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May 31, 2006

Nestle promises ‘Good Food, Good Life’

Nestle Nescafe

From its first historic merger with the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company in 1905, Nestlé has grown to become the world’s largest and most diversified food company.

Nestlé’s trademark of birds in a nest, derived from the founder Henri Nestlé’s personal coat of arms, evokes the values upon which he founded his company. Namely, the values of security, maternity and affection, nature and nourishment, family and tradition.

Nestle Waters Nescafe

Nestlé has around 247,000 employees worldwide, operates 500 factories in approx. 100 countries and offers over 8,000 products to millions of consumers universally.

Nescafe Coffee Nestle

Nestle's best known brand is Nescafé - a combination of Nestlé and café. Nescafé, the first commercially successful soluble coffee, was introduced in Switzerland in 1938.

Others products marketed by Nestle include Baby Foods, Breakfast Cereals, Chocolate & Confectionary, Beverages, Bottled Water, Dairy Products, Ice Cream, and Prepared Foods. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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May 30, 2006

Cadillac CTS Wins Owner Accolades, Sales Success

Owners choose Cadillac CTS in AutoPacific's Vehicle Satisfaction Award.

Cadillac CTS GM

Cadillac CTS has been a trend-setter in auto design, a hit with consumers and industry experts. Now according to a recent survey, luxury sport sedan owners say CTS is the most satisfying car in its class. CTS earned first place in the Entry Luxury Car category in AutoPacific’s recent Vehicle Satisfaction Awards.

Cadillac CTS Navigation System

Cadillac CTS Navigation System

AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Award comes directly from vehicle owners’ input of their experience with their vehicle. In the survey the owners of Entry Luxury Cars found Cadillac CTS to be the most satisfying, in a category including many of the top luxury brands.

Cadillac is a division of General Motors. General Motors, the world's largest vehicle manufacturer, designs, builds and markets cars and trucks worldwide, and has been the global automotive sales leader since 1931.

“Everyone has opinions about cars, but ultimately the strongest voice belongs to the buyer,” said Jim Taylor, Cadillac general manager. “We’re very proud that CTS has been so consistently strong in terms of earning, and then satisfying, luxury car buyers.”

CTS has logged sales increases in each of its four years in the market, helping Cadillac reach overall gains every year in this era. CTS sold more than 61,000 units in the U.S. in 2005, compared to roughly 38,000 units in 2002, the year it debuted, representing an increase of 60 percent over that period. This sustained sales growth is counter to conventional industry logic that says a new car’s hottest sales occur shortly after launch, followed quickly by a plateau.

“CTS is one of the fundamental parts of Cadillac’s renaissance, signaling our return to rear-wheel drive performance and dramatic design,” Taylor said. “It is successful on many levels, inviting new luxury buyers to Cadillac and helping change opinions.”

Cadillac has even extended CTS into the ultra-competitive arena of motor sports. The CTS-V racecar, based on the 400-hp CTS-V production car, won the 2005 Driver and Manufacturer’s titles in the SPEED World Challenge GT class. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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May 29, 2006

Stocks: Hot Growth Companies: BusinessWeek announces its annual ranking of America's 100 fastest-growing small companies.

BusinessWeek explores the trends that fueled the growth of hot small companies in the USA.

BusinessWeek June 2006

VAALCO Energy tops BusinessWeek's annual "Hot Growth" list of 100 companies to watch. Other companies making the cut this year include Hansen Natural (No.2), Under Armour (No.6), Blue Nile (No.10), and Netflix (No.29).

BusinessWeek's cover story "Hot Growth Companies" is available online at and will be on newsstands later today.

The 100 companies in BusinessWeek's 2006 ranking may not be big, but they're strong, agile, and fiercely competitive. Together, they're a powerful economic force in the USA. Small businesses produce 14 times as many patents per employee as large companies do, and they are twice as likely to turn those inventions into successes, according to a US congressional report. They account for half of the private gross domestic product, create more than 60% of net new jobs each year, and pay 44.3% of the private payroll.

To determine who's hot and who's not, BusinessWeek combs a database of 5,275 public companies with revenues of $50 million to $1.5 billion a year. They are then ranked by sales and earnings growth, as well as return on capital over three years. To be considered for the final ranking, companies must have a market cap of $25 million or more and a stock that trades for at least $5 a share. Only finalists whose shares rose at least 5% over the past 12 months were included. Recent profit shortfalls can also cause companies to get the ax. Of those still standing, the top 100 make the list.

During the vetting of the Hot Growth contenders, an economic quirk emerged. The rising thirst for petroleum has driven prices up, translating to gold for the 14 oil and energy-services companies on the list. Over the past three years, VAALCO Energy Inc.'s revenues have increased more than eightfold, while profits are up 75 times, to $33.7 million, from just $445,000 in 2002. That not only put VAALCO on BusinessWeek's Hot Growth list for the first time, it allowed it to debut at No.1.

The top 10 companies on BusinessWeek's annual list of 100 "Hot Growth Companies" are:

Rank Company
1 VAALCO Energy (EGY)
2 Hansen Natural (HANS)
3 Palomar Medical Technologies (PMTI)
4 W&T Offshore (WTI)
6 Under Armour (UARM)
7 VASCO Data Security Intl. (VDSI)
8 Programmer's Paradise (PROG)
9 LCA-Vision (LCAV)
10 Blue Nile (NILE) StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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May 27, 2006

Boeing Celebrates Delivery of ILFCs 600th Airplane; Leased to Shanghai Airlines

Boeing Commercial Airplane Shanghai Airlines

SEATTLE, May 2006 - The Boeing Company, in conjunction with International Lease Finance Corp. (ILFC), held delivery ceremonies yesterday with Shanghai Airlines for the airlines newest Next-Generation 737-800. The airplane is the 600th Boeing aircraft delivered to ILFC and will join 11 other Next-Generation 737s that ILFC currently leases to Shanghai Airlines.

