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April 12, 2020

Ministry of Home Affairs India directs States to ensure Smooth Movement of Inter & Intrastate Cargo, Trucks, Workers, and functioning of Warehouse/Cold Storages.

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New Delhi, April 12, 2020 — Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued consolidated guidelines on lockdown measures to be taken by all Ministries/Departments of Government of India, States/Union Territory Governments and State/Union Territory Authorities for containment of COVID-19 epidemic in the country.

Subsequent clarifications to these guidelines were also issued to ensure the availability of essential goods and services across the country and prevent hardships to the people.

MHA has directed States to implement lockdown guidelines in letter & spirit to ensure smooth movement of inter & intrastate cargo, trucks, workers, and functioning of warehouse/cold storages.

MHA said that some administrations are not implementing the guidelines in letter and spirit. Specifically, trucks carrying essential and non-essential goods are getting detained. Workers needed for the operation of manufacturing units of essential commodities are not getting authorizations/ passes for their movement. The inter-State flow of goods and personnel related to the above two groups is getting impeded as passes/ authorizations issued by authorities of one State/ UT Government are not being respected by the authorities of other States/ UTs. Further, operations of cold storage and warehouses are not being allowed.

Such restrictions, concerning activities permitted explicitly by MHA, have the potential of creating shortages of essential commodities. To bring in clarity at the implementation level, MHA reiterated that the following guidelines are to be observed strictly by the authorities at various levels:

These stipulations will apply to all areas other than the regions requiring containment, quarantine, and surveillance measures.

The movement of persons and vehicles, as above, would be subject to strict adherence to norms of hygiene and social distancing, as is required in the context of COVID-19. All States would inform district authorities and field agencies regarding the above instructions so that there is no ambiguity at the ground level, and the allowed activities go on without any hindrance, the Ministry of Home Affairs of India stated.

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