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— December 2020 —

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December 31, 2020

Auckland New Year's Eve 2020 — Auckland, New Zealand, the First Global City in the World, Welcomes 2021!

Auckland, the first global city in the world, welcomes 2021. Happy New Year!

A special pre-midnight moment allows Kiwis to acknowledge what they have been achieved together this year and the kindness and resilience of New Zealanders through 2020.

At midnight, spectacular coordinated fireworks and lighting displays from the city’s landmarks: Vector Lights on the Auckland Harbour Bridge, Skycity’s fireworks from the Sky Tower, Auckland Museum, and The LightPath.

Auckland New Year

PHOTO: AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - DECEMBER 31: Halo performs during Auckland New Year’s Eve celebrations on December 31, 2020, in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Fiona Goodall/Getty Images for Auckland Unlimited).

Auckland New Year

PHOTO: AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JANUARY 01, 2021: Fireworks from the SkyTower during Auckland New Year’s Eve celebrations on January 01, 2021, in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Dave Rowland/Getty Images for Auckland Unlimited).

Auckland New Year

PHOTO: AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND -JANUARY 01, 2021: Fireworks from the SkyTower during Auckland New Year’s Eve celebrations on January 01, 2021, in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Dave Rowland/Getty Images for Auckland Unlimited).

Auckland New Year

PHOTO: AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND -JANUARY 01, 2021: Fireworks from the SkyTower during Auckland New Year’s Eve celebrations on January 01, 2021, in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Dave Rowland/Getty Images for Auckland Unlimited).

Auckland New Year

Photo: AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JANUARY 01, 2021: Fireworks from the SkyTower and a light display from the Harbour Bridge during Auckland New Year’s Eve celebrations on January 01, 2021, in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Dave Rowland/Getty Images for Auckland Unlimited).

Auckland New Year

Photo: AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JANUARY 01, 2021: Jordan Luck performs during Auckland New Year’s Eve celebrations on January 01, 2021, in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Fiona Goodall/Getty Images for Auckland Unlimited).

Source: Auckland Unlimited


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December 29, 2020

Test Driving the Renault Twingo Electric with Charlotte Berton, Professional Driver & Driving Instructor.






Photos: Renault Twingo Electric Vibes Limited Edition. Images provided by & copyright © Jean-Brice LEMAL/Planimonteur, Renault Group.

Paris, France, December 29, 2020 — The Renault Twingo Electric got tested. Thanks to its clean and silent 100% electric propulsion, 82hp engine, reduced size, and its excellent turning radius, Renault’s iconic small city car provides even greater driving pleasure and comfort daily. Professional driver Charlotte Berton, who was behind the wheel for this test, endorses that Twingo Electric more than ever deserves its nickname as the queen of the city!


Twingo Electric takes up the playful design that has made its Twingo twin such a success. It has “endearing impish looks,” as Charlotte Berton likes to remind one during her test drive.

A few small, signature details echo this electric version. There is a recharging socket, blue piping on the front grille., and a strapping in the wheels’ center. A pinstripe also runs along the body to highlight the car’s dynamic lines.

The Twingo Electric Vibes limited edition car stands out for its vibrant exterior style with its exclusive “Valencia Orange” color. Orange or white strippings, white inserts on the front grille, and 16” Monega diamond alloy wheels with orange wheel caps round off its sparkling summery style.


As Charlotte Berton explains, “Drivers today are looking for vehicles that are practical, economical, and environmentally friendly. And Twingo Electric is Renault’s answer to this changing demand.”

This model has a range of 270 km in town. Compared with the average daily mileage of around 30 kilometers traveled by owners of mini-city cars in Europe. It means one can make a week’s worth of daily journeys without charging anytime. What’s more, it is easy to recharge it at any charging station, thanks to its Cameleon® Renault-patented intelligent charger. A simple half-hour break connected to a 22-kW terminal is enough to recover enough power to drive 80 kilometers on mixed routes.

Behind the wheel, you start quietly. The electric engine is refreshing, with a power output of 60 kW (82 hp) for a maximum torque of 160 Nm immediately available. Acceleration and throttle response are at the same time frank, silent and accessible from low revs. In addition to its liveliness, Twingo Electric still offers the best turning radius on the market and excellent agility thanks to its four-cornered wheels.

