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March 5, 2024

Applications are Open for Dual Degree with Shoolini & University of Melbourne.

University, Melbourne

Photo: The University of Melbourne has been ranked as the 14th best university in the world. Image provided by the University of Melbourne.

University, Shoolini

SOLAN, India, March 4, 2024 — Shoolini University has collaborated with the esteemed University of Melbourne to provide Indian students with international education opportunities. The admission process for the dual degree Bachelor of Science Advanced (Honours) program is currently in progress, and admissions will commence at Shoolini University on April 1.

Shoolini University has been recognized as India’s top-ranked private university by the QS and the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings. Similarly, QS has ranked the University of Melbourne as the number one university in Australia in its World University Rankings. The partnership between these two universities has set new academic excellence and innovation standards, especially considering that the University of Melbourne has achieved the prestigious 14th position globally.

Last year, two universities signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide cutting-edge education to Indian students. This young talent pool will receive instruction and guidance from top-class faculty for the first two years of their education at Shoolini University and then continue their studies for the same period at the University of Melbourne.

The dual degree program begins with the Bachelor of Science Advanced (Honours) and offers students a world-class curriculum, opening doors to an exceptional global education experience. Indian students will enjoy the unique advantage of pursuing undergraduate science studies at Shoolini and the University of Melbourne.

The transformative journey starts with two years of study at Shoolini University and the remaining two years at Melbourne. Students can choose from various multidisciplinary majors in their third and fourth years, including Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Cell and Development Biology, Chemistry, Climate and Weather, Ecosystem Science, Food Science, Geography, Physics, and Plant Science.

Shoolini Vice-Chancellor Professor Atul Khosla has expressed excitement about the partnership with the University of Melbourne. He said they are delighted to offer their outstanding undergraduate students from India more opportunities to study abroad. This collaboration highlights the global reputation of Shoolini University as a top-notch institution and broadens its students’ horizons.

The Dean of Science at the University of Melbourne, Prof Moira O’Bryan, expressed her delight in offering an international education to Shoolini students. She believes that this education will help prepare them for our globally connected world. The collaboration between the two universities will provide practical experience and a world-class education to many high-achieving Indian students to help them achieve their goals. The Bachelor of Science Advanced (Honours) dual degree program is now available, and the University of Melbourne is excited to welcome Indian students into the program.

Eligible students can extend their studies and complete a graduate program at the University of Melbourne, such as a Master of Science, with credit from their Advanced Honours program. It can reduce the study period for the additional qualification by up to a year, which is a great advantage. Furthermore, students who meet the Australian government criteria can apply for post-study work rights upon completing their studies in Australia.

The program’s curriculum reflects the rigorous standards the University of Melbourne upholds. Moreover, Shoolini University faculty members will visit Melbourne for practical training, fostering a more significant knowledge exchange between the two institutions.

Shoolini University and the University of Melbourne are paving the way for Indian students to access exceptional global education, fostering a new generation of highly skilled professionals prepared to thrive in today’s interconnected world.

According to Avnee Khosla, the Director of Admissions at Shoolini, only 30 seats will be available for dual degree admissions this year. It is a rare and excellent opportunity for students to pursue a high-quality pathway degree program from India to the highly-ranked University of Melbourne. Students will spend two years following the cutting-edge University of Melbourne curriculum at the Shoolini campus and continue their studies in Australia.

Associate Prof Rozy Dhanta, Deputy Director of International Affairs at Shoolini, said, “Collaboration with the University of Melbourne is not just about building partnerships but creating bridges of knowledge exchange that transcend borders, enriching both our institutions and the global community.”

Shoolini Research Professor Saurabh Kulshrestha, who has studied at premier institutions such as NIH, USA, and Max Planck, Germany, said that the dual degree program would provide ample opportunities for students who enroll.

Source: Shoolini University

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