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March 23, 2017

International Association of Universities (IAU) embarks on a dedicated "Internationalization of Higher Education" Campaign

IAU, UNESCO, Paris, France

Photo: A section of UNESCO headquarters building, Paris, France. Image Credit: Anna Armstrong.

The UNESCO-based worldwide association of higher education institutions, International Association of Universities (IAU), is strengthening its Higher Education Internationalization program.

What is Internationalization of Higher Education?

Professor Hans De Wit, a noted specialist in this field and founding editor of the Journal of Studies in International Education describes it as the process of integrating international and intercultural dimensions into the purpose, functions, and delivering of post-secondary education so that its quality improves and making it a meaningful contribution to the society.

While, OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), defines it as the complex of processes whose combined effect, whether planned or not, is to enhance the international dimension of the experience of higher education in universities and similar educational institutions.

IAU has classified the internationalization process into five sections:

  1. Academic mobility
  2. Internationalization at home, of the curriculum, and learning outcomes
  3. Internationalization of research
  4. Borderless, offshore, transnational and cross-border education
  5. Development cooperation and capacity building

What are the academic benefits of Internationalization of Higher Education?

According to IAU, educational benefits of internationalization include:

Giorgio Marinoni, Manager of Internationalization Policy at IAU, told the editor that globalization has completely changed the environment in which Higher Education institutions around the world operate, and it is a phenomenon they cannot ignore.

IAU’s program of advisory services for advancing internationalization called ISAS (2.0), consists of several different but complementary services offered to IAU Members, other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), individuals at HEIs, national governments, and other organizations.

IAU has, meanwhile, called upon higher education institutions pursuing internationalization to adhere to the following values:

Founded in 1950, under the auspices of UNESCO, the International Association of Universities (IAU), with headquarters at UNESCO, Paris, France, is the leading global association of higher education institutions and organizations.

Its members from India, for example, include the following among others:

International Association of Universities (IAU) chairs the editorial team of the “Internationalisation of Higher Education” handbook. This handbook, published by DUZ Academic Publishers, Berlin, Germany, is a valuable tool and source of reference for higher education institutions.


The editor, Surender Hastir MAUA, is an Administration Consultant and an Expert in Internationalization of Higher Education. He is currently collaborating with IAU in advancing this field. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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