Twingo Electric has a specific mode in addition to the traditional functions, known as “B mode.” It is a smart system that adapts driving to the traffic conditions and lanes used. There are three modes to choose from, and the one selected acts directly on energy recovery linked to the car’s deceleration.


Twingo Electric has a spacious and practical interior. The center console with its storage compartments, the closed glove compartment, the sockets designed for smartphones, and the 7-inch touch screen are all details that enhance onboard comfort. Noteworthies are the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system and the MY Renault application, which provide access to numerous connected services such as real-time tracking of the car’s charge or planning a trip according to the charging points available on the way.

The interior decorations are reminiscent of the new “Valencia Orange” color on the Vibes limited series. From the new specific upholstery to the inserts on the dashboard, the Vibes Limited Series has sparkling touches of orange. The complete details, emblazoned with “Vibes,” animate the center console and door sills.


For Charlotte Berton, this test-drive was successful. Twingo Electric was a pleasant surprise.

“Autonomy, versatile recharging, agility, connected services: New Renault Twingo Electric is the ideal city car for everyday use,” concludes the driver in her video.


Groupe Renault has manufactured cars since 1898. Today it is an international multi-brand group, selling close to 3.8 million vehicles in 134 countries in 2019, with 40 manufacturing sites, 12,700 points of sales, and employing more than 180,000 people.

Groupe Renault focuses on international expansion to address significant technological challenges while pursuing its profitable growth strategy. To this end, it is drawing on the synergies of its five brands (Renault, Dacia, Renault Samsung Motors, Alpine, and LADA), electric vehicles, and its unique alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors. With a 100% Renault owned team committed to the Formula 1 World Championship since 2016, the brand is involved in motorsports, a real vector for innovation and awareness.

Source: Groupe Renault

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December 27, 2020

Barclays Bank: Direct-to-Consumer Sales would give UK Manufacturing Industry £24bn Boost by 2023.

Barclays Bank

Photo: Barclays Bank logo outside its branch in High Street, Colchester, England. Image Credit: Howard Lake.

London, December 26, 2020 — A boom in manufacturers selling direct-to-consumer (D2C) will provide a £24bn boost to the industry’s coffers by 2023, research from Barclays Corporate Banking has revealed.

The new report - ‘A direct approach’ - combines polling of manufacturers, logistics firms, and consumers with detailed economic modeling to assess the impact of D2C sales, where traditional channels of distribution such as retailers and wholesalers get bypassed. The results show that a surge in shoppers going direct will mean sales through this channel total £120bn in 2023 - an increase from £96bn this year.

According to the Barclays report, consumer choices exacerbated by the pandemic are driving the growth. Almost three-fifths (57%) of the people surveyed said they now frequently go direct to manufacturers because they believe they will get a better price (36%) and better service (23%). Besides, almost a third (32%) of consumers are buying direct as a conscious decision to support the UK manufacturing sector. The most frequently purchased through the ‘direct approach’ are clothes (39%), electronics (30%) and food and drink (27%) - as well as larger items such as household appliances (24%) and furniture (22%).

Encouragingly for manufacturers, consumers’ newly-formed habits show no signs of abating even after the pandemic. More than half (52%) of consumers say they will continue to shop online as much as they do now, and 13% predict they’ll turn to e-commerce even more often. Shoppers expect 29% of their home deliveries to come via D2C in 2023, rising from 20% in 2020.

These trends have seen 13% of manufacturers set-up a D2C channel this year. Each invested an average of £288,000 in doing so - while 22% have seen an increase in D2C sales. However, despite the growing prominence of direct sales, the vast majority (98%) of manufacturers also continue to work with wholesalers and retailers.

The move to D2C means that many manufacturing firms are creating jobs: 45% of those introducing direct channels this year have recruited new staff across customer service areas. There could be as many as 118,000 new job roles supported by D2C sales across the next three years: rising from 500,000 in 2020 to 618,000 in 2023. It is positive news for the manufacturing industry. On average, each company has lost 26% of its revenue and 19% of its headcount across 2020.