Established in 1985 in China's largest city, Shanghai Airlines operates 39 Boeing jetliners including 20 Next-Generation 737s, 13 757-200s, five 767-300s and one MD-11 freighter. The carrier operates more than 100 domestic routes and six regional services to neighboring countries and areas in Asia. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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May 26, 2006

BBC to show World Cup and Wimbledon coverage in high definition

World Cup 2006

The BBC will broadcast its 2006 World Cup coverage and major Wimbledon matches in high definition this summer as part of its pioneering trial.

BBC Sports News World Cup 2006

The BBC HD trial will kick off with the BBC's share of World Cup matches up to and including the Sunday 9 July final. World Cup 2006 will be the first major sporting event to be broadcast in HD in the UK.

The BBC's summer of HD sport will continue with Wimbledon matches from Centre Court and Court One.

BBC Sports World Cup 2006 Football

HD is a new kind of television which delivers more detailed pictures and sharper shots of fast-moving action than conventional 'standard definition'. The HD format will be an extra stream alongside conventional analogue and digital broadcasts.

The first live HD programme will be the opening World Cup match Germany Vs Costa Rica on Friday 9 June.

It will only be accessible to viewers who have all of the following: HD Ready televisions, HD set top boxes and HD services from satellite or cable providers.

News about the World Cup and Wimbledon in HD follows finalisation of the technical and partnership arrangements for the trial.

The BBC's HD trial will last for about 12 months. It will enable the BBC to test technical delivery of HD and to understand how the audience values a BBC HD service. Any ongoing BBC HD service will be subject to approval by the BBC Trust.

Director of Sport Roger Mosey said: "High definition works particularly well for sport. It gives fantastic picture quality, from the blades of grass that are being played on right to the back of the stands, and although only limited numbers of people will be able to see this trial we hope it will be a glimpse of the future."

Head of BBC HD TV Seetha Kumar said: "We believe that in the long term the BBC can help provide the benefits of HD to everyone, free to air, in the same way that we backed colour, stereo, widescreen and online in the past.

"With this trial, the BBC is taking the first crucial steps to support the development of HD broadcasting in the UK."

The first live HD programme will be the opening World Cup match Germany Vs Costa Rica on Friday 9 June.

BBC commentary and studio coverage in HD will wrap up the HD feed from German host broadcasters HBS (Host Broadcast Services).

Standard definition digital and analogue BBC ONE coverage will also draw on high definition images, both for the World Cup and for Wimbledon where the BBC is the host broadcaster. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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May 25, 2006

Honda Acura Unveils Trio of Vehicles at the New York International Auto Show

All-New Acura Light Truck Lineup Takes Center Stage.

Honda Acura Car

Honda Acura has recently unveiled three new vehicles at the New York International Auto Show. This includes the world debut of the MD-X Concept SUV. In addition, a production version of the all-new RDX performance luxury SUV made its debut. Finally, an Acura powered-race car was unveiled along with the announcement that it would campaign in the 2007 American Le Mans Series (ALMS).

Honda Acura
Honda Acura Car

"All three vehicles represent Acura's passion for providing the best in automotive performance and technology," said John Mendel, senior vice president, Auto Operations. "From the sporty RDX, to the exciting MD-X Concept, to the world-class Acura ALMS race car, Acura is moving ahead of the competition and into the fast lane."

Other Manufacturers who participated include Audi, Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Lexus, Aston Martin, and Chevrolet. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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May 24, 2006

Lack of trust driving consumers to switch news providers

BBC/Reuters/Media Center Poll: Trust in the media.

The Reuters Building, London
Reuters London BBC

A 10-nation poll conducted for Reuters, the BBC and The Media Center across four continents, finds that in a world of committed news junkies, trust in the news provider is a key issue. While some 72 percent of respondents characterized themselves as keen news followers, almost three in ten people have abandoned a media source over the past year due to a lack of trust in its content.

Reuters at Times Square, New York, USA
Reuters News NewYork BBC

In developing nations the media is trusted more than government, but government wins out over the media in the US, Britain, and Germany. Americans are the most critical of news providers, with 69 percent not believing that news media report all sides.

Reuters at Bangkok

Reuters News Media Bangkok

Conducted by polling company GlobeScan as part of Reuters / BBC / Media Center ‘We Media’ Forum, a major 10-nation public opinion poll exploring trust in the media has found that even though the media is more trusted than the national government in half the countries surveyed, significant numbers of people are switching news sources because they do not trust the information they receive.

A total of 10,230 adults were questioned in the UK, USA, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, and South Korea in March and April 2006.

National TV was the most trusted news source overall (trusted by 82%, with 16% not trusting it) - followed by national/regional newspapers (75% vs 19%), local newspapers (69% vs 23%), public radio (67% vs 18%), and international satellite TV (56% vs 19%). Internet blogs were the least trusted source (25% vs 23%) – with one in two unable to say whether they trusted them or not.

TV was also seen as the most 'important' news source (56%) followed by newspapers (21%), Internet (9%), and radio (9%).

Overall trust in the media varies across the 10 countries, with the greatest trust expressed in developing countries such as Nigeria (88% have a lot or some trust), Indonesia (86%), India (82%), and Egypt (74%). These are the countries where trust in national governments tends to be lower in comparison.

Trust in media has increased overall over the last four years — in Britain up from 29 percent to 47 percent and in the US from 52 percent to 59 percent. Germany bucks the trend, with trust in the media down from 49 percent to 43 percent. Trust has also increased over the last four years in Nigeria (from 61% to 88%), India (76% to 82%), and Russia (48% to 58%).

