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March 23, 2023

American Association of University Administrators appoints New President and Chief Executive Officer.


Philadelphia, Pa, March 22, 2023 — American Association of University Administrators (AAUA), currently based in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, has chosen Dean Hoke of Bloomington, Indiana, to serve as its next President and Chief Executive Officer. His appointment is effective July 1. The current President & CEO, Dan L. King, has been operating in that position for the last nineteen years.

A highly successful and internationally recognized higher education administrator, Mr. Hoke was first affiliated with the Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates in 2009 as Head of Marketing and Institutional Development. He followed that experience with four years at Khalifa University with the UAE Advanced Network for Research and Education. In 2014 he became Co-Founder of a new educational management consulting firm, Edu Alliance Ltd., based in the UAE. Edu Alliance Group opened its US office in Bloomington three years later with Mr. Hoke as the Managing Partner.

Mr. Hoke has extensive experience in higher education, marketing, communications, and e-Learning. He has held many senior higher education administrative positions; and co-founded the Connected Learning Network, a provider of online educational services for educational institutions. In broadcasting, Mr. Hoke served as an executive and CEO of four public broadcasting stations and executive vice president of a cable network. He serves on the Advisory Board of the School of Education of Franklin University in Ohio and is a member of the Advisory Board of Higher Education Digest. He recently served as president-elect for the United States Distance Learning Association and chaired its Global Partnership Committee.

Mr. Hoke currently produces and co-hosts the podcast series “Higher Ed Without Borders.”

When interviewed, Mr. Hoke remarked, “It is a great honor to get selected as the AAUA’s next President and CEO. I am grateful to the Board for their unanimous support and to Dan King, who has led the organization for several years.”

He continued, “AAUA sees a high percentage of administrators leaving the higher education profession. They are frustrated over the lack of opportunities for advancement, work challenges, and readily available professional development. The AAUA board of directors and I will work with our membership to build new and innovative professional development programs and services which will address a higher level of training and increase retention of our higher education administrator colleagues.”

Departing chief executive Dan King remarked, “I had planned to leave my AAUA responsibilities over two years ago, but the COVID pandemic delayed my departure. However, the delay turned out to be fortuitous because, during this time, I developed a closer professional tie with Mr. Hoke and was able to recruit his candidacy for this position. AAUA is ready for a new direction, and Mr. Hoke has the perfect personality, vision, and enthusiasm to lead it to new heights. I look forward to watching the Association improve and grow.”

Source: AAUA


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