The logistics sector is also benefiting from the move to D2C. Barclays estimates that around 85 million parcels and packages will be delivered to UK households this year thanks to manufacturers’ D2C sales. It will rise by about 30% to 110 million in 2023. Logistics firms predict that D2C contracts will account for 50% of their annual revenue in three years, compared to 39% this year. 45% are leasing more vehicles to accommodate this growth, 42% are employing more staff, and 28% take on more real estate.

Lee Collinson, Head of Manufacturing, Transport, and Logistics at Barclays Corporate Banking, said: “2020 has been a turbulent year for all industries, and the manufacturing sector is no different. However, the increasing demand to procure goods directly from the companies that make them provides growth opportunities and confidence for manufacturers of all sizes. D2C sales will help manufacturing firms increase their earnings and protect and create jobs in the next three years: that’s a welcome shot in the arm not only for the industry but also for the wider UK economy.”

Other notable findings from the Barclays report include:


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December 24, 2020

Renault Triber, Groupe Renault's Spacious and Ultra Modern Vehicle










Photos: Renault Triber. Images provided by & copyright © Renault.

Renault Triber is an entirely new ultra-modular, modern and value-for-money model. Triber is a compact vehicle (less than 4 meters long) offering unbeatable flexibility. It can carry one to seven people and features its category’s largest boot capacity in a five-seater configuration.

Renault Triber is a world-first vehicle designed and produced for the Indian market. India is an important market for Groupe Renault.

“We are still young to India, yet our ambitions are high in line with our “Drive the Future” strategic plan: we aim at doubling our sales by 2022. For that reason, we are bringing Renault Triber, another breakthrough concept targeted at Indian’s core market. Renault Triber was conceived, developed, and produced in India, for Indian customers first, before taking it to the world. It is a real game-changer,” said Thierry Bolloré, CEO of Groupe Renault.

With this innovative concept, Groupe Renault expands its local range already made up of Kwid, Duster, and Captur. With no direct competitors, Triber is a real game-changer in comparison with other standard B-segment vehicles. Renault’s response to the critical expectations of Indian customers is a modern, spacious yet compact, ultra-modular, and fuel-efficient vehicle that the whole family can travel in. Attractively designed, sturdy, compact, roomy, and modular, Triber is a versatile product that also achieves the feat of accommodating one to seven adults in comfort in less than 4 meters of length.

“Our goal with Triber was to design a car that would transform according to the many needs and the many lives of our customers. Whether they are parents, lovers, a friends’ group, a family pack, whatever their tribe, Renault Triber should adapt whatever their lifestyle. Triber is true to the Indian values of friendliness and sharing, which are the same in Renault. It offers an attractive, robust, and compact design and is re-inventing space for all. We are very proud of our latest breakthrough, which turned a length challenge into a miracle within 4 meters!” said Laurens van den Acker, Executive Vice-President, Corporate Design, Groupe Renault.

Groupe Renault has international ambitions and aims at growing worldwide (over 40% of sales growth, with a target of more than 5 million vehicles by 2022). Triber will contribute to this global strategy. Renault’s medium-term goal in India is to double the sales volume to 200,000 units annually over the next three years.

Groupe Renault has manufactured cars since 1898. Today it is an international multi-brand group, selling close to 3.8 million vehicles in 134 countries in 2019, with 40 manufacturing sites, 12,700 points of sales, and employing more than 180,000 people.

Groupe Renault focuses on international expansion to address the future significant technological challenges while continuing to pursue its profitable growth strategy. To this end, it is drawing on the synergies of its five brands (Renault, Dacia, Renault Samsung Motors, Alpine, and LADA), electric vehicles, and its unique alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors. With a 100% Renault owned team committed to the Formula 1 World Championship since 2016, the brand is involved in motorsports, a real vector for innovation and awareness.

Source: Groupe Renault


All you need to know | #RenaultTRIBER

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December 23, 2020

Season's Greetings! Best Wishes for 2021!

Season's Greetings.jpg

Season’s Greetings!

Best Wishes for 2021!

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India's Education Minister, Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal, launches Chandigarh University's National Level Entrance Cum Scholarship Test CUCET 2021

Chandigarh University is offering academic scholarships worth Rs. Thirty-three crores to deserving students through CUCET 2021.