In spite of this, over one in four people (28%) across the 10 countries surveyed either strongly agrees (13%) or somewhat agrees (15%) with the statement, “In the past year I have stopped using a specific media source because it lost my trust.”

This is particularly the case in Brazil (44%), Egypt (40%), South Korea (39%), and the US (32%).

GlobeScan President, Doug Miller, said: "The poll suggests that media is generally trusted across the world - more so than national governments, particularly in the developing world.

“National TV is still the most trusted news source by a wide margin, although the Internet is gaining ground among the young. The jury is still out on ‘blogs’ – just as many people distrust them as trust them.”

Young urban men turning off the TV
Those most likely to have stopped using a news source because of a breach of trust (the 13% strongly agreeing they have done so in the past year) are more likely to be urban males, aged 18-24. Further analysis suggests this young male audience is moving away from television towards the Internet – 10 percent fewer of them, compared to the average, name television as their most important news source (46% as opposed to 56% overall); and 15 percent say the Internet is now their most important news source in an average week, compared to just 9 percent of respondents as a whole. Internet wins out for young people, but blogs are the least trusted of the sources tested.

The younger people are, the less likely they are to get their news from either television or newspapers, and the more likely they are to rely on the Internet. One in five (19%) of those aged 18 to 24 names the Internet as their most important news source, compared to 9 percent overall. Women are more likely than men to name television as their more important source of news while men are more likely than women to name newspapers and the Internet

Internet news sources appear to be winning audiences as a result of distrust in traditional sources – especially attracting young urban men. However, just as many people distrust blogs as trust them.

Perceptions of the media: too much bad news and focus on Western values The findings across the 10 countries paint a varied picture of both threats and opportunities for those involved in the news media:

• Seven in ten (72%) say they follow the news closely every day; even among the 18-24 age group 67 percent say this.

• People are equally split on whether they get the news they want from mainstream media, with 46 percent saying they do not.

• Six in ten (59%) agree that the media covers too many bad news stories, especially Brazilians (80%), South Koreans (69%), Americans (68%), and Britons (63%).

• One in two (52%) agree the media is too focused on Western values and concerns, especially in Brazil (67%), South Korea (66%), and Egypt (61%).

• More people disagree (46%) than agree (42%) that “journalists are able to report the news freely, without interference from owners,” especially in South Korea (63% disagree) and Germany (59%).

• Seventy-seven percent of people agree that they prefer to check several sources of news rather than relying on just one. This is particularly true of Internet users.

Americans don’t agree that the media report all sides of a story Americans stand out from citizens of the other countries surveyed on a number of dimensions. They are the most critical of the news media’s reporting of all sides of a story; 69 percent disagree that the media does this. They are also significantly more inclined to disagree (46%) that the media reports news accurately; and more likely to agree (68%) that the media covers too many ‘bad news’ stories.

UK citizens are strikingly similar to those in the US regarding many of their attitudes to the media. Like those in the US, they are much less likely than citizens in other parts of the world to think that the media reports all sides of a story, with 64 percent disagreeing that the media achieves this. Also 43 percent disagree that the media reports news accurately.

Germans are unique among the populations surveyed in that more name a newspaper (45%) than television (30%) as their most important news source.

In India a solid majority of 64 percent agree that the media strikes the right balance between freedom of speech and respect for other cultures. Nonetheless 58 percent say that there is too much foreign influence in their media and 60 percent that the media is too focused on Western values and concerns.

A substantial 76 percent of Nigerians believe that the news is reported accurately, although there are also three-quarters who believe government interferes too much with the media. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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May 22, 2006


The Levi’s Brand Launches First iPod Compatible Jeans Worldwide.

SAN FRANCISCO: The Levi’s brand is launching a wearable technology revolution with the introduction of new Levi’s RedWire™ DLX Jeans available worldwide in fall 2006. Designed for both men and women, the jeans seamlessly integrate iPod plug and play technology giving music enthusiasts an innovative and fashionable way to enjoy music on the go. The jean is designed to be compatible with most iPod systems and features include a special joystick incorporated into the jeans’ watch pocket to enable easy operation of the iPod.

Levi's Jeans Levi Strauss Denim Jeans

Invented in 1873 by Levi Strauss, Levi’s Jeans are the original jeans. The Levi’s brand offers the wide range of fitting jeans on the market. Levi’s Jeans have captured the attention, imagination and loyalty of generations of diverse individuals in more than 100 countries around the world.

“The Levi’s RedWire™ DLX Jean is the latest extension of the Levi’s brand leadership position by merging fashion and technology that provides consumers with the most innovative way to enhance their portable, digital music lifestyle,” said Robert Hanson, Levi’s U.S. brand president. “In designing the jeans we considered both function and fashion – the result is a uniquely functional, yet stylish, great fitting jean."

Design features include:
• Easy Pocket Storage – An iPod docking cradle is built into the jeans and is “invisibly” housed within a side pocket. The Levi’s design team took special care to ensure the iPod unit remains neatly and securely stored in the jean, while the iPod “bump” in the pocket is virtually eliminated. The cradle is equipped with sophisticated technology housed in a red conductive ribbon that allows users to quickly and easily remove their iPod from the pocket to view its screen while staying connected. The jean is machine washable once the iPod is removed.

• “Hip” Controls – A special joystick remote control is externally designed into the jeans’ watch pocket to enable operation of the iPod. Four-way controls allow the wearer to easily play/pause, track forward, track back and adjust the volume control without ever removing the iPod from the pocket.

