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April 13, 2020

Vice President of India asks Universities to Ensure Continuity of Academic Calendar during Lockdown and Safeguard the Health of Students Residing in Hostels.

Vice President, Universities, India

New Delhi, April 13, 2020 — The Vice President of India, M Venkaiah Naidu, today asked Universities and other educational institutions to harness the power of technology fully to ensure continuity of academic calendar during the lockdown period.

The Vice President, who is the President of the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) and also Chancellor of some Universities, addressed the Director of IIPA and the Vice-Chancellors of Universities through a video conference. The Vice-Chancellors he spoke to included those of Delhi, Puducherry, Panjab, and Makhanlal Chaturvedi Universities. He inquired about their plans to cope with the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Vice President urged the institutions to reach out to students, promote collaborative learning and self-learning. He wanted them to optimally utilize technological tools for ensuring interactive education for all students and ensure continuity of the teaching and learning process during the lockdown.

Observing that the adversity caused by the Coronavirus was forcing people to search for creative solutions, Mr. Naidu appreciated the universities for taking adequate steps to ensure that the teaching-learning process continues unhindered. Noting that online courses would supplement face-to-face learning, he said: “this might become the new normal after we tide over the current crisis.”

The Vice President also emphasized the need for universities and educational institutions to take measures to safeguard the health of students residing in hostels. He urged them to ensure strict adherence to social distancing and isolation instructions given by the Government and health experts.

Advising the students to follow healthy dietary habits, undertake regular physical exercise, and avoid a sedentary lifestyle, Mr. Naidu emphasized the importance of living with nature.

Mr. Naidu urged the universities to guide the students to utilize the time meaningfully and take advantage of the e-learning materials offered by them. He also wanted the students to spend less time on mobile phones and learn new languages during the lockdown period. Besides, they should also spend adequate time with family members, he advised.

The Vice President suggested to the students to join in social service activities taken up by NGOs in their respective areas. He stressed the need for all citizens to follow the guidelines issued by the government from time-to-time strictly.

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