Chandigarh University

CHANDIGARH, India, Dec. 23, 2020 — “National level Entrance cum Scholarship Test CUCET 2021 announced by Chandigarh university is a novel attempt to search for budding talent from every corner of India. It motivates them to pursue their dream career by offering them an academic scholarship to overcome financial barriers.” It was stated by Union Minister for Education, Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal, during the launch ceremony of the National Level Entrance cum Scholarship Test of Chandigarh University “CUCET 2021”. The National Entrance cum Scholarship Test would offer academic scholarships worth Rs. 33 Crores to the students in more than 135 Under-Graduate and Postgraduate programs offered by the University; a deserving student based on CUCET-2021 scores can avail scholarships up to 100% in the academic fees.

While delivering his address, the Union Minister for Education, Dr. Pokhriyal, said, “We have often witnessed cases of drop-outs in the Indian Education System where meritorious students have to opt-out of higher education set-up due to financial constraints. CUCET-2021 is an attempt to plug these drop-out cases as it offers a helping hand for such talented students from all across India”. The student can fill an online application form and can appear online with the flexibility to choose his or her date & time slot. Chandigarh University would conduct CUCET-2021 in two phases. The first phase would run from December 2020 to May 2021.

“Chandigarh University is investing heavily in the talent of Indian Youth. It offers a national platform through CUCET-2021 to such deserving students who aspire to be successful by undergoing quality higher education in the field of their choice,” said Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chancellor, Chandigarh University.

Prof. Satbir Singh Sehgal, Registrar of Chandigarh University, while briefing about CUCET-2021, said, “The entrance test would be compulsory for aspiring students who seek admission in Engineering, Pharmacy, MBA, 5 Years Integrated Under-Graduate Law Programs, and Agriculture. The test would also offer academic scholarships for all the 135 UG & PG programs offered by Chandigarh University”. Dr. Sehgal further added that “Students can apply for CUCET-2021 through online and offline mode where the applications are available at University Website and regional centers of University across 21 States & UTs”. The University is offering scholarships in 10 percent of the total seats in every Undergraduate and Postgraduate course. “Ever since the inception of University in 2012, Chandigarh University has offered academic scholarships to more than 63,000 students to promote talent and merit amongst the Indian Youth who dream of getting quality & world-class education,” Dr. Sehgal added.

One of the engineering students who bagged a 75% scholarship through CUCET-2020, Atul Ranjan from Jharkhand, states that “I could fulfill my dream of studying at one of the prestigious institutions of India only because of CUCET Scholarship, as it offered me a financial support.”

Chandigarh University is a NAAC A+ Grade University and an autonomous educational institution near Chandigarh. It is the youngest University in India and the only private University in Punjab to be honored with an A+ Grade by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council). CU offers more than 109 UG and PG programs in engineering, management, pharmacy, law, architecture, journalism, animation, hotel management, commerce, and other disciplines.

Source: Chandigarh University


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December 22, 2020

AIRBUS boosts the Mission Capabilities of its H135 Helicopters

Airbus, Helicopter

Photo: OAMTC Air Rescue operates 28 H135 helicopters from 17 permanent bases and four other bases during the wintertime in Austria. Last year, the operator performed more than 20,000 missions, with 52 tasks per day. Image provided by & copyright © AIRBUS.

Airbus, Helicopter

Photo: The latest version of the H135 family of helicopters. Image provided by & copyright © AIRBUS.

Donauworth, Germany. December 21, 2020 - The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has certified a new Alternate Gross Weight (AGW) for the latest version of the H135 family of helicopters. The new AGW enables operators to benefit from an increased maximum take-off weight of up to 120 kg (265 lb) and useful load. This increase can also extend the range by up to 75 nm or the endurance by up to 40 minutes under standard conditions. The new AGW is available as an option and can be applied retroactively to all H135s equipped with Helionix.

Additionally, Airbus has recently certified a new single-pilot IFR Helionix cockpit for its H135 helicopters. The modified cockpit enables customers to choose between removing the instrument panel’s copilot side to increase the field of view or to keep it to install specific STC equipment. The single-pilot IFR cockpit of the H135 will further boost the capabilities of the H135 in several missions, including aerial work, utility, and law enforcement.

To date, AIRBUS has delivered more than 1,400 helicopters of the H135 family around the globe with more than 5.6 million flight hours.