• Handy Wire Retractor – A handy retractable headphone unit has been built directly into the jean to help prevent tangles and efficiently manage the iPod earphone wires.

The new Levi’s RedWire™ DLX jeans have been developed to be practical and leading-edge in their aesthetic. A crisp white leather patch and joystick, bluffed back pockets with hidden stitching, and clean minimalist buttons and rivets allude to the iPod’s famously pure design. Special care has been taken to marry the physical design with a great-fitting jean. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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May 21, 2006

The New York Times Launches Redesigned

Improved Navigation, Cleaner Design, New Personalization Options.

The New York Times NYT

The New York Times has announced a major redesign of its Web site ( Among the enhancements being introduced over the next few months are a newly designed home page and section front pages; new ways to personalize the site; enhanced search capability; an expanded set of easy-to-use navigation tools throughout the site; and more original video.

Now the home page has a cleaner, easy-to-read design and simplified navigation tools. continues to reach a large, educated and affluent audience. It is the most popular newspaper site in the U.S.

For advertisers, the redesign provides new opportunities to reach an even more engaged audience. The new features encourage readers to spend more time exploring and sharing the richness of

The Times will promote its site redesign with a trade and consumer marketing campaign that includes direct mail and advertisements in select trade media publications. is now appearing with several new sections: "My Times," "Video," "Today's Paper," "Most Popular" and "Times Topics."

"The redesign of significantly advances our place on the Web," said Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., publisher of The New York Times. "We're taking advantage of new technology to make the site more useful and easier to navigate. Times readers will now have an enhanced site with even greater access to high-quality journalism provided in a way that they can customize to their needs."

"My Times" provides readers with the ability to create personalized pages with RSS feeds from The New York Times and from sites across the Web. Readers can choose their own feeds or explore a broad variety of suggested sources from Times reporters and editors who are experts in various fields. Readers can visit to enroll as charter members of "My Times" by submitting their e-mail addresses. These readers will be the first users invited to create their own personalized pages as "My Times" becomes available to the public.

* New and Enhanced Video: The new "Video" section will feature more original Times video reporting and enable users to search and view all video content available on Recent reviews and commentary included "Movie Minutes," by Stephen Holden, "Who Owns Art?" by Michael Kimmelman and a new daily political wrap-up video from Washington. Video will also be integrated on the homepage and throughout the site with a new embedded video player.

* Today's Paper: This section organizes and groups headlines by the section of the current day's printed newspaper.

* Most Popular Indexes: The "Most Popular" section highlights the articles that are most e-mailed by users and most linked to by bloggers, and lists the most frequently searched keywords and the most popular movies among readers.

* Thousands of New Topic Pages: Each "Times Topics" page collects recent news, archives, multimedia and reference material on "people," "places," "organizations" and "subjects." Times journalists will regularly update "Times Topics" with news and information from The Times and other sources across the Web. Users may access individual topic pages through links from related articles or from search results.

* Enhanced Site-Wide Navigation: A new navigation tool bar is located at the top of section fronts and article pages allowing readers to search and find content easily and quickly across the site. continues to reach a large, educated and affluent audience. It is the most popular newspaper site in the U.S.

Advertiser benefits include:

* Larger and more dynamic ad positions on the homepage and throughout the site

* Streaming pre-roll video ads within a new video player on the homepage, section fronts and select article pages

* Special advertising opportunities around new sections such as "My Times," "Video" and "Most Popular" StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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Boeing's Latest Commercial Airplane: 747-8

Boeing 747-8 Commercial Airplane

Boeing has launched the 747-8 family of commercial airplanes, including the 747-8 Intercontinental passenger airplane and the 747-8 Freighter.

Entry into service is scheduled for September 2009, starting with freighter operator Cargolux of Luxembourg. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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AOL Launches Stocks Blog Network

New Blog Network Dedicated to Individual Stocks of the Most Watched and Widely Held Companies.

AOL Time Warner

AOL and Weblogs, Inc. have launched a new network,, which will host a series of individual blogs dedicated to providing daily commentary, insightful and thought-provoking analysis and news coverage of some of the most-widely held and followed public companies.

The first series of blogs will cover:

• Time Warner (
• Google (
• Yahoo (
• Apple (
• eBay (
• Microsoft (
• Wal-Mart (
• General Electric (

Additional companies will be added throughout the year.

AOL LLC and its subsidiaries operate a network of Web brands and the largest Internet access subscription service in the United States. Web brands include the website, AIM, MapQuest and Netscape. The company also has operations in Europe and Canada. AOL is based in Dulles, Virginia, and is a majority-owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc.

Each featured company will have its own dedicated blog and a team of professional bloggers, including financial professionals, analysts, current and former journalists and dedicated investing enthusiasts. The bloggers will be monitoring company and industry news and sharing their views, insights and analysis. Each blog will also offer its readers an opportunity to provide their own reactions and viewpoints in an interactive community environment.

The network will be editorially independent and will be integrated into AOL Money & Finance (

"This is the perfect marriage of AOL's massive reach and Weblogs, Inc.'s expertise in citizen journalism," stated Jason Calacanis, CEO, Weblogs, Inc. "This collaboration gives independent voices access to the mass audience, while providing marketers a vehicle to reach influencers."

The bloggers will not be making investment buy or sell recommendations or provide any personalized investment advice, but rather providing original and entertaining commentary and analysis so individual investors can become better informed about the stocks they hold or are most interested in. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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May 20, 2006

Sony Ericsson introduces the Z710

An elegant camera clamshell for the business environment and beyond.

Z710 Sony Ericsson Mobile

Sony Ericsson has just announced the Z710, the camera phone that will appeal to the hard working person looking for a phone to fit an intensive business and private life. This EDGE-capable clamshell packages a suite of advanced business and multimedia features in a sophisticated and stylish design.

