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August 26, 2006

Nikon's COOLPIX Digital Cameras Feature Innovative Image Technologies in an Easy to Use Design

Nikon's New COOLPIX Digital Cameras Allows Users to Capture and Share Photos Just About Anywhere.

Nikon CoolPix Digital Camera

MELVILLE, N.Y., Aug. 24 -- Consumers look for the best technology to keep up with their lifestyle. Nikon has consistently developed digital cameras that have connected with consumers needs by providing unsurpassed technology that enhances the picture taking experience. Today, Nikon announced the addition of five new COOLPIX cameras with the consumer in mind.

Nikon In-Camera Image Innovations for More Satisfying Pictures

Consistent in Nikon's COOLPIX digital cameras is Nikon's In-camera Image Innovations which fix common photo problems. This system includes Face- priority AF*, which can automatically find and focus on a subject's face, In- Camera Red-Eye Fix, which automatically corrects red-eye, and D-Lighting, an innovation that automatically corrects images with insufficient light. The cameras are also equipped with Blur Warning, which alerts the user when an image is blurred and Best Shot Selector, a feature which automatically identifies and saves the sharpest image from a series.

Making it easier than ever to get great-looking pictures, the L5, S7c, S9 and the S10 feature a handy One-Touch Portrait Button that acts as a shortcut to three image innovations; In-Camera Red-Eye Fix, Face-priority AF and D- Lighting. Satisfying shooting is made possible with a choice of 15 Scene modes in all the COOLPIX cameras.

In addition, every new COOLPIX camera features TV Quality Move Mode** function (recording movies at up to 30 fps with sound), Noise Reduction - to produce better results during low-light conditions; a broad choice of White Balance selections and a convenient Help Button, which is never further than a push of a button away, giving easy-to-understand explanations for all functions throughout the menu.

"Nikon acknowledges that consumer's photography levels vary, which is why the new cameras include a variety of features for every level," says Bill Giordano, General Manager Marketing, COOLPIX for Nikon, Inc. "Each camera in the new line-up includes similar image technologies but with additional features that will allow the user to take great pictures right out of the box. The use of a One-Touch Portrait Button on the outside of the camera makes it easy for beginners to capture great images that they deserve."

Steady Images Made Possible with Vibration Reduction

Nikon has introduced Vibration Reduction into a selection of the new COOLPIX cameras. Nikon's Vibration Reduction detects camera movement, makes precise automatic in-camera adjustments to produce stunning results with reduced blur. So whether you are panning, shooting in low light, or taking a handheld macro shot, you get a sharper, clearer picture.

Create and Share Pictures Using Pictmotion and Stop-motion Movie

Much more than a slideshow, Pictmotion makes it easy to share the joy of photography with others. Offering entertainment in-camera, it allows users to choose up to 30 images or movies, select one of five soundtracks already in the camera or load new ones to match the mood*, then select a visual style. The COOLPIX S7c and the S10 then produce a show automatically in-camera with pace and transitions set in harmony with the music and style. There's also a new Stop-motion movie function, accessible in the S7c and S9 COOLPIX cameras, that lets users create fun, animated movies. Users simply select objects or models they wish to animate, shoot them, move them, then shoot again. The COOLPIX S7c and S9 then automatically create impressive animated movies in- camera.

Reaching New Heights With Expanded Wi-Fi Capability

With a built-in Wi-Fi that complements the overall attraction of the wave- surface design, the COOLPIX S7c offers the freedom and flexibility of Wireless LAN support (IEEE 802.11b/g). With Wireless transfer, it enables photographers to send pictures from memory to a computer on demand. With Wireless shooting, it lets users transfer each image to the computer as soon as it's shot. Wireless printing sends images wirelessly for printing on a PictBridge- compatible printer***. And with Nikon's exciting new COOLPIX CONNECT service, users can wirelessly upload pictures to the Nikon COOLPIX CONNECT server****. Nikon and T-Mobile(TM) have partnered to give Nikon customers the amazing ability to email pictures directly from the new COOLPIX S7c. The first time you connect your COOLPIX S7c in one of the 7,000 T-Mobile HotSpot locations, your one year of complimentary T-Mobile Camera Wi-Fi service (for digital cameras) will be automatically activated. Simply turn on your COOLPIX S7c, choose Wi-Fi mode to automatically connect to your camera to the T-Mobile HotSpot or open access network, and you can email pictures directly from your COOLPIX S7c. COOLPIX Connect service enables a total of up to 50MB of images to be sent to the server and stored there for up to two weeks. It also sends an email to each specified recipient with a link to the page, allowing users to invite friends and family members to view the images right away, download them to their own computer or enjoy them as a slideshow. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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