More than 300 customers in 60 countries use helicopters from the H135 family for a wide range of missions, including Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS), law enforcement, private and business aviation, offshore wind, and military training.

Source: AIRBUS.

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December 21, 2020

The Volkswagen Beetle GSR, a Classic in Yellow and Black

Volkswagen Beetle


Volkswagen Beetle


Volkswagen Beetle


Photos: Old and new Beetle GSR. Images provided by & copyright © Volkswagen.

While the Volkswagen Beetle may be one of the most recognizable cars globally, one of its most eye-catching variants is lesser-known - the GSR yellow and black striped speed racer.

The GSR is a flashy, sporty, bumblebee-colored car that was the answer to years of requests from Beetle fans for a sportier version of the classic coupe. In 1973, Volkswagen unveiled the GSR sporting updates designed with European rally racing in mind, a bright yellow paint scheme offset with flat-black hood and bumpers, and sport seats plus a three-spoke race-quality steering wheel. Each 15-inch wheel, outfitted with extra-wide tires, featured the vehicle’s production number.

One thing that didn’t change with the first GSR model was the Beetle’s engine. The Beetle engine was still powered by the famous flat-four, which offered 50 horsepower and 80 pound-feet of torque - a bit low, even by historical standards. Though the GSR would seem pokey on modern interstates, buyers at the time were after an affordable package for rallying, not commuting.

The original GSR came into being toward the end of the Beetle’s run in Europe. Only 3,500 units were built, with only a hundred or so originals known to exist today - making them rare and highly sought after.

The rare model did make a curtain call of sorts with a special edition Beetle GSR that debuted in 2014. A modern re-interpretation of the 1970s original, the contemporary take includes all-black mirror caps, GSR lettering above the side skirts, and a large rear spoiler. The significant difference between the original and the relaunch was a modern water-cooled engine, packing 210 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque.

Source: Volkswagen

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December 20, 2020

High skills freelance economy surges as digital talent platforms help build new on-demand workforce — Harvard Business School (HBS) & Boston Consulting Group.

Researchers at Harvard Business School’s Project on Managing the Future of Work and BCG’s Henderson Institute find that 90% of companies surveyed see a future competitive advantage in shifting their talent model to a blend of full-time and freelance employees. With a surge in remote work due to Covid-19, the move to an on-demand workforce would accelerate.

Harvard Business School, BCG

BOSTON — Researchers from Harvard Business School’s Managing the Future of Work Project and Boston Consulting Group’s Henderson Institute today released “Building the On-Demand Workforce.” The report explores the recent rise of digital talent platforms that create a new marketplace for high-skill freelance work. Early adopters of these platforms see a competitive advantage in shifting their workforce model to a blend of full-time and freelance employees. At the same time, millions of highly skilled professionals, who seek flexible and remote work, are using these platforms to connect with employers.

Researchers from BCG, and HBS’ Project on Managing the Future of Work, surveyed nearly 700 senior business leaders at US companies. The survey’s goal was to understand better the pervasiveness and patterns in using new talent platforms. The report is based on information from this groundbreaking survey and in-depth interviews with representatives from the talent platforms themselves and the companies that use them.

“Our research showed that many leadership teams have not yet fully grasped the strategic significance of these talent platforms. They are more than a stopgap. They are a means for resolving the chronic problems companies face while filling their talent needs. Business leaders cannot risk missing a critical opportunity to build a more flexible, resilient organization,” said Joseph Fuller, professor of management practice and a co-chair of the Project on Managing the Future of Work at Harvard Business School.

• Transforming the Workforce Transforms the Work

Due to rapid automation, digital transformation, and demographic change, companies are increasingly struggling to find people with the skills they need when they need them. A growing ecosystem of more than 300 talent platforms has emerged, offering companies on-demand access to highly skilled workers. These high skill platforms — companies like Catalant, InnoCentive, Kaggle, Toptal, and Upwork — can be grouped roughly into three categories: marketplaces for premium talent, digital freelancing marketplaces, and crowdsourcing innovation platforms.

The COVID-19 crisis has underscored the need for companies to be more agile in reacting to changes, managing fixed costs, and managing the work itself, lending even more importance to the fact that users of platforms report increased speed to market, productivity, and ability to innovate.

