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February 22, 2006




Radiant, dazzling and colourful. This is the look of the spring-summer 2006 collection for United Colors of Benetton children.
A kaleidoscopic carousel of traditional children’s styles imbued with fresh creativity to give a new look to all the lines. Accents that make the difference and create an attractively different style for children:
- an abundance of ornamentation: rhinestones, embroidery and jewelled decorations for her; elegant patchwork appliqués for him;
- floral prints for her and multi-coloured overwear for him;
- stripes galore for girls, T-shirts aplenty for boys;
- denim for everyone, from fashionably chic to distressed;
- the season’s must-haves: a gypsy tunic for her, cargo pants for him;
- pretty skirts with matching sandals and, for boys, sports-fan knits.


Navy, for mini guests lounging on a yacht. White and dark blue with traces of coral and bright grass-green. Sailor trousers and mini sundresses; sweaters with all kinds of stripes and T-shirts with embroidery and Swarovski crystals; little stretch denim dresses and yachtsmen’s lawn blazers.

Etnico talks about flowers, paisley, sparkling embroidery, pastel and bright coloured flounces mixed with beige. T-shirts over gipsy skirts, embroidered jeans with tunics straight from the 70s, boys’ blazers decorated with little-girl romantic touches.

Cutie Girl, deliciously feminine in candy shades; floral trousers and short jackets; hyper-decorated T-shirts; trompe l’oeil double panels with shiny crystals and glitter prints; figure-hugging minis and Capri pants.

Gipsy Surf, a tropical sea with gipsy digressions. Luminous, midday-sun colours mixed at discretion. Rainbow stripes for sweaters, vests and knitted slip dresses; Hawaiian prints for T-shirts to wear over minis and army-look trousers with loads of beach accessories.

Skate Girl, for fresh city rappers. Basic colours are mixed – apparently casually – with strong or acid shades. Vests and T-shirts to wear in layers; light sweaters decorated with mega prints and script motifs; the baggiest trousers of all with an elasticated waist; and minis, including a vaguely Charleston version with big pleats.


Soft City, the perfect look for the little city slicker: pastel tops, basic pale bottoms. Clean graphics for polo shirts and sweaters; yarn-dyed shirts and textured cotton blazers. Sweaters, T-shirts and shirts worn one on top of the other creating bright colour matches.

Marine. Sailor, ahoy! Bomber jackets, sweatshirts, short jackets, multi-pocket and multi-zip trousers in classic sea colours with added gold-yellow and grass green. Appliquéd decorations, yacht-club script motifs and de rigueur stripes keep us firmly in-theme.

Spring Campus, dominated by pale blue and baby blue. Lots of washed, treated, sewn and re-sewn denim; shirts and loose shirts with yarn-dyed or appliquéd stripes; shirts and Bermudas in classic checks. Over these go short jackets, figure-hugging jackets, patchwork-constructed sweatshirts full of vintage script motifs.

Color Stripes, in other words a softer, appealing army look. Bottoms include multi-accessoried camouflage or cargo pants worn with sweatshirts in ice-cream colours, cartoon-print T-shirts or brightly-coloured shirts.

Spring Hockey, hard play, easy comfort. Fabric or denim tracksuit-style trousers in oversize proportions worn under closed or zipped sweatshirts and sweaters with hockey graphics. Striking contrasts of deep and worn colours.

Summer Basket, unusual pastel tones are out on the court for a striking theme. Striped or check drill Bermudas worn with "sweet" strawberry, pistachio and sky blue T-shirts worn in layers. Racing team script motifs and graphics in soft colours and big sizes.


A romantic mood; unusual, pretty denim; offbeat stripes; and a sporty trend are the main ingredients of this collection for babies. Still in nappies but already in the latest fashions, United Colors of Benetton babies are never banal and dare to be different in little kids’ outfits.

Layette, in other words, classic basic pale blue, pale pink and lime with "delightful" details: braid trims, embroidered mascots, tiny stripes, tablecloth checks. All in cool, comfortable cotton.

Marine Girl is white, red and blue with pink and light blue touches. Sailor trousers in denim and other fabrics, light windcheater sweatshirts, white-and-blue horizontal-striped "cruise" dresses and T-shirts worthy of a deep-sea fishergirl. Marine Boy adds cornflower blue and medlar to white and uses stripes in all sizes, going in all directions, as the main decorative element for sweaters, shorts and shoes. The very skipper-like polo shirts with a white collar are particularly appealing.

Soft Girl reveals a romantic side: little crushed-cotton flouncy, patchwork dresses with pink flowers, mauve twinsets with pastel embroidery, "tennis" outfits with appliqué flowers, open-work or all-over-printed T-shirts, embroidered stretch poplin cropped pants. Soft Boy mixes white, pale blue and yellow-orange. Ultra-treated, multi-pocketed denim to wear all the time with knitted-sleeve sweatshirts and light cotton vests; seersucker salopettes.

Tonic Girl for pastel-shaded gym maniacs. Short, pleated skirts matched with single-shoulder tops with Lurex stripes; sweatshirts; T-shirts with appliqués and embroidery; multi-stripe zipped cardigans; ripped, windowpane check jeans with floral sashes. Tonic Boy is sportswear in strong colours: yellow, green and cornflower blue. Cotton cropped pants that can be shortened; numbered waistcoats; denim bomber jackets and sweatshirts with a removable hood; layerable T-shirts; playsuits with bands, inlays, overstitching, badges and embroidery that would even make dad envious. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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