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May 8, 2020

Hong Kong Company announces Non-Touch Smart Sterilizer.

Powerful infrared smart bacteria killer.

Infrared Sanitizer

Photo: Nomu touch-less infrared sanitizer to prevent cross-infection.

Infrared Sanitizer

Photo: Nomu Infrared Sanitizer. Inside the carriage and on public transportation.

Infrared Sanitizer

Photo: Nomu Infrared Sanitizer. Door handles and elevator buttons.

HONG KONG, May 7, 2020 — As the virus continues to spread, the latest news reports show that air droplets transmit the infection. For example, sneezing mixed with the virus will spread to the surrounding environment through the upper respiratory tract. Even adults with robust immune systems can be vulnerable in places with a high population density, frequent commuting, and poor air circulation. The bacteria come into contact with human skin, the respiratory tract, and the sensory system, invading humans, causing various epidemic diseases.

Smartphone brand Nomu has announced a non-touch smart sterilizer for killing bacteria.

The Bacteria also spread by direct contacts such as through the hands and feet. Exposure through elevators, tableware, pets, toilet bowls, and other items can also cause spread.

Nomu Infrared Sanitizer sprays disinfectant. Users can put it on the main home entrance, above door handles, and elevator buttons. Besides, users can quickly install it in public transportation, restrooms, office areas, and cloakrooms.

Here are its main six features.

• Smart sensor

The sterilizer’s automatic smart induction operation means that users will only need to put their hand under it for the product to spray disinfectant there automatically.

• Dual nozzle

The dual nozzle of the Nomu Infrared Sanitizer has a disinfectant water spray outlet on the side and bottom. The side nozzle is for disinfecting moving objects such as human hands and courier packaging, while the downward nose is for the position of the door handle, and back up for the side nozzle.

• Customize spray metering

The user can adjust the spraying volume according to the needs. The device can spray 200 to 300 times in one fill, more than enough to meet the demand for a week of spray disinfection.

• Three smart modes: Away Mode + People Mode + Manual Adjustment Mode

When the product detects that something is approaching within a distance of 0-100 cm, it immediately enters the state to be sprayed and guides the approaching object to leave. This Mode is suitable for elevators and toilets. In the people mode, when the product detects that an object is approaching within a distance of 0-50 cm, it will immediately spray disinfectant.

Users can put it in any position without any restrictions. The product package includes double-sided tape that one can use multiple times and paste it anywhere. Unique rope suspension design can be hung at a high place to disinfect a broader environment.

Source: Nomu.

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