Z710 Sony Ericsson Mobile

“The Z710 is perfect for business and personal use,” says Jan Wareby, Corporate Executive Vice President, Head of Sales and Marketing, Sony Ericsson. “It offers many features that today’s business people expect in a phone such as easy synchronisation with a PC to keep calendar and contacts up to date and its sophisticated, yet casual design fits today’s professional lifestyle.”

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications serves the global communications market with innovative and feature-rich mobile phones, accessories, and PC-cards. Established as a joint venture by Sony and Ericsson in 2001, with global corporate functions located in London, the company employs approximately 6,000 people worldwide, including R&D sites in Europe, Japan, China and America. Sony Ericsson is the global title sponsor of the Women's Tennis Association, and works with the Association to promote the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour in over 80 cities during the year.

Z710 Business-friendly features include push e-mail support and RSS feeds for news updates and traffic reports direct to your phone. PC tools include synchronisation of your phone book and calendar as well as USB 2.0 support. A 64MB Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) is supplied that is expandable to 1GB and can be used to store and transfer any type of multimedia content, including text, graphics, video, stills and audio files.

The Z710 also features the Access NetFront™ full HTML browser. It makes web access on the move as simple as on a PC and EDGE speed means pages download rapidly. It also has the latest Bluetooth™ 2.0 with HDR (high data rate) for fast data transfer with other Bluetooth devices, providing robust, quality connections for accessories such as wireless headsets and handsfree car kits. The Z710 also supports Bluetooth™ streaming in stereo (A2DP) so you can enjoy the full stereo power of the phone’s media player completely wire-free.

The 2 Megapixel camera captures sharp, crisp stills and video and these are easily shared using MMS, Bluetooth™, stored on the Memory Stick or transferred quickly to your PC via USB.

When it’s time for you to switch off, the entertainment suite includes a high performance media player and FM radio with RDS. The media player supports all of the common music file formats, including the new e-AAC+, which dramatically reduces memory space and download time.

The clamshell design allows for a large external LCD screen. This allows many functions to be performed without opening the phone. By using the direct keys next to it, the media player, FM radio, SMS message review, previewing tasks and diary appointments can all be accessed and controlled.

The Z710 is a Quad-band EDGE/GPRS phone available in Twilight Black or Metallic Sand and starts shipping during Q3 2006. It is available in the following variants:

Z710i Quad Band EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Americas

Z710c Quad Band EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 for Mainland China
Z710 – Features at a glance

* Imaging and messaging
o 262k colors display
o 176x220 pixels TFT display
o Large 1.5” 128x128 4-level white on blue external LCD for quick access
o 2.0 mega pixel camera
o Digital zoom
o Video recording / playback
o 10 MB user memory
o Bundled with 64MB Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™)
o SMS, EMS and MMS
o QuickShare™
o Instant Messaging
o Push-To-Talk
o Adobe picture/video PC SW

* Music
o Media player (MP3, AAC and AAC+, eAAC+)
o Support for m4a
o FM radio with RDS
o Stereo portable handsfree
o PlayNow™ Ring tones
o PlayNow™ Games
o Streaming Audio/Video
o Java MIDP 2.0
o 3D games
o Music and Video DJ
o OMA DRM phase 2

* Connectivity
o EDGE Quad-band 850,900,1800,1900
o GPRS class 10
o EDGE class 10
o Bluetooth™
o Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) support
o USB 2.0 support with USB cable provided in the box
o PC Tools & Software
o Infrared
o WAP 2.0
o Full HTML Browser
o RSS Feed

* Accessories
o Bluetooth™ Headset HBH-PV705
o Bluetooth™ Headset HBH-610 with outstanding digital sound and Auto pairing™
o Desk Stand CDS-60: talk, charge and transfer files simultaneously
o Bluetooth™ Car Speakerphone HCB-100
o Memory Stick Micro™ – M2™ Up to 1 GB StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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May 19, 2006

Orders Continue to Soar for Boeing Business Jets

Boeing Business Jets Commercial Airplanes

GENEVA, May 2006 -- Boeing Business Jets has announced it has won six new orders for the ultra-large-cabin, long-range business jet, increasing total program sales to 108 airplanes. There are currently 86 BBJs in service around the world. The fleet has generated more than 199,100 flight hours to date and 81,000 flights, with an industry-leading 99.9 percent dispatch reliability. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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International Herald Tribune To Start Printing In Bangladesh

IHT International Herald Tribune NYT New York Times

Paris, France: The International Herald Tribune (IHT) has announced that it has signed an agreement with Cross World Trading Co., which already distributes the Paris-based daily in the country, to also print the newspaper through its subsidiary IHT Bangladesh Ltd. (IHTBL). Under the terms of the agreement, IHTBL will start printing the newspaper, making it available for early morning distribution to news outlets and subscribers in Dhaka and other major cities throughout the country.

The Dhaka site will constitute the International Herald Tribune's thirty-third contract print plant worldwide. This latest expansion of the newspaper's printing network follows an increasing Asia circulation in 2005.

Since The New York Times Company became the 100% owner of the International Herald Tribune in January 2003, the newspaper has carried out the most significant series of investments in its 118-year history. This has resulted in more print sites, expanded circulation, increased pagination, enhanced editorial color, a raft of new sections and features and, most notably, the addition of a number of high-profile columnists and correspondents around the world. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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Brand To Be Reenergized with Breakthrough Advertising Campaign and Packaging Update.

