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March 21, 2024

Association of Indian Universities and EdifyOnline select Noodle's tech to power India's University Clusters Initiative.

— Clusters of higher education institutions will use the Noodle Learning Platform, which empowers universities to deliver online course offerings through a fully customizable platform.

Noodle, AIU

NEW YORK, March 20, 2024 — The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) located in New Delhi, India, and Edify Online Corp (EdifyOnline) based in Birmingham, USA, have partnered with Noodle (Noodle), a technology company in New York, USA, to develop a shared ecosystem of lectures by global academic leaders and professors. This program will benefit the AIU’s 992 member universities, which serve over 5 million students. The Noodle Learning Platform (NLP) will be provided by Noodle, allowing universities to offer online courses through a fully customizable, LMS-agnostic all-in-one platform. The partners will work together to address the challenges, successes, and opportunities of implementing the program. Industry experts will review and publish the results to benefit all AIU members.

“With the help of EdifyOnline and Noodle’s NLP, AIU is preparing to enable a ‘shared HEIs ecosystem’ for AIU member universities to provide highly qualified and highly skilled international academic leaders at scalable and sustainable costs, as well as build bridges for Indian faculty to do the same for international HEIs in future,” said Secretary General of the AIU, Dr. Pankaj (Mrs.) Mittal.

Anil P. Agarwal, Co-Founder of EdifyOnline, believes that the Shared HEIs ecosystem is the future of higher education. It improves education standards and opportunities for all academic faculties, including those in India. Their mission is to ensure that everyone has the right to be enlightened, which supports the central theme of the Indian National Education Policy 2020. Agarwal is confident that their collaborative efforts with Noodle, AIU, and AIU member HEIs are timely, affordable, and synergistic.

“Our platform helps universities offer low-cost, high-quality education globally. Noodle empowers universities to transform the world with accessible and innovative education,” said John Katzman, Noodle’s CEO.

Dr. Amarendra Pani, the Joint Director and Director of the Research Division of AIU believes that the “University Clusters Pilot Study” in India will provide international exposure to students. The study will enable an ecosystem of shared lectures using international talent, triggering innovative ideas and processes leading to advanced research in higher education. He added that he and his research staff are looking forward to working with all stakeholders, including AIU member universities, to ensure the success of this pioneering initiative.

The Association of Indian Universities, founded in 1925, is India’s leading representative body for universities and higher education institutions. AIU membership comprises all types of universities, including conventional universities, open universities, deemed-to-be universities, state universities, central universities, private universities, and institutes of national importance. As of now, there are 992 university members of the AIU.

EdifyOnline provides a platform, EdifyProfessional®, where Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) can hire independent contractors for various academic roles such as instructors, guest lecturers, course content creators, professional development, and other specialized areas. The platform showcases highly qualified subject experts from around the globe. It is ideal for HEIs struggling with a lack of competent academic talent or seeking to expand their international competencies.

Noodle is a tech-enabled partner for higher education. As a Certified B Corporation, it helps academic institutions grow their online enrollments and build infrastructure. Noodle offers strategic consulting, customized services, and technology integration to make partners more efficient and responsive.

Source: Noodle

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