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August 6, 2022

With 450 academic tie-ups in over 80 countries, Chandigarh University leads the way in fulfilling dreams of international studies and employment. (Updated)

 Chandigarh University

Photo: Now, Alumni of Chandigarh University can access their Degree Certificates for the years 2015 to 2021 through DigiLocker. (DigiLocker is an online digitization service provided by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India.)

Chandigarh University

Photo: Chandigarh University organized short technical sessions with specialists on various themes.

CHANDIGARH, India, July 28, 2022 — In this ever-shrinking world that is getting increasingly globalized and well-connected, the value of graduates with international experience and education has attained new significance. Not just that, but receiving instruction in a foreign university will give one a much higher chance of bagging their dream job, besides learning new languages, appreciating other cultures, overcoming challenges of living in another country, and gaining a greater understanding of the world.

Chandigarh University has been one of the leading universities to fulfill the dreams of the students wishing to gain a world-class education and employment opportunities abroad. Chandigarh University has opened new avenues for its students who want to study and work abroad. It relies on the envious record of academic tie-ups with more than 450 leading universities in over 80 countries.

Under the international tie-ups with these world-class institutions, Chandigarh University offers Student Exchange Programme, Summer Training, Semester, Master’s Degree, Ph.D., Joint Workshop, Conference and Research Work, Faculty Exchange, Dual Degree Programme, and employment opportunities abroad.

The University facilitates the entire process, from admissions to visa applications for its students under one roof in a very transparent and straightforward manner. As a result, not only are the students thoroughly prepared for IELTS and Visa interviews, but the University also looks after the visa application, which has a high success rate. Chandigarh University has an average visa success rate of 95%, going up to 100% for the USA and 98% for Canada.

Chandigarh University provides students the opportunity to study across the countries on six continents, including Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Georgia, Russia, Italy, Germany, Finland, Poland in Europe, USA, Canada; Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand in Asia, as well as in Africa, South America and Australia.

Under the International Semester Abroad and Semester Exchange Programs, the institution offers the golden opportunity to students to improve their employability and supplements the value of degrees by exposing them to different cultures.

Under semester exchange programs to Europe, Asia, South Africa, South America, etc., students don’t require to pay tuition abroad, and the price only has to be paid at Chandigarh University. Whereas under semester abroad programs to USA, UK, Australia, etc., a reduced semester fee has to be paid in international universities, while no cost is to be paid at Chandigarh University.

Chandigarh University provides International Transfer Programs (ITPs), which allow students to complete an initial part of their degree at Chandigarh University and transfer to a Foreign Country to get a degree from a foreign University. Disciplines include Engineering, Medicines, Architecture, Management, Journalism, Psychology, Animation, Nutrition, and Pharmacy.

The advantages are aplenty. The most significant is reduced foreign tuition fees since up to 50% of the course is done here. In addition, relaxed Entry Criteria and the availability of academic scholarships with full Housing Scholarships at well-ranked universities are some of the other benefits for aspiring students.

Under the programs, students get a degree with international recognition that will provide them multifold benefits in their academic and professional life, increasing their employability, improving their professional portfolio, and embellishing the degree’s value.

Chandigarh University has helped more than 2000 students realize their dream of studying abroad and attaining employment there.

Source: Chandigarh University

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