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June 12, 2019

The 2019 Call for Applications of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network is Still Open.

Cities worldwide can submit their application until 30 June.

Unesco Creative Cities

Photo: Detroit, Michigan, USA. Image Credit: Corey Seeman. Detroit is a ‘UNESCO Creative City of Design.’

Unesco Creative Cities

Photo: Opera House, Sydney, Australia. Image Credit: Noam Lovinsky. Sydney, Australia, is a ‘UNESCO Creative City of Film.’

Created in 2004, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) fosters international co-operation within and across cities of the world that have invested in culture and creativity as an accelerator of sustainable development.

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network covers seven creative fields: Crafts and Folk Art, Design, Film, Gastronomy, Literature, Media Arts, and Music.

The Creative Cities Network is composed of cities committed to pooling their resources, their experiences, and knowledge for the common objectives outlined in the Network’s Mission. The member cities actively cooperate at the international level through inter-city partnerships.

Today the network brings together 180 cities from 72 countries from all regions of the world. The UNESCO Creative Cities have a joint mission: placing creativity and cultural industries at the core of their urban development plan to make cities safe, resilient, inclusive and sustainable, in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The timetable of the 2019 Call for Applications

Unesco Creative Cities

Photo: Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, India. Image Credit: Pranay Rao. Jaipur is a ‘UNESCO Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art.’

Unesco Creative Cities

Photo: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai. Image Credit: Leon Meerson. Mumbai is considering applying for the ‘UNESCO Creative City of Film’ designation.

India has three UNESCO Creative Cities — Jaipur (Crafts and Folk Art), Varanasi (Music), and Chennai (Music).

Mumbai, renowned for the production of Hindi films, is considering applying for the ‘UNESCO Creative City of Film’ designation. This designation would promote its film industry on the global platform and also reinforce the city’s reputation as a hub of heritage, art, and culture.

[Cities with the ‘UNESCO Creative City of Film’ designation include Yamagata, Japan; Terrassa, Spain; Sydney, Australia; Sofia, Bulgaria; Santos, Brazil; Rome, Italy; Qingdao, China; Galway, Ireland; Busan, South Korea; Lodz, Poland; Bristol, United Kingdom; Bradford, United Kingdom; and Bitola, North Macedonia.]

According to reports, several cities from India are in the race to join the prestigious network, and they include Mumbai (Film), Indore (Gastronomy), Chanderi (Crafts and Folk Art), Gwalior (Music), Bhopal (Literature), Srinagar (Crafts and Folk Art), Hyderabad (Crafts and Folk Art), Amritsar (Gastronomy), and Lucknow (Music), among others.

Each application is required to include, among other necessary documents, an official letter of intent signed by the Mayor of the City, as well as a formal letter of support by the National Commission for UNESCO concerned. In the case of India, each application would need to be approved by the Indian National Commission for Co-operation with UNESCO (INCCU).

National Commissions can endorse a maximum of 4 applications per country, i.e., a maximum of four claims per state is allowed. Further, a maximum of two requests from the same country, and in two different creative fields, would be eligible for the ‘UNESCO Creative City’ designation.

Furthermore, cities that have submitted an application to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as part of two consecutive calls and that did not receive the designation, shall respect a moratorium of 4 years before presenting a new application.

UNESCO recommends that the candidate cities consult key local experts in the preparation of their applications. GlobalGiants.Com editor is associated with the enhancement of the network since 2014; he can share his complementary cutting-edge expertise with any local (India) city contemplating joining the big-league.

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