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December 1, 2015

QS World's Best Student Cities 2016

QS World's Best Student Cities

QS World's Best Student Cities

Photo: Dance Students in Paris, France. Image Credit & Copyright © Lieven Soete.

QS World's Best Student Cities

Photo: Nursing Student in Paris, France. Image Credit & Copyright © Manuel.

QS World's Best Student Cities

Photo: Art Student in Paris, France, copying an original work of art at the Louvre, one of the world’s largest museums. Image Credit & Copyright © Regan Wright.

LONDON, December 1, 2015 — Paris, the French capital, has again topped the QS Best Student Cities Rankings. It is followed by Melbourne, again second, and Tokyo in the third place.

London stands behind Sydney and ahead of Singapore, with the high cost of living in London being the primary reason it does not feature higher.

QS Best Student Cities 2016

  1. Paris, France
  2. Melbourne, Australia
  3. Tokyo, Japan
  4. Sydney, Australia
  5. London, United Kingdom
  6. Singapore, Singapore
  7. Montreal, Canada
  8. Hong Kong, Asia
  9. Berlin, Germany
  10. Seoul, South Korea
  11. Munich, Germany
  12. Zurich, Switzerland
  13. Toronto, Canada
  14. Vancouver, Canada
  15. Boston, Massachusetts, United States
  16. Vienna, Austria
  17. Canberra, Australia
  18. Auckland, New Zealand
  19. Brisbane, Australia
  20. New York, New York, United States
  21. Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe, Japan
  22. Madrid, Spain
  23. Taipei, Taiwan
  24. Stockholm, Sweden
  25. Beijing, China
  26. Adelaide, Australia
  27. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  28. San Francisco, California, United States
  29. Copenhagen, Denmark
  30. Barcelona, Spain
  31. Chicago, Illinois
  32. Buenos Aires , Argentina
  33. Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  34. Helsinki, Finland
  35. Perth, Australia
  36. Manchester, United Kingdom
  37. Dublin, Ireland
  38. Milan, Italy
  39. Shanghai, China
  40. Prague, Czech Republic
  41. Brussels, Belgium
  42. Los Angeles, United States
  43. Moscow, Russia
  44. Coventry, United Kingdom
  45. Washington DC, United States
  46. Lyon, France
  47. Christchurch, New Zealand
  48. Philadelphia, United States
  49. Santiago, Chile
  50. Mexico City, Mexico
  51. Ottawa, Canada
  52. Lisbon, Portugal
  53. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  54. Gothenburg, Sweden
  55. Quebec , Canada
  56. Hsinchu, Taiwan
  57. Nottingham, United Kingdom
  58. Pittsburgh, United States
  59. Atlanta, United States
  60. Oslo, Norway
  61. Rome, Italy
  62. Daejeon, South Korea
  63. Sao Paulo, Brazil
  64. Glasgow, United Kingdom
  65. Warsaw, Poland
  66. Birmingham, United Kingdom
  67. Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
  68. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
  69. Gold Coast, Australia
  70. Valencia, Spain
  71. Baltimore, United States
  72. San Diego, United States
  73. Brno, Czech Republic
  74. Toulouse, France
  75. Monterrey, Mexico

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, said: “Paris is proud to be ranked as the best world student city. Our youth reflect our greatest strength… We will continue to support students by offering them opportunities in an open, dynamic, and creative city.”

The United States is the most represented nation, with eleven placed cities. Boston (=13th) and New York (20th) are in the top twenty. It is followed by the United Kingdom (eight cities) and Australia (seven). The expanded rankings shine the spotlight on a series of new cities, such as Oslo and Monterrey.

The ranking are based on five key pillars:

  1. University Rankings
  2. Student Mix
  3. Quality of Living
  4. Employer Activity
  5. Affordability

To be included in the ranking, each city must have a population of over 2,50,000, and must be home to at least two ranked institutions in the QS World University Rankings. 122 cities in the world qualified on this basis, and 75 have been ranked.

The QS Best Student Cities rankings are designed to provide students and parents with a detailed comparison of the various merits of university cities worldwide.

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