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November 29, 2007

Unveiling the A-Star in New Delhi, Maruti (Suzuki) New Concept Car

Suzuki Alto

Photo: Suzuki Alto

The forthcoming Auto Expo in New Delhi will see some high decibel display not just at the Tata Motors pavilion, with its cheap small car, but from market leader Maruti Udyog as well. Maruti (Suzuki) said a brand new concept car, A-Star, a new compact car, will be displayed at the ninth edition of New Delhi Auto Expo in January 2008.

The showcasing at the Auto Expo, A-Star will join the elite club of concept cars displayed for the first time in India. Tata Motor's Indica was first displayed at the Auto Expo in January 1998 and hit the market a year later, witnessing a recording booking of over 100,000 units in the first couple of weeks of its launch.

"With a 5-year capital investment of $ 2.2 billion in a new car plant, a diesel engine manufacturing unit, a new engine series and new models, Maruti Suzuki is emerging as a global manufacturing hub for Suzuki operations worldwide. The next level of commitment will be evident in R & D, with a vision to make Maruti Suzuki the R & D hub for automobiles in Asia. Concept A-Star is a decisive step forward in that direction," a statement from Maruti Udyog said.

A-Star has been developed by Maruti Udyog and its Japanese parent, Suzuki Motor Corporation for the global markets. After making its debut showcase at the New Delhi Auto Expo, Star-A is expected to make the rounds in all major expos across the world, the company statement added.

The Concept A-Star is, in fact, the precursor to Maruti Suzuki's global compact car that will be launched in the future.

The global compact car will be manufactured in Maruti Suzuki's new plant in Manesar, India, for export to Europe. This model will also be precursor to the export model that company will ship out with the Nissan badge starting from 2009-10 fiscal.

In 2006, Nissan and Suzuki had signed and agreement which would see Maruti delivering 50,000 units of a compact car model to select markets for Nissan in Europe.

A Maruti spokesperson clarified that the deal with Nissan was for a single export order of 50,000 units and it not necessarily an annual export commitment, though repeat orders from Nissan has not been completely ruled out.

The 100,000 units of A-Star will also be exported with the Suzuki badge, while 50,000 units is slated for the domestic market that will carry the Maruti badge.

Apart from A-Star, Maruti is also expected to launch another compact car Splash around 2009-10. Splash that was displayed recently at the Tokyo Motor Show, Japan. (Source: Business Standard) || StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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