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October 19, 2010

Independence Trumps Marriage, Wealth and Professional Success as Important Life Goals for Millennial Women says New Global Study

Levis Women

Levis Women

Levis Women

Photo: Levi's, new global community helps Millennial women shape their futures.

Jean brand Levi's has released the findings of a global study to better understand the challenges, expectations, goals and experiences Millennial women face around the world.

The results show a surprising generational shift in life priorities and a need for a new, nontraditional form of mentorship.

In response to these findings, the Levi's brand has launched, a global online community where Millennial women around the world can connect with peers and mentors to shape their futures.

Levis Women

Photo: A Levi's customer tries out the Intellifit to find her perfect pair of jeans in less than 10 seconds. Levi's Store, SoHo New York.

"Since introducing the first pair of women's jeans 75 years ago, Levi's has been a relevant part of women's lives," said Mary Alderete, Vice President of Levi's Global Women's Marketing. "Today, young women face more opportunity in their twenties than any generation of women before them. It's important we understand their mindset and their cultural and societal impact. We truly see as a community of women changing the world - it's a global platform of women coming together to share, inspire, grow and shape their futures."

The Levi's Shaping a New Future study shows that women in their 20s are experiencing a world unlike women of previous generations.

Key highlights from the Levi's Shaping a New Future study:

Ninety-six percent of Millennial women worldwide list "being independent" as their most important life goal.

Meanwhile, 87 percent of women surveyed defined success as "being able to shape their future."

Last on Millennials' priority list? Marriage and other more traditional pursuits - being a mother (68 percent), getting married (50 percent) and being wealthy (43 percent), were seen as far less essential in defining success.

Levis Women

"For many Millennial women, the expected path or 'ladder' towards adulthood - which included milestones such as school, career, marriage and motherhood - to be achieved in that order, has blurred," said Lindsey Pollak, lead collaborator on the Levi's Shaping a New Future study. "In its place is a web of opportunities that Millennials sample throughout their twenties, representing a different approach from previous generations. These women are challenging long-held beliefs about success as they navigate a complex world."

The Levi's "Shaping a New Future: Women Navigating Adulthood in a New Millennium" study was managed by StrategyOne, an applied-research consulting firm. StrategyOne conducted a rigorous, two-phase study to provide projectable, reliable insights to form an understanding of Millennial women's perceptions of this important juncture of their lives.

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