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September 13, 2020

Third Annual Bloomberg New Economy Forum to Virtually Convene this November, Calling on Global Business and Government Leaders to Shape 'Our New Economy' in a Post-COVID World

Bloomberg Media

Bloomberg Media

Photo: Francine Lacqua, Editor-at-Large, and Presenter, Bloomberg Television, the United Kingdom, captured during the Session “Taking Action for the Ocean” at the Annual Meeting 2019 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, January 23, 2019. Image provided by & copyright ¬© World Economic Forum / Sikarin Fon Thanachaiary.

NEW YORK, September 12, 2020 — Bloomberg Media today announced that the Bloomberg New Economy Forum would hold a virtual, global convening on November 16-19, 2020. For four days and spanning multiple time zones, influential business executives, technology innovators, academics, and government leaders will come together. It would be a collaborative effort between East and West, public and private sectors, developed and developing nations, for designing a more inclusive and sustainable future for all. The 2020 forum is a unique opportunity to drive a constructive global dialogue around the challenges and solutions that will shape “Our New Economy”: a new economic plan that puts the world’s most vulnerable people first.

Forces and trends upending the global economy have accelerated in the wake of Covid-19. The pandemic has exposed the connection between inequality and public health, while the fractured state of today’s geopolitics has hindered efforts at a global response. Governments pour trillions of dollars into the stimulus. That spending could either prop up polluting industries or green fund initiatives, fuel asset bubbles or improve livelihoods in the real economy, spur “medical nationalism” or cross-border collaboration, widen urban disparities, or increase equitable development. Leaders from all geographies must come together to engage in meaningful discourse on how best to emerge from this global crisis, Bloomberg Media stated.

“The coronavirus pandemic is an enormous global challenge that requires cooperation across borders and between the public and private sectors,” said Michael R. Bloomberg, Founder of Bloomberg L.P. and Bloomberg Philanthropies, and Three-Term Mayor of New York City. “If we act wisely, our response to this crisis can also help us address many of the other major challenges facing our world - from climate change and pollution to racial inequity and injustice. The more we work together, the stronger we’ll emerge from the pandemic, and the brighter the future will be - and that’s what the New Economy Forum is all about. It’s an opportunity to bring together leaders to share ideas and build support for policies and partnerships that have the potential to help lift our world back up - and move us all forward.”

Launched in Singapore in 2018, the Bloomberg New Economic Forum is a global convening platform to address the most urgent disruptions facing our planet due to the massive economic transitions already underway. In 2019 the forum was held in Beijing, as more than 500 public and private sector leaders from 45 countries worldwide came together for an unprecedented open exchange of ideas. The 2020 virtual convening will feature town hall meetings and thought-provoking plenaries and breakouts and bilateral meetings to advance a practical agenda for recovery across five core topic areas: finance, trade, climate, health, and cities.

To advance this effort, Bloomberg New Economy will welcome several new Advisory Board members and participants to the 2020 forum, including:

With Dr. Henry A. Kissinger as Honorary Chair and Henry M. Paulson, Jr. as Chair, the Bloomberg New Economy Forum Advisory Board comprises more than 50 distinguished government and business leaders, including

Bloomberg Media is presenting the New Economy Forum in partnership with:

McKinsey and Company is the exclusive Knowledge Partner.

For the first time, the Bloomberg New Economic Forum will invite widespread participation with many live-streamed, interactive sessions to elevate a range of voices and drive deeper engagement across all sectors and regions.

Bloomberg Media is a leading, global, multi-platform brand that provides decision-makers with timely news, analysis, and intelligence on business, finance, technology, climate change, politics, etc. Powered by a newsroom of over 2,700 journalists and analysts, it reaches influential audiences worldwide across every platform, including digital, social, TV, radio, print, and live events. Bloomberg Media is a division of Bloomberg L.P.

Source: Bloomberg Media

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