Atlanta, May 2006 - Beginning this summer, Sprite, the number one lemon-lime soft drink, is back in a bold, breakthrough way. Focusing on the brand's refreshing "Lymon™" taste, in the U.S. Sprite will hit the streets in full force with an array of programs that includes a new advertising campaign and the first packaging update since the early 90s.

Sprite Coca-Cola Coke

The brand relaunch begins on May 23 at Guastavino's in New York at the first Sprite Street Couture Showcase. The exclusive event will feature collections from five of fashion's top streetware designers, including Etnies, LRG, Rocawear, Triple Five Soul and WESC, as well as an influencer after party.

Sprite's relaunch will be fueled by the Sprite "SubLYMONal™" advertising campaign.

Sprite billboard Coca-Cola Coke

"SubLYMONal is a totally integrated marketing message that focuses on Lymon, Sprite's proprietary lemon-lime flavor formula, which makes Sprite among the world's most thirst-quenching soft drinks," said Don King, Group Director, Sprite, Coca-Cola North America. "As a brand that focuses on young people, Sprite deserves arresting advertising that cuts through the monotony of ordinary commercials, and this multi-faceted campaign does just that.

The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company. Along with Coca-Cola, recognized as the world's most valuable brand, the Company markets four of the world's top five soft drink brands, including Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite, and a wide range of other beverages, including diet and light soft drinks, waters, juices and juice drinks, teas, coffees and sports drinks.

People will be able to find special codes embedded in the commercials that can be entered at the brand's new website,, to unlock exclusive content. The site allows people to actually interact with the advertising and it provides different ways for them to create their own "SubLYMONal" experiences.

"Through the 'SubLYMONal' campaign we have created our own proprietary tongue-in-cheek science that is designed to insert Lymon into the brains of teen consumers," continued King. "SubLYMONal still echoes the "trust your instincts" message of the "Obey Your Thirst" campaign, but it is focused on reminding people that Lymon tastes so good."

In addition to the "SubLYMONal" campaign, Sprite's packaging graphics have been completely redesigned. The new packaging design features the familiar silver, green and blue colors as well as the Sprite brand name and bubbles. The updated imagery is enhanced by the inclusion of a new "S" brand icon that will be featured on all packaging and marketing elements. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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May 16, 2006

Longines Lights Diamond Fires of Elegance

New diamond-set models enhance the aesthetics of elegance in Longines evidenza, Longines DolceVita and La Grande Classique de Longines collections.

Longines Watches

Longines has introduced new diamond-set models to enhance three of its major collections — Longines evidenza, Longines DolceVita and La Grande Classique de Longines.

Longines Watches Model Diamond Watch

The new models highlight the brand’s traditional emphasis on the aesthetics of elegance, its noted expertise in jewelry timepieces and its continuing role at the forefront of watch design. Appealing to contemporary tastes for both smaller and bigger watches, the new diamond-set models feature a distinctive black dial.

Longines Watches Diamonds Watch

Diamonds are everywhere in the major Longines collections — on the case, pavé-set, in single or double rows, forming stylish Arabic numerals or circling patterns on the dials — and their timeless presence enhances the elegant signature of the new diamond-set models that Longines has introduced.

Although designed with a keen eye for the brand’s traditional formal aesthetics and placed within its existing collections, it is the stark and stylish contrast between black dials and sparkling diamonds that sets the dark heart of elegance afire in these new models.

Longines evidenza
Drawing timeless inspiration from the 1920s, the Longines evidenza collection evokes the high style of the arts and the individual freedom of Art Deco’s most noted artists and designers. Jazz, Hollywood, streamlined machines and the endless search for novelty still fascinate and inspire today, as timeless as the diamond-set steel tonneau case, black dial, black leather strap and stainless steel bracelet of the new evidenza models. These models feature a lacquered black dial with four Arabic numerals set with diamonds, except for the chronograph which offers a black dial enhanced with white painted Roman numerals and three counters.

Longines DolceVita
The art of living, Italian style, is the refined and pervasive spirit that informs the Longines DolceVita models, inspired by a case model dated from 1925 and stylishly adapted to contemporary tastes. The flawless form of the rectangle offers a timeless frame for the new DolceVita models, each one a stylish variation on a theme, a play on elegance in diamonds, stainless steel, black leather and diamond-set black dials with hands of silvered steel.

La Grande Classique de Longines
The epitome of soul and style in the grand Longines design tradition, La Grande Classique de Longines watches offer a cool and enduring elegance. The collection’s thoroughbred lines and slim, sleek forms never fail to captivate, and the new models are no exception to the rule. Stainless steel or black leather bracelets, diamond-set steel bezels and diamond-set lacquered black dials with silvered steel hands underscore the classic appeal of timeless forms. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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May 15, 2006

L'Oreal Receives International Corporate Diversity Innovation Award

Award for leadership in providing products adapted to the needs of global consumers.

L'Oreal Cosmetics Skin Care Beauty Care

L'Oreal, one of the world's leading cosmetics companies, received the World Diversity Leadership Council's Corporate Diversity Innovation award for product innovation. This is the first time that L'Oreal has received an international recognition for the cultural diversity of its products.

L'Oreal was among four companies honoured for innovation in diversity management during the World Diversity Leadership Summit held in Prague. L'Oreal was selected by a peer group of respected corporate diversity executives who recognised its excellence in leveraging diversity to offer innovative products adapted to a wide range of global consumers, including people of African and Asian origin. The three-day forum was attended by 200 senior corporate, government and non-governmental organisation officials from around the world.

L'Oreal has 18 international brands of American, European and Asian origin including Soft-Sheen, Carson, Shu Uemura, Lancome, Maybelline and Giorgio Armani. L'Oreal has 14 research centres and 13 evaluation centres throughout the world including The L'Oreal Institute for Ethnic Hair and Skin Research in Chicago and the newly inaugurated Pudong L'Oreal Research Centre for Asian hair and skin in China. In 2005, L'Oreal dedicated almost $600 million to cosmetic and dermatological research.