• Now Is the Time to Get Strategic

The survey shows that an increasing number of managers have been experimenting with these new talent platforms. Still, to bring about change on the scale needed to innovate new business models, the study underlines that companies will have to get strategic and appoint a C-suite leader to explore how talent platforms can unlock new value sources.

“New models should not simply be used to outsource what was previously done in house. Instead, they should prompt companies to fundamentally reconsider what their core business model can look like in a talent-fluid future,” said Allison Bailey, a managing director, and senior partner at BCG.

Harvard Business School’s Project on Managing the Future of Work pursues research that business and policy leaders can put into action to navigate the complex, fast-changing nature of work.

The BCG Henderson Institute is Boston Consulting Group’s strategy think tank, dedicated to exploring and developing valuable new insights from business, technology, and science by embracing the powerful technology of ideas. The Institute engages leaders in provocative discussion and experimentation to expand the business theory and practice boundaries and translate innovative ideas from within and beyond business.

Founded in 1908, Harvard Business School (HBS) is part of Harvard University. The HBS faculty of more than 200 offers full-time programs leading to MBA and doctoral degrees and more than 70 open enrollment Executive Education programs. For more than a century, HBS faculty have drawn on their research, their experience in working with organizations worldwide, and their passion for teaching to educate leaders who make a difference in the world, shaping the practice of business and entrepreneurship around the globe.

Source: Harvard Business School (HBS)


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December 19, 2020







Photos: GENESIS GV70. Images provided by & copyright © Genesis.

SEOUL, KOREA - December 18, 2020 - Genesis has launched the GV70, its dynamic urban midsize SUV with a worldwide digital showcase.

Genesis broadcasted the GV70’s cinematic launch film, entitled “The GV70: A Travelogue,” via live streaming.

“Genesis has been striving to build an integrated and sincere connection on every aspect directly related to consumers, such as design, product, service, and lifestyle,” said Jay (Jaehoon) Chang, Global Head of the Genesis Brand. “Upon the release of the GV70 today, based on its customer-centric philosophy, Genesis will continue to provide luxurious models that consumers want, and that help deliver special memories to their daily lives.”

The GV70 is the first midsize SUV model produced by Genesis and features a Uniquely athletic SUV design with a strong personality. A driver-oriented interior layout expresses the ‘Beauty of white space’ in its ultimate interpretation, completing a uniquely Genesis luxury experience.

The GV70 offers an optimal driving experience by adopting state-of-the-art technologies, including ‘Highway Driving Assist II (HDA II),’ which helps drivers on highways or driveways control the steering wheel changing lanes.

Exterior design featuring uniquely athletic SUV design

The front of the GV70 reflects Genesis’s brand identity with Crest Grille and two-lined Quad Lamps inspired by Genesis’ signature Wing Emblem. The Quad Lamps are at the same height as the Crest Grille, which accentuates with and prominent stance.

The Parabolic Line, which begins above the Quad Lamps and runs elegantly along the SUV side, creates a dramatic contrast with the muscular rear fenders. The sleek and elegant coupe-like roofline, along with the dropping chrome line of the C-pillar, accentuates the GV70’s unique character.

At the rear, the taillights feature the ultra-thin, two-lined Quad Lamp, while all functional elements are set in the bumper, helping to achieve immaculate, pure forms, the company said.

Driver-oriented Interior Design Expresses the ‘Beauty of White Space’

The GV70’s driver-oriented interior features the ultimate interpretation of “Beauty of White Space” inspired by Korean architecture, offering maximum comfort and convenience.

The colors of the GV70 reflect its energetic yet refined design, giving customers an extensive range of color combinations, along with various interior materials.

A total of 13 exterior colors will be available in the GV70, including three new ones: Mauna Red, Barossa Burgundy (metallic), and Barossa Burgundy (matte). The GV70 also offers metallic colors such as Cardiff Green, Uyuni White, Vik Black, Saville Silver, Royal Blue, and Carbon Metal. The other available matte colors are Matterhorn White, Melbourne Grey, and Brunswick Green.

