice the performance of the Power Mac G5 Quad*. With advanced performance, greater expansion, higher performance graphics options and unprecedented customization, the newly designed Mac Pro is the ideal system for the most demanding user. The introduction of the Mac Pro marks the completion of a rapid and seamless transition for Apple, with the entire Mac family now using Intel’s latest processors.

Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Today, Apple continues to lead the industry in innovation with its award-winning desktop and notebook computers, OS X operating system, and iLife and professional applications. Apple is also spearheading the digital music revolution with its iPod portable music players and iTunes online music store.

With more than 4.9 million possible configurations, the Mac Pro delivers unprecedented customization to meet even the most demanding performance, expansion and storage needs. The newly redesigned Mac Pro features an all new, direct attach storage solution for cable free, snap in installation of up to four 500GB Serial ATA hard drives for a total of 2TB of internal storage—the most ever on a Mac—and support for two optical drives to simultaneously read and/or write to CDs and DVDs. Every Mac Pro includes three full-length PCI Express expansion slots and one double-wide PCI Express graphics slot to support high-powered, double-wide graphics cards without sacrificing multiple slots. Providing quick and convenient access to connect the most popular external devices, the front panel of the Mac Pro includes a FireWire 800 port, a FireWire 400 port and two USB 2.0 ports with additional FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and three USB 2.0 ports on the back panel. Mac Pro also includes dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, optical digital input and output, analog audio input and output, and optional built-in support for AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR.

Every Mac Pro comes standard with the NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT with 256MB of video memory, providing built-in support for dual-displays and Apple’s 30-inch Cinema HD Display. The ATI Radeon X1900 XT and the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500, both with 512MB of video memory, are available as build to order options and provide built-in support for up to two 30-inch Apple Cinema HD Displays. The Quadro FX 4500 also includes a stereo 3D port to connect goggles for stereo-in-a-window applications and is ideal for the most demanding animation, special effects and scientific visualization applications. The Mac Pro supports up to four PCI Express graphics cards to drive up to eight displays at once for advanced visualization and large display walls. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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August 9, 2006

Nike and Apple Launch Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Running Will Never Be the Same.

Nike AirMax Shoes

Nike and Apple have officially brought together the worlds of sport and music with the retail launch of the Nike + iPod Sport Kit . The Nike + iPod Sport Kit is the first product developed through the partnership that was announced by Nike and Apple in New York on May 26, 2006.

The Nike + iPod Sport Kit allows Nike+ ready footwear to communicate with the Apple iPod nano through a sensor in the Nike+ footwear and a receiver plugged into the nano. The Nike + iPod Sport Kit allows the runner to receive audible updates on speed, distance and calories burned upon request throughout the run.

Nike Footwear

A small electronic sensor feeds performance information from a pair of Nike running shoes to a receiver on the iPod nano. (The iPod nano is the mid-size entry of the three iPod models.) The iPod nano displays the real-time data while the user listens to a personalized playlist of music. A small built-in pocket within the sole of the Nike+ shoes holds the sensor. An armband, as well as additional Nike+ clothing apparel, holds the iPod nano with connected receiver and cords securely in place.

The Nike + iPod Sport Kit will be available through the Apple Store (, Apple’s retail stores, Apple Authorized Resellers as well as (, Niketown, NikeWomen stores, and select retail stores in the US.

NIKE, Inc. (NYSE:NKE) based near Beaverton, Oregon is the world's leading designer, marketer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities.

The Nike + iPod Sport Kit requires a Nike+ shoe and a iPod nano with Mac with a USB 2.0 and
Mac OS X version 10.3.9 or later and iTunes 6.0.5; or a Windows PC with a USB 2.0 port and
Windows 2000, XP Home or Professional (SP2) and iTunes 6.0.5. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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August 8, 2006

Falcon Business Jets

The How and Why of Falcon's Efficient Performance.

