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July 16, 2021

MSc program in Global Luxury and Management (GLAM): SKEMA and NYU School of Professional Studies sign agreement to allow enrolled students to study in NYC


New York University

Photo: NYU School of Professional Studies. Image Credit: SKEMA.

PARIS, July 15, 2021 — SKEMA Business School has announced a new agreement with the New York University School of Professional Studies (NYU SPS) Division of Programs in Business (DPB).

SKEMA Business School is one of the top French business schools devoted to higher education and research.

This agreement will establish the creation and launch, in New York City, of a customized course that will serve to complement the courses offered by SKEMA’s Global Luxury and Management (GLAM) program—an MSc accredited by the French Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. The program, which is open to students holding a bachelor’s degree or higher, affords a one-year and a two-year track, with a limited cohort of 50 students. Under the agreement, NYU SPS will also offer four courses on ‘Luxury Business Ethics.’

Students will spend their first semester in the United States on SKEMA’s American campus (Raleigh, NC) and the NYU SPS campus. They will continue their second semester on the new ‘Grand Paris Campus’ (France) Flagship, which opened in early 2021.

• Living present luxury and thinking its future

In addition to the courses given at NYU SPS, the program includes a study tour of New York City, including visits to significant luxury companies such as Tiffany & Co.

According to Anthony Ledru, President & CEO of Tiffany & Co, a 1995 SKEMA alumnus and member of the GLAM program board: ‘The United States is one of the leading luxury markets. To be able to understand it from inside with its actors on the field is an undeniable added value for a young graduate who ambitions to start a career in this sector.’

In addition, the GLAM MSc allows students to understand the diversified world of luxury - Paris, New York, Champagne, Cannes, or Monaco - through various sectors: fashion, hotels, travel, automotive, yachting, services… The program also addresses the new challenges of luxury - Corporate Social Responsibility & sustainability, digitalization, and client-centric processes - and ends with completing a master thesis and an internship of at least four months.

According to Patrice Houdayer, Vice-Dean in charge of the international programs and student life: ‘The development of strategic agreements is one of our SKY25 strategic plan (SKEMA Years 2020-2025). The choice of NYU SPS, already recognized for its expertise in the luxury sector, illustrates this perfectly and allows our students to access one of the best universities in the field.’

Source: SKEMA Business School

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