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July 26, 2020

Bugatti Baby Reborn: Performance and final specifications announced as production commences.

The Bugatti limited edition of 500 units now goes into series production.

Bugatti Baby


Photo: The iconic boat tail body design.

Bugatti Baby


Photo: The Bugatti Baby II in French Racing Blue.

Bugatti Baby


Photo: A Bugatti Baby II awaiting its next test drive.

Bugatti Baby


Photo: Fully electric with a limited-slip differential and regenerative braking.

Molsheim, France. July 24, 2020 — At the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, Bugatti announced its 110th birthday present to itself, the reimagining of the original Bugatti Baby. The brand is delighted to announce the completion of the design and testing phase. The car has gone into series production, and clients will soon be taking delivery of the very first cars. Bugatti has developed Baby II in partnership with The Little Car Company.

The original Bugatti Baby was born in 1926 when Ettore and his son Jean decided to build a scaled-down Type 35 for Ettore’s youngest son, Roland, on the occasion of his fourth birthday. Ettore and Jean had intended the present as a one-off car. However, positive feedback from customers visiting Molsheim made the Baby went into production and sale between 1927 and 1936. Cherished by Bugatti enthusiasts worldwide, today no collection is complete without a Baby. However, with only around 500 ever made, they have been the preserve of the lucky few.

While the original Bugatti Baby was a 50% scale version of the car that brought Automobiles Ettore Bugatti to fame in the 1920s, the Bugatti Baby II offers more in terms of size and considerably more in terms of performance. Eight-year-olds would struggle to fit in the original half-scale Baby, whereas at 75% scale and designed for ages fourteen and above, the Baby II has become more of a young adult.

“Ettore Bugatti himself was already interested in catering to Bugatti enthusiasts’ children and designed the Type 52 miniature car as a genuine Bugatti. That was a sensation at the time,” says Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti. “We are continuing this tradition with the new edition of the Bugatti Baby II, and I am delighted that we have found The Little Car Company, a partner that shares the same values as us. With the Bugatti Baby II, we invite a young generation of enthusiasts to fall in love with Bugatti’s wonderful world.”

“When you first sit in the car and look at each tiny detail, it reminds me in some ways of the first few months with the Chiron. You get the same feeling walking around the car, as everywhere you look, there are beautifully engineered solutions and design details that are quite amazing,” says Andy Wallace, Bugatti test driver, and Le Mans winner. “It would be easy to create something like this with a quarter of the quality, but that’s what’s so brilliant about this car: it’s top-of-the-line, a work of art on wheels.”

“In its most powerful mode, when you have the ‘Speed Key’ inserted, the Baby II is a high-speed car. It’s quite impressive and brilliantly fun. You get a lovely feel of balance. It handles just like the original Type 35, and the regenerative braking is a very cool touch. It’s truly an authentic Bugatti. There are no questions about that.”

Source: Bugatti


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