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April 19, 2010

City Traffic Management: IBM Helps Stockholm, Sweden, Predict Better Commuting Options


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Photos: IBM SMARTER ROADWAYS: IBM is creating smarter roadways for cities around the world using streaming analytics. While streaming analytics may seem highly complicated, in reality, it is just a way for people to make sense of all the data in the world in real-time. In the case of traffic congestion, this means better commuting and travel options and better traffic management.


Photo: Dr. Greg Richards, professor of performance management at University of Ottawa Telfer School of Management, discusses the importance of business analytics for the 21st century workforce, Thursday, April 15, 2010, in Ottawa, at the launch of a new international centre of excellence for business analytics announced by IBM and the University of Ottawa.

• IBM has announced a new collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology to give the city of Stockholm residents and officials a smarter way to manage and use transportation.

Researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden are using IBM’s streaming analytics technology to gather real-time information from the Global Positioning System (GPS) devices on nearly 1500 taxi cabs in the city. They will soon expand to collect data from delivery trucks, traffic sensors, transit systems, pollution monitors, and weather information. The data is processed using IBM’s streaming analytics software, InfoSphere Streams, giving the city and residents real-time information on traffic flow, travel times and the best commuting options.

For example, a resident could send a text message listing their location and desired destination. The technology would instantly process the real-time traffic, rail, and weather information and provide anticipated travel times via car and public transportation, giving people an accurate and instant view of the fastest way to get to their destination.

For the past year, IBM has worked with the city of Stockholm to monitor traffic flow during peak hours. The congestion management system has reduced traffic in the Swedish capital by 20 percent, reduced average travel times by almost 50 percent, decreased the number of emissions by 10 percent, and the proportion of green, tax-exempt vehicles has risen to 9 percent.

The value of InfoSphere Streams is its ability to analyze and integrate any data input continuously: text, voice, images, video, databases, weather reports, news, sounds, market feeds, and application data in real-time. The software automatically determines what information is relevant to solving a particular problem and continually refines results as new data “streams” in giving organizations instant insights.

Harnessing the power of information with real-time analytics is going mainstream. This year alone, more than 1200 exabytes of digital data will be created. Just one exabyte is equal to one trillion novels. From predicting and managing traffic congestion to determine faster routes for commuters — people are seeking ways to turn this explosion of data from a problem into an opportunity.

Additionally, IBM announced a new version of its streaming analytics software that includes enhanced processing speeds of up to three times faster and real-time Predictive Analysis for Data in Motion.

• Streaming analytics software is a part of IBM’s more than $10 billion investment in business analytics, which includes organic innovation and acquisitions. Also, IBM has assembled 4,000 analytics consultants with industry expertise and opened a network of seven analytics centers of excellence.

• Annual Time Wasted by a Commuter in Traffic Jams:

INRIX Traffic Scorecard for USA’s Top 10 Most Congested Cities


City Traffic Management

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