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July 3, 2021

Carnegie Corporation of New York Honors 34 Great Immigrants for their Contributions to the American Democracy

Annual tribute from the philanthropic foundation established by Andrew Carnegie focuses on naturalized citizens who live their lives in service to society.

Carnegie Corporation of New York


Carnegie Corporation of New York

New York, July 3, 2021 — Carnegie Corporation of New York released its annual list of Great Immigrants, honoring 34 individuals who have enriched and strengthened the American society and its democracy through their contributions and actions.

The Class of 2021 represents more than 30 countries of origin. It emphasizes service to society, including honorees recognized for helping others as medical providers and researchers, as advocates for the disadvantaged, disabled, and disenfranchised, and as changemakers in politics, voting rights, climate change, and teaching. Overall the honorees have a wide variety of backgrounds and careers, including the chairman and CEO of Pfizer; the head of Google’s interactive design; the creator of language-learning software Duolingo; winners of the Pulitzer, Nobel, Vilcek, and Beard prizes; and celebrities such as actress Helen Mirren and comedian John Oliver.

Among honorees working in service to society:

The Great Immigrants initiative aims to increase public awareness of immigration’s role in the United States, reflecting the priorities of Andrew Carnegie, a self-made industrialist. In 1911, he established Carnegie Corporation of New York, a grantmaking foundation dedicated to the causes of democracy, education, and international peace. To date, the Corporation has honored more than 600 outstanding immigrants.

The 2021 honorees, who mark the 16th class of Great Immigrants, will be recognized with a full-page public service announcement in the New York Times on the Fourth of July and through a social media campaign.

Source: Carnegie Corporation of New York

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