Falcon Business Jets

Dassault Falcon is responsible for selling and supporting Falcon business jets throughout the world. It is part of Dassault Aviation, a leading aerospace company with a presence in over 70 countries across 5 continents. Dassault Aviation produces the renowned Mirage and Rafale fighter jets as well as a complete line of Falcon business jets. The company has assembly and production plants in both France and the United States and service facilities on both continents. It employs a total workforce of over 12,000.

Falcon Business Jets

According to Dassault Falcon, Falcon superiority is based on a unique philosophy:
Focus engineering, technology and design into a single integrated discipline -
to create one winning aircraft after another.

Not simply an assemblage of parts and systems bolted together to fly, every aspect of a Falcon is designed to optimize the strength and efficiency of the others. And the advances they make building supersonic jet fighters are built into every Falcon.

The Architecture:

A Falcon's superstructure uses aerospace materials - titanium, magnesium, composite laminates, hybrids and alloys - skillfully incorporated to be lighter-yet-stronger and longer-lasting than ordinary business jets. And extract every extra mile of fuel efficiency - without giving up an ounce of tensile toughness.

The Power:

To achieve the industry's most efficient thrust-to-weight ratios - and satisfy some of the world's most sophisticated business jet owners - Falcon engineers work closely with engine manufacturers. And each set of power plants is integrated into the aircraft's design to optimize thrust and minimize drag - while maintaining their reputation for "the quietest cabin in the sky."

The Aerodynamics:

The exterior of a Falcon, with its trademark gleaming-smooth skin, is designed to surf the air more efficiently at every altitude than other business jets - the result of their 80-year obsession with aerodynamics and 40-year experience in aerospace.

Falcon's unique wing design allows it to land slower than other planes in its class - giving it access to hundreds more small airports than other planes its size. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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August 5, 2006

Spirit of Innovation Name Pleases Goodyear Chairman

• Innovation a Critical Part of the Company Evolution.


Goodyear Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bob Keegan said he could not have been more pleased with the name that Uniontown, Ohio, resident Matthew Harrelson suggested for the company’s newest airship … “Spirit of Innovation.”

“Innovation has been a critical part of our evolution as a company, from the innovation of our new product offerings to innovation in everything we do,” Keegan told an audience of several thousand people at the company’s airship base southeast of Akron. “The fact that the American public agreed with their votes is further proof that innovation is becoming synonymous with Goodyear.”

In suggesting the name Spirit of Innovation, Harrelson, a chemistry teacher at Hudson High School, wins the use of the Goodyear blimp for a day as the grand prize of the company’s “Name the Blimp” contest.

The “Name the Blimp” contest kicked off on April 10th when the Company unveiled the new airship without a name but bearing the world’s largest blank nametag. After receiving more than 21,000 unique name submissions, a panel of judges narrowed the list to ten finalists. America and a panel of Goodyear representatives then voted on the finalists.

Keegan said the airship’s new name “would serve as a constant reminder” to all of the Goodyear associates of the importance of innovation to the company’s future success.

Goodyear blimp program began in 1925 when the Company built its first helium-filled public relations airship, the Pilgrim.

• Goodyear and Innovation

Since Charles Goodyear first discovered the process for vulcanizing rubber in 1843 and opened the door for the broad use of rubber in consumer products, the name Goodyear has been synonymous with innovation. From the early days when Goodyear introduced the first tubeless automotive tire and the first American-made synthetic rubber tire, the company has been leading the industry in technological advancements and design innovations. In recent years, Goodyear has accelerated its innovative new products that feature relevant technologies and deliver real-life benefits to consumers.

• The Goodyear Airship Program

In 1928, then-Chairman P.W. Litchfield began the tradition of naming its North American-based blimps after winners of America’s Cup yacht race. The tradition continued over most of the program’s 80-year history, with just a few exceptions. A list of winners from past America’s Cup races whose names Goodyear selected for its airship fleet includes Stars & Stripes, Columbia, Ranger, Rainbow, Enterprise, Resolute, Reliance, Defender, Vigilant, Volunteer, Mayflower, Puritan, and America. Within the past 40 years, Goodyear has selected other non-Cup winner names to grace the sides of its blimps. Those names included Europa, Spirit of Akron, Spirit of Goodyear, and Eagle.

