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July 21, 2022

Chandigarh University enters the Top-30 League among all Universities in NIRF India.

Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University

Photos: Star cast of the film ‘Shamshera’ performed at Chandigarh University on July 20, 2022.

CHANDIGARH, India, July 21, 2022 — “Adding another jewel to its star-studded crown, Chandigarh University has secured 29th spot among all the public and private universities of the country in the NIRF Rankings 2022. Thus, it has become the youngest University to enter the top-30 league of Indian Universities,” said S. Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chancellor, Chandigarh University.

“CU is not only the youngest but also the only University in the country to give consistently great performances in National and International rankings. These include QS World, QS Asia, NIRF, and NAAC. Moreover, it is improving its position yearly,” said Sandhu.

“Our institution has bagged the second position among all universities and first among private universities in Punjab and Tricity in the NIRF rankings,” Mr. Sandhu stated.

“This stellar performance of Chandigarh University in the NIRF rankings is a reflection of the Varsity’s academic excellence and industry-training prowess from all stakeholders including industry, government, and most importantly the students,” he added.

Presenting an analysis of the NIRF rankings, Sandhu informed that Chandigarh University had secured an overall 3rd position among all engineering institutions and 2nd position among all private engineering institutions in Punjab and Tricity, and the first spot amongst all private engineering institutions in Punjab. In addition, it has bagged the 45th spot among all engineering universities and colleges in the country.

“Even in Management, we have secured the 40th position among the country’s institutions while securing the second spot among all public and private institutions in Punjab and Tricity. In Architecture, we have bagged 19th position among all institutions of the country while securing the second spot among all public and private institutions in Punjab and Tricity,” he explained.

“We have filed 1816 patents so far and are the leading stand-alone institution to file the highest number of patents in the last three years, and we have academic tie-ups with 450 international universities in more than 80 countries,” Mr. Sandhu stated.

“With our excellent performance in many spheres, we have become the youngest University to debut into QS World University Rankings-2023 and have secured a place among the top 800 institutions worldwide. Among all Indian Universities, Chandigarh University has grabbed an incredible overall 21st position, an impressive third position among Private Universities, and the first spot in the Punjab-Chandigarh region,” the CU Chancellor elaborated

“We are also the youngest University in the country to get NAAC A+ grade, ranking amongst the Top 5% of the Higher Education Institutions of India. And we are the only private University in the country to have NAAC A+ and NBA accreditation for all its engineering and MBA programs,” Mr. Sandu remarked.

Source: Chandigarh University

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