The GV70 offers a choice of five interior colors, including Obsidian Black Monotone, Obsidian Black/Vanilla Beige Two-tone, Ocean Waves Blue/Pine Grove Green Two-tone, Ocean Waves Blue/Havana Brown Two-tone, and Slate Gray/Velvet Burgundy Two-tone. Sport Package models also offer exclusive colors: Ultramarine Blue Monotone, Obsidian Black Monotone, and Obsidian Black/Seville Red Two-tone.

Strengthening Sporty Emotion with the GV70 Sport Package

The optional Sport Package offers another level of athleticism that further enhances the emotion of the GV70.

Spacious Interior — Both Practical and Luxurious

The GV70’s interior is optimized to offer passengers a generous amount of space and combines a low seating height to provide a great sense of comfort and a dynamic driving environment.

Also, GV70 applies new technologies to provide clean air to customers.

The GV70’s dual filter system improves indoor air quality by preventing fine dust and bacteria from entering the engine room pre-filter and indoor cabin filter.

The indoor cabin filter efficiently removes fine dust from inside and outside the vehicle with a higher capability to filter ultrafine dust. It also removes indoor bioaerosols by up to 99.9% within 10 minutes based on its antibacterial function.

Powerful Performance and Balanced Driving Befitting a Luxury Midsize SUV

The GV70 offers an optimal driving experience with its powerful performance, fit for a luxury midsize rear-wheel drive SUV, and delivers comfortable driving experiences even when going off-road.

Securing a Higher Level of Driving Safety Based on the Latest Technologies

Genesis applied a wide range of new technologies to the GV70 to protect passengers from risks inside and outside the vehicle.

The GV70 delivers a level of convenience and safety by applying a variety of technologies such as Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA), Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA), Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA), Driver Attention Warning (DAW), and Forward Attention Warning (FAW), Navigation-Based Smart Cruise Control (NSCC), and Highway Driving Assist.

Intelligent Car Equipped with Biometric Technology and the Latest Infotainment System

The GV70 creates an optimum driving environment by combining a state-of-the-art infotainment system with the latest connected-car technologies.

The GV70 also maximizes user convenience by strengthening the display features of AR Navigation.

The improved AR Navigation can provide directions that indicate the exact direction based on the destination and its location at that very moment.


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December 18, 2020

University Grants Commission (UGC) India notifies all Vice-Chancellors on Compliance of its Directions regarding Refund of Fee.

UGC India


New Delhi, December 18, 2020 — UGC has sent a letter to all vice-chancellors drawing their attention to its “Guidelines on Academic Calendar for the First Year of Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate Students of the Universities for the Session 2020-21 in view of COVID-19 Pandemic.” The guidelines provide that —


UGC India


New Delhi, December 15, 2020 — University Grants Commission (UGC) India announced through a Public Notice that it has decided to keep open the Application Submission Portal for Higher Educational Institutions entitled to offer Online Programmes without prior UGC approval up to December 31, 2020. The decision is per the University Grants Commission (Open and Distance Learning Programmes and Online Programmes) Regulations, 2020.

“ Accordingly, the duly certified hard copy of the application and affidavit in the prescribed format along with annexures shall reach the office of the Joint Secretary (DEB), Distance Education Bureau, University Grants Commission, 35, Feroze Shah Road, Delhi -110001, within ten working days after submission of the online application,” the announcement stated.

UGC has also asked the HEI’s to regularly visit the Submission Portal for the latest updates and further announcements in this regard.


Source: University Grants Commission, India

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December 17, 2020

UK and India to accelerate Collaboration on Vaccines.

UK, India


Photo: UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab meets India’s Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar. Image provided by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, London.

London/New Delhi, December 16, 2020 — Experts from India and the UK will join forces through a new virtual hub to deliver vaccines for coronavirus and other deadly viruses, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announced in India Wednesday, December 16.

The UK Foreign Secretary met Prime Minister Modi to discuss the UK and India working together as a force for good and launching the pioneering new vaccines hub, which will share best practice for regulation and clinical trials, and foster innovation. He also visited a Delhi health clinic that will administer Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines.

India’s Serum Institute is poised to make over a billion doses of the coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca. Unlike other vaccines, it can be stored at average fridge temperatures, making it easier and cheaper to produce and keep - and distribute worldwide.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said:

“This Serum Institute and Oxford University partnership demonstrates the UK-India relationship at its best: a vaccine developed in the UK and made in India, drawing our brightest minds together to save lives as a global force for good.