L'Oreal USA
, headquartered in New York City, with 2005 sales of over $4 billion and 7,900 employees, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of L'Oreal SA.

L'Oreal's impressive portfolio of brands includes Lancome, Giorgio Armani, Shu Uemura, L'Oreal Paris, Garnier, Vichy, Biotherm, La Roche-Posay, L'Oreal Professionel and Kerastase. The U.S. is the base for the product development, international marketing and advertising for L'Oréals eight American brands: Maybelline New York, Soft-Sheen.Carson, Kiehl's Since 1851, Ralph Lauren, Redken 5th Avenue NYC, Matrix, Mizani and SkinCeuticals.

Launched in 2004, the World Diversity Leadership Summit has become a high-profile forum for addressing the challenges and opportunities related to diversity management. Douglas Freeman, Co-Chair Selection Committee for the World Diversity Leadership Council said: “L'Oreal has distinguished itself amongst the other candidates in leveraging diversity to offer innovative products to a wider range of global consumers.”

“What makes this award unique is that it really fits with the core of L'Oréal's business, creating innovative products that address the needs of global consumers,” said Ed Bullock, L'Oréal USA's Vice President of Diversity, receiving the award on behalf of Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones, President and CEO of L'Oréal. “We are truly delighted to receive this recognition for our long standing efforts and commitment to the cultural diversity of our products, brands, workforces and communities,” he added.

L'Oreal SA, headquartered in Paris , maintains a diverse, yet complementary, portfolio of 18 international brands, sold in 130 countries. In 2005, L'Oreal reported consolidated sales of $17.53 billion. The group has a global workforce of 52,000 employees.

L'Oreal is the cosmetics industry's largest investor in research with a hi-tech industrial approach that guarantees innovative, high-value-added products. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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May 14, 2006

UPS Upgrades Technology Tools to Simplify International Trade

ATLANTA, GA, USA – UPS has announced enhancements to a variety of Web-based technology tools to simplify the complexities of global trade.

UPS Cargo Transportation Parcel

To address the needs of small businesses, UPS has enhanced the functionality of “My UPS” on Any registered UPS customer can have quick access to package tracking, delivery services, billing and international shipping forms specific to their preferred origins and destinations, all from a single web page at The new My UPS also is more intuitive, remembering preferences, drop-off locations, saved tracking numbers or a Quick List of frequently ordered UPS supplies.

UPS Shipping Company

My UPS registrants can easily access, complete online and store for 90 days all the necessary forms required for international shipping. International Forms help My UPS registrants, UPS CampusShip™ and UPS Internet Shipping users determine which forms are needed for a given shipment and enables them to create templates for reuse.

UPS package delivery

UPS is the world’s largest package delivery company and a global leader in supply chain services, offering an extensive range of options for synchronizing the movement of goods, information and funds. Headquartered in Atlanta, UPS serves more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

“Businesses of all sizes count on UPS to bridge the distance around the globe,” said Dave Barnes, UPS senior vice president and CIO. “Technology is the key to helping them demystify international trade and optimize global supply chains.”

International Payment

In July, small businesses (and other customers) will be able to use a credit card to pay for international shipments. UPS also is enhancing its international billing options in UPS Internet Shipping, UPS CampusShip and the UPS Shipping Tool to allow a customer to determine who pays shipping charges and who pays duties and taxes when processing an international shipment.

Shipping charges may be paid by the shipper’s UPS account, a credit card, the receiver or a third party while duties and taxes may be paid by the shipper’s UPS account, the receiver or a third party. Users can even split up payment for duties and taxes if needed.

Managing Imports/Exports

For larger small package shippers, UPS is expanding the reach of Quantum View Manage™ from 23 countries and 16 languages to 31 countries and 20 languages. Quantum View Manage is a visibility tool that provides inbound and outbound shipment information for both domestic and import/export shipments. The Imports feature, currently available in the U.S., provides access to UPS customs brokerage data and clearance document images as well as tools (such as email alerts) to help facilitate customs clearance and compliance.

Beginning in July and throughout 2006, UPS will expand the Imports feature of Quantum View Manage to additional markets in a controlled, phased deployment. The markets involved in this expansion include Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom. The exact timing of deployments is subject to change depending upon market variables.

The Imports feature also is being enhanced in July to enable users to search up to one year of Imports data and to provide shipment tracking from the Import Shipment Detail screen.

“Over the last decade, UPS has invested billions of dollars in technology to help integrate the three flows of commerce – boxes, bytes and bucks – for our customers,” said Barnes. “We must continue to innovate and move fast to answer the growing demands of the global marketplace.” StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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Apple's New iMac with Intel Core Duo Processor

New iMac is Twice as Fast as Predecessor.

iMac Computer Apple Macintosh

Apple has unveiled the new iMac featuring Mac OS X running on the new Intel Core™ Duo processor, delivering performance that is up to twice that of its predecessor.* The widely praised iMac design now features dual-core processors, a built-in iSight™ video camera for video conferencing out-of-the-box, and the breakthrough media experience of Front Row™ with the Apple Remote for a simple, intuitive and powerful way for consumers to enjoy their content from across the room. Every new iMac comes with iLife ’06, the next generation of Apple’s award-winning suite of digital lifestyle applications featuring major new versions of iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, and GarageBand™ . The new iMac is shipping now, and is the first of a new generation of Macs featuring Intel processors that Apple will roll out during 2006.

Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Today, Apple continues to lead the industry in innovation with its award-winning desktop and notebook computers, OS X operating system, and iLife and professional applications. Apple is also spearheading the digital music revolution with its iPod portable music players and iTunes online music store.

“The iMac has already been praised as ‘the gold standard of desktop PCs’, so we hope customers really love the new iMac, which is up to twice as fast,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “With Mac OS X plus Intel’s latest dual-core processor under the hood, the new iMac delivers performance that will knock our customers’ socks off.”

The new iMac features Apple’s breakthrough Front Row media experience and the Apple Remote, a simple way for customers to enjoy the content they have on their iMac—including songs from their iTunes music library, photo slideshows from iPhoto, videos including TV shows, Podcasts, iMovies and DVDs, and popular movie trailers streamed from—all from across the room.

Every new iMac comes with a built-in iSight video camera for out-of-the-box video conferencing using Apple’s award-winning iChat AV software, or recording a video Podcast or iMovie using iLife '06. The built-in iSight video camera takes advantage of the Intel Core Duo processor to deliver up to four times the resolution over the previous model. Each iMac also includes Photo Booth, Apple’s fun-to-use application that lets users take quick snapshots with the built-in iSight video camera, add entertaining visual effects and share their pictures with the touch of a button.

The new iMac comes standard with a SuperDrive™ for burning professional-quality DVDs, 512MB of 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM memory expandable to 2GB, hard drive storage capacity up to 500GB, and ATI Radeon X1600 PCI Express-based graphics with 128MB of GDDR3 memory for outstanding graphics performance and realistic game play. With the latest high-performance connectivity options, the new iMac includes built-in 10/100/1000 BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet for high-speed networking, built-in AirPort Extreme for fast 54 Mbps wireless networking,** built-in Bluetooth 2.0+EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), a total of five USB ports (three USB 2.0) and two FireWire 400 ports. The new iMac now includes mini-DVI video output to connect up to a 23-inch Apple Cinema HD Display. With mini-DVI and the new iMac’s extended desktop mode feature, users can more than double their available screen real estate.

The new iMac was designed to be the perfect computer for iLife '06, the next generation of Apple’s award-winning suite of digital lifestyle applications featuring major new versions of iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, GarageBand and introducing iWeb, a new iLife application that makes it super-easy to create amazing websites with photos, blogs and Podcasts and publish them on .Mac for viewing by anyone on the Internet with just a single click. All the iLife '06 applications are Universal applications that run natively on the new Intel-based iMacs for maximum performance.

Every new iMac comes with the latest release of the world’s most advanced operating system, Mac OS X version 10.4.4 “Tiger” including Safari™, Mail, iCal, iChat AV, Front Row and Photo Booth, running natively on Apple’s first Intel-based desktop. Mac OS X Tiger includes an innovative software translation technology called Rosetta that lets customers run most Mac OS X PowerPC applications seamlessly. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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May 13, 2006

Volkswagen Rabbit Springs into New York

Volkswagen Rabbit Golf

AUBURN HILLS, Michigan, USA - Volkswagen of America, Inc. has announced that its all-new fifth generation Golf, which debuted at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show, is going back to its roots with the original Rabbit nameplate for the U.S. and Canadian markets. The Rabbit is hopping into the market after its official introduction at the New York International Auto Show.

Volkswagen Rabbit Golf Car

"The Rabbit was always exclusive to the U.S. and Canadian markets; while the rest of the world had the Golf, we had the iconic Rabbit," said Volkswagen's Director of Brand Innovation, Kerri Martin. "The reintroduction of the Rabbit represents Volkswagen's commitment to this market and is a nod to the passionate North American enthusiasts who have an emotional connection with the Rabbit name."

Volkswagen Rabbit Golf Car

"Volkswagen customers want a relationship with their cars. Names like The Thing, Beetle, Fox, and Rabbit support this," Martin added.

Founded in 1955, Volkswagen of America, Inc. is headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. It is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen is one of the world's largest producers of passenger cars and Europe's largest automaker. Volkswagen sells the Rabbit, New Beetle, Jetta, Passat, Touareg and Phaeton.

The Rabbit goes on sale this summer in both two and four-door versions. Standard features include an advanced ABS braking system, traction control, active front head restraints, front side airbags, air conditioning and anti-theft alarm system with remote locking. Always known for its value, this latest Rabbit is no exception, offering a high level of standard features and equipment at an attractive starting price.

The Rabbit was the first Volkswagen produced in the United States and its appeal grew rapidly, with sales of over 1.3 million in its 10-year lifespan. The Rabbit's popularity can be credited to the wide array of standard features it offered at an attractive price. The 2006 Rabbit promises a return to the high-value, iconic status of the original.

"The Rabbit's return to Volkswagen's family is not an attempt to recreate the original car; today's Rabbit is manufactured at our Wolfsburg production facility alongside the all-new GTI." The Rabbit, or Golf as it is well known throughout the rest of the world, is the world's best seller with over 25 million cars sold over five generations. This latest generation has already won more than 25 awards in more than sixteen countries. Martin adds, "Even the name 'Rabbit' dramatizes the enhanced performance, playing off the car's clever design, efficient size, agility and nimbleness. The Rabbit is back."

The 2006 Rabbit benefits from its laser-welding production process, class-leading fit and finish, heightened body strength, crash protection, driving dynamics, and reduced interior noise.

Drivers of the Rabbit will benefit from it's fully independent suspension system that uses a multi-link rear and optimized front axle, and will enjoy the new optional six-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic (five-speed manual standard). A new powerful engine with a larger displacement of 2.5 liters and five-cylinders generates 150 horsepower. StumbleUpon reddit Facebook Google Plus Tweet This Seed This on Newsvine

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