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November 7, 2022

Adobe Partners with Leica and Nikon to implement Content Authenticity Technology into Cameras

New Partners will advance “Content Authenticity Initiative” efforts, empowering photographers to establish the authenticity of images at the point of capture.

Adobe, Content Authenticity Initiative

Content Authenticity Initiative

Photo: A LEICA Camera.

Content Authenticity Initiative

Photo: A NIKON Camera.

LOS ANGELES — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Adobe announced at Adobe MAX - the world’s largest creativity conference - a partnership between the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) and industry-leading camera manufacturers Leica and Nikon.

This milestone will allow photographers and creators to increase trust in their digital work by securely attaching valuable provenance information at the capture point, including when, where, and how the camera captured each image. These details establish an image’s attribution and trustworthiness from the start, which helps protect against misinformation by empowering consumers to identify the origins and edit history throughout the digital content lifecycle.

“As iconic global brands, Leica and Nikon have empowered photographers to capture some of the most significant moments in modern history,” said Dana Rao, chief trust officer and general counsel at Adobe. “Together with CAI, Leica and Nikon will enable their global customer base to attach provenance to their images at the point of capture, creating a chain of authenticity from camera to cloud. We’re thrilled to have Leica and Nikon partner in the CAI’s mission to restore trust in digital content.”

The CAI is an Adobe-led initiative with more than 800 members working to increase trust online through provenance, the origins of a piece of digital content. CAI’s leading members include, among others, The New York Times, USA Today, BBC, AFP, Microsoft, Twitter, McClatchy, GANNETT, Stern, The Globe and Mail, Reuters, Associated Press, Leica, and Nikon.

• Leica & CAI

For over a century, the Leica brand name has been synonymous with authentic images and cameras that have produced countless iconic photographs. Leica’s existing membership in the CAI and today’s extended partnership are broadening CAI’s reach to even more creative professionals and artists.

“Leica cameras have always witnessed iconic moments in world history. However, determining the authenticity of visual content has become increasingly difficult and important in the age of digital photography,” said Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, chairman of the Supervisory Board of Leica Camera AG. “Now, with the ability to provide this proof, we are once again strengthening trust in digital content and re-establishing Leica cameras as authoritative tools in documenting world events.”

• Nikon & CAI

As a leader at the forefront of innovative photography and the first camera manufacturer to join the CAI and C2PA, Nikon’s use of CAI technology will accelerate the implementation of provenance technology for millions of creative professionals.

Nikon believes protecting the imaging industry and the entire society from the unfavorable results of falsification and unauthorized use of images is a global problem, said Naoyuki Murakami, imaging business manager at Nikon Corporation. “As a company active in the imaging industry, we make utmost efforts to fulfill our professional and social responsibility regarding this issue,” Murakami remarked.

• Adobe

Adobe Inc. is an American multinational computer software company headquartered in San Jose, California. It produces specialized software for creating and publishing a wide range of content, including graphics, photography, illustration, animation, multimedia/video, motion pictures, and print.

(Adobe, Leica, and Nikon — names, logos, and trademarks — are the property of their respective owners.)

Source: Adobe


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