Source: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

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August 4, 2006

PUMA at the EURO 2006

PUMA sponsoring EURO 2006 Athletic European Championships.


PUMA is for the first time one of the main sponsors of the Athletic European Championships. This year, the event is to take place in Gothenburg, Sweden, from the 7th until the 13th of August at the Ullevi stadium. PUMA has closely cooperated with the Swedish Athletics Association since 2004 and is the kit supplier of the Swedish national team, which has been very successful on an international basis in the past few years.

The EURO 2006 will have 1400 athletes from 49 countries participating in the Championships; around 2000 media representatives are accredited to cover the event. 65 000 000 TV spectators are expected to follow the competitions each day, 32 000 will assist at the Championships in the Ullevi stadium. As one of the main sponsors, PUMA will outfit a total of 3000 volunteers during the EURO 2006 week.

PUMA has been strongly connected with athletics for many years, `Running´ being one of PUMA's core business segments. With this sponsorship, it will further enhance the brand’s visibility in this category and strengthen PUMA's position as one of the leading suppliers in athletics.

Being one of the most attractive and biggest sporting events in Scandinavia since the 1995 Athletic World Championships, the EURO 2006 will achieve high brand visibility for PUMA. The sponsorship is part of an extensive marketing campaign which includes advertising and communication measures, as well as a wide array of entertainment activities.

PUMA has launched a special EURO 2006 collection in the Swedish national colours yellow and blue, and PUMA and the Swedish Athletics Association intend to further strengthen their cooperation with the shared claim “Go Sweden” at this years Championship. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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August 3, 2006

IWC Watches opens its latest flagship store in Seoul

After opening in Dubai, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Zurich and Bangkok, IWC is celebrating the opening of its latest flagshipstore in Seoul.

IWC Watches

The IWC Boutique houses the most comprehensive collection of IWC watches with the objective to create a unique yet high quality service to IWC customers.

IWC was created by a young American named F.A. Jones. Following his founding of the company in Schaffhausen in 1868, he also left the genetic code, so to speak, that has been revived in the Portuguese F.A.Jones. Back then, Jones started out with half a dozen basic movements in several different versions. These have gone down in watchmaking history as Jones calibers. Today, IWC watches with Jones calibre are very much in demand as collector's items. The Portuguese F.A. Jones is available worldwide in a limited edition of 500 watches in platinum, 1000 in 18ct. rose gold, 3000 in stainless steel.

Skeletonised watches have a long tradition at IWC. This high art is also continued with the F.A. Jones Squelette. The hand of the master craftsman transforms the Portuguese F.A. Jones into a filigree horological work of art. It is considered by connoisseurs as the highest level of craft perfection. This boutique exclusive model is limited to 100 watches in rose gold and 50 in platinum worldwide.

The restrained color spectrum of white, metallic grey and black underlines the guiding principle of IWC: "We are the Engineers of fine Watchmaking". The penchant for understatement associated with the IWC brand is reflected in the restrained atmosphere of the IWC Boutiques. There is nothing here to distract you from the main attraction: the watches from IWC, that remain true to their philosophy of "Probus Scafusia" - Good, solid craftsmanship from Schaffhausen. The art of complex simplicity so closely associated with the IWC brand is thus reflected in the architecture. Simple, minimalist forms combined with glass and metal create an attractive eye-catcher and invite customers to walk in. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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August 2, 2006


Playlife Casual Sportswear Fashion from Benetton.

Benetton PlayLife Campaign

Playlife, the casual sportswear label, presents a collection of allusions, cross-fertilisations, reminiscences and remakes for autumn winter 2006-2007. The collection’s key feature is its fusion of sportswear and casual wear. It revives, reinterprets and revisits popular styles from the past and timeless classics of both genres, rethinking them for today’s tastes, needs and moods.

