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September 22, 2016

Times Higher Education announces its World University Rankings 2016-2017

Times Higher Education World University Rankings

Photo: Magdalen Tower, Magdalen College, University of Oxford. Image Credit & Copyright © Lawrence O.P.

London, September 21, 2016 — The University of Oxford has become the first UK university to top the Times Higher Education World University Rankings in the 12-year history of the table. It knocks the five-time leader, the California Institute of Technology, into second place in the World University Rankings 2016-2017.

Oxford’s success can be attributed to improved performances across the four main indicators underlying the methodology of the ranking - teaching, research, citations and international outlook. More specifically the institution’s total income and research income is rising faster than its staff numbers, its research is more influential, and it has been more successful at drawing in international talent.

Two new Asian universities, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, make the top 100. While another four, City University of Hong Kong, University of Science and Technology of China, Fudan University, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University, join the top 200.

Furthermore, China’s two flagship universities have both made gains - Peking University joins the top 30 at 29th (up from 42nd last year), while Tsinghua University joins the top 40 at 35th (up from joint 47th). Asia’s leading institution, the National University of Singapore, is at 24th - its highest ever rank.

Meanwhile, India’s leading university - the Indian Institute of Science - is edging closer to the top 200, claiming a spot in the 201-250 band, its highest ever position.

289 Asian universities from 24 countries make the list of 980 institutions and an elite group of 19 are in the top 200, up from 15 last year.

Richard Robison, emeritus professor in the Asia Research Centre at Murdoch University, said while there are a “small number” of Asian universities “making international strides”, many are much further behind.

He said that Asian universities create a “very pressured environment”, have “a lot of learning by rote” and there is “not a lot of discussion in classes”.

THE World University Rankings 2016-2017: Top 10

2016-17 Rank — Institution — Country

  1. University of Oxford — United Kingdom
  2. California Institute of Technology — United States
  3. Stanford University — United States
  4. University of Cambridge — United Kingdom
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology — United States
  6. Harvard University — United States
  7. Princeton University — United States
  8. Imperial College London — United Kingdom
  9. ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich — Switzerland
  10. University of California, Berkeley — United States
  11. University of Chicago — United States


2016-17 Rank — Institution

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