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September 28, 2021

Bloomberg Businessweek's 2021-2022 Best B-Schools MBA Ranking



Photo: The Rutgers MBA Program received high scores for the compensation of its graduates, the strength of its networking, and its diversity, according to the latest Bloomberg Businessweek ranking. Image provided by Rutgers Business School.

New York, September 26, 2021 — Bloomberg Businessweek’s has published its Best B-Schools MBA Ranking 2021-2022. Bloomberg ranked 119 business schools worldwide.

According to Bloomberg, all schools were required to submit employment data for the Class of 2020, following standards set by MBA CSEA, a trade group founded in 1994 to establish and collect consistent, comparable, peer-reviewed data.

Bloomberg Businessweek said its Best B-Schools ranking starts with a basic premise: The best judges of MBA programs are graduating students, recent alumni, and companies that recruit MBAs. And we want the best answers: Are schools offering what millennial students need, especially amid the Covid-19 pandemic? Are recent graduates able to leverage what they’ve learned and tapped into their schools’ networks? What do businesses value most in recruits?

“We learned that the major stakeholders — students, alumni, and recruiters — could have differing and overlapping needs and interests. So we rank schools based on four indexes that capture key elements of business school education: Compensation, Learning, Networking, and Entrepreneurship,” Bloomberg explained.

“For the 2021-22 ranking, we added a fifth index for U.S. schools: Diversity. For the first time, schools are providing data on race, ethnicity, and gender in their classes in a standardized way we can measure,” Bloomberg added.

“Our methodology involves two steps. Step 1 generates weightings for each index. We let the stakeholders decide rather than assign the indexes relative weightings ourselves. In our surveys, we asked students, alumni, and recruiters what was most important to them. We provide a dozen options, such as ‘increase my earnings potential,’ ‘build my professional network,’ and ‘learn how to start or develop a business.’ The U.S. surveys also offered diversity options such as ‘learn in a diverse, equitable and inclusive B-school environment’ and ‘learn how to work successfully in an increasingly diverse workforce.’ Their answers determine the weightings of each of our indexes.”

“Step 2 asks a range of survey questions on the business school experience, each mapped to a specific index. We also collect MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance (MBA CSEA) employment and compensation data from schools. We also collect data on their class members’ race, ethnicity, and gender. Finally, from survey scores and the data, we calculate the overall ranking,” Bloomberg Businessweek elaborated.

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Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

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