The collection follows two themes, the same for both men and women.

Sportswear draws inspiration from a look that was all the rage in the 80s. The paninaro style emerges once more with its seemingly casual smartness. His and her coloured down jackets are the theme’s visiting card: very padded, very colourful, very gorgeous. He wears them with classic sports trousers and shirts with a slightly worn air, but above all with striped or plain-colour polo shirts. Simple, close-fitting knitwear, sweatshirts and T-shirts give that touch of elegance typical of the period. For her, classic sportswear styles have more feminine proportions and shaping: the sleeveless waistcoat, the windcheater, tracksuit bottoms, rock-climber trousers. Then, of course, things only for her: miniskirts, low-neck T-shirts, beachwrap-skirts. Cotton-feel fabrics are tamed with high-tech treatments. Basic colours – off-white, black, red and blue – mix with bright hues – cyclamen, purple, saffron, emerald, pumpkin – and new shades of mid-blue, pale blue and pink.

Heritage: in keeping with the idea that nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed, this range follows the thread of second-hand and vintage. This is clearly just an effect achieved by extreme washing treatments, design research and know-how. The result is worn, metabolised clothes; each detail is understood and appreciated. He has army-style overwear; worn trousers full of decorative details; old-style knitwear; “survivor” shirts and T-shirts. She has the same military look but softened by feminine styling: flying jackets; explorers’ safari jackets; uniform jackets; close-fitting trousers in various lengths and knee-length skirts. Only T-shirts and sweatshirts have romantic touches: figure-hugging; low-cut necklines; embroidered; cross-over styling with a definite lingerie look. The cotton-blend fabrics are treated to lose their stiffness and, not least, colour. Only dusty shades of lavender, pumpkin, aquamarine, chestnut, green, claret and basic colours. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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August 1, 2006

COCA-COLA INVITES THE WORLD TO CREATE ON-LINE WITH - THE COKE SIDE OF LIFE brand site launched simultaneously in 26 countries and 6 languages.

Coke Coca-Cola

Atlanta, July 28, 2006 - The Coca-Cola Company today announced it has re-launched as its new Coca-Cola brand site. The site is based on the core creative idea of "The Coke Side of Life", the Company's new global marketing platform for brand Coca-Cola. It will invite visitors around the world to participate in the evolution of the brand's heritage. At the same time the Company's corporate website has changed its address to Under this site, users will continue to find corporate information, including company news, investor information, corporate responsibility efforts and career opportunities.

Launching the new Coca-Cola brand website continues the commitment of the Company to establish a multimedia platform for "The Coke Side of Life" campaign. "Throughout Coke's history, we have seen people use the brand, its icons and heritage as a creative source," said Marc Mathieu, senior vice president for Global Core Brands, The Coca-Cola Company. "In the 60's, it was Andy Warhol, today it's people all over the world on the internet developing their own interpretations of the brand. We believe the independent creative process is a vital part of our heritage. With this site we want to give a further opportunity for these imaginative minds to be part of our creative process."

As part of its launch, the content on the site will be driven by a series of bi-weekly and monthly challenges to consumers around the world, which will be posted on The goal of the site is to develop organically into a global user generated content portal with three key differentiators from other consumer marketing sites: First, visitors are given a theme/challenge to focus their creativity and are provided tools to develop their ideas; second, winners of the challenges are rewarded for their input, and; third, users gain access to a truly global community which is invited to judge their entries. These features will allow visitors to have a more inclusive role in the Company's creative process.

The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company. Along with Coca-Cola, recognized as the world's most valuable brand, the Company markets four of the world's top five soft drink brands, including Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite, and a wide range of other beverages, including diet and light soft drinks, waters, juices and juice drinks, teas, coffees and sports drinks. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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