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March 1, 2010

Airbus showcases its latest products at Singapore Airshow

Airbus Singapore


Photo: Singapore Airshow 2010 - A330-200F on display. (© AIRBUS S.A.S. 2010)

Airbus had a major presence at this year's Singapore Airshow, showcasing both its commercial and military transport products. The highlight was the first public presentation of the new A330-200F Freighter. The aircraft, which is currently undergoing its certification program, was on static display throughout the show.

The new freighter is the latest addition to the highly successful A330 Family and will enter service later this year. According to Airbus, offering the lowest operating costs in the medium sized freighter category, the A330-200F can carry more than 69 tonnes of cargo on non-stop flights of 3,200 nautical miles. The aircraft features a versatile main-deck cargo loading system, which can accommodate both pallets and containers, enabling operators to serve the freight lift needs of varying markets.



Photo: The A380 made its first visit to Switzerland for airport compatibility tests in advance of Singapore Airlines' new service with the jetliner to Zurich, which will begin in March. (© SWISS AIR FORCE 2010)

Airbus Canada


Photo: The A330-200 Freighter completed successful cold-weather testing in Canada, keeping this new cargo aircraft programme on track for its planned certification in March. (© AIRBUS S.A.S. 2010)

Meanwhile, Airbus welcomed over 50 Spanish students at its headquarters and final assembly lines in Toulouse, South of France as part of its commitment to establish relations with the future international engineering generations. The visiting students, mainly made up of those studying aeronautical engineering at the Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya in Terrassa in Northern Spain, spent a day at Airbus where they met industry experts, were given tailored presentations on Airbus products and had a guided tour of the company's A380 and A330/A340 Final Assembly Lines.

Airbus Spain


Photo: Underscoring its commitment to establishing ties with future international engineers, Airbus welcomed more than 50 Spanish university students to its Toulouse, France headquarters. (© AIRBUS S.A.S. 2010)

The Spanish students belonged to The European Association of Aerospace Students, EUROAVIA, an association which aims to stimulate contacts between students and the aerospace industry. "With over 80 different nationalities working at Airbus sites across the world, Airbus is a living example of how successful an international company with cross-cultural diversity can be," said Thomas Ehm, Head of Employment, Training and Competence management at Airbus. "As an expanding company in a highly innovative industry, it is important to support young engineers and establish strong links with universities and dynamic young people who may well go on to become innovative employees of tomorrow" he added.

Source: Airbus Headquarters, France

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