“A global pandemic requires a global solution. Scientific cooperation has made breakthroughs on coronavirus vaccines at a record-breaking pace, and the UK-India Vaccine Hub will now build on these innovations, to bring this crisis to an end and protect us all against future pandemics.”

Millions of the doses made by the Serum Institute will be distributed to the world’s poorest people via the global COVAX initiative, in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Gavi, the vaccine alliance.

The UK has championed equitable access to any coronavirus vaccine for those who need it. It has committed up to £619 million to COVAX to secure both the UK’s access to coronavirus vaccines and distribute COVID-19 vaccines worldwide.

The new hub will enable British and Indian experts to share knowledge on clinical trials and regulatory approvals and get vaccines to people who need them most in a safe, secure, and energy-efficient way.

It will protect the UK and India by enhancing cooperation on the development and distribution of coronavirus vaccines, better aligning the international regulation of vaccines, and fostering partnerships to develop innovation ‘moonshots’ that can define vaccine delivery over the next decade and beyond.

During his meeting with Prime Minister Modi, the Foreign Secretary signaled his ambition for a closer UK-India relationship.

The Foreign Secretary also met Minister for Education Ramesh Pokhriyal.

Source: Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, London.

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December 15, 2020


An assertive style with the Tissot Supersport.




The new Tissot chronographs coordinate with a casual style or a dressier one, classic or sporty. Several versions are available to bring out the unique look of each individual.

Demonstrating forthright elegance, each of these imposing masculine timepieces nestles perfectly against the wrist. The watch has a 45.5 mm steel case available in several colors, from black to gold. It will not go unnoticed, Tissot said.

Featuring a fixed bezel with a tachymetric scale, the Tissot SuperSport has a great deal of character. The indexes and hands are coated with Super-LumiNova® for easy visibility of the time, making this the ideal accessory of men with assertive style, the company added.

The strap is available in various materials, from steel to vintage leather, to adapt to every look. The result is a watch with a very distinctive allure, perfectly suited to the style and whims of the man who wears it.

Source: TISSOT

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December 14, 2020

UNESCO and Education International call on Governments to consider Teachers and School Personnel as a Priority Group in COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts


Photo: UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay speaking at the 15th session of the Intergovernmental Committee of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. December 14, 2020. Image provided by & copyright © UNESCO / Christelle ALIX.

Paris, December 14, 2020 — As countries begin to administer COVID-19 vaccines, UNESCO and Education International, the global federation of education unions, call on governments and the international community to consider teachers and school personnel priority group in vaccination efforts.

“Reopening schools and education institutions safely and keeping them open as long as possible is an imperative,” said UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay and Education International’s General Secretary David Edwards in the joint video message.” In this context, as we see positive developments regarding vaccination, we believe that the governments must consider teachers and education support personnel as a priority group.”

Educational disruptions impacted over 100 million teachers and school personnel due to the COVID-19 crisis around the world. UNESCO’s latest data indicates that schools remain fully closed in 27 countries affecting over 300 million learners. Closures harm students’ learning, safety, and well-being, affecting the most vulnerable students the hardest. It also brings adverse social and economic consequences to societies.

The message, released on the 60th anniversary of the Convention that promotes the right to education, praises teachers for their dedication throughout school closures. “When schools and education institutions closed, teachers and support personnel remained on the frontline. They reinvented the way we teach, the way we learn. They supported their students - too often with no training or adequate tools.”

In the Global Education Meeting convened by UNESCO in October 2020, heads of state and ministers committed to supporting all teachers and education personnel as frontline workers and prioritizing students and educators’ health and safety.

Source: UNESCO


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December 11, 2020

TIME Names the 2020 Person of the Year: Joe Biden & Kamala Harris


NEW YORK, December 11, 2020 — Today, TIME names Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, President-elect, and Vice President-elect of the United States, as the 2020 Person of the Year.

TIME Editor-in-Chief and CEO Edward Felsenthal write, “For changing the American story, for showing that the forces of empathy are greater than the furies of division, for sharing a vision of healing in a grieving world, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are TIME’s 2020 Person of the Year.”

Felsenthal continues, “Joe Biden was elected President of the United States amid an existential debate over what reality we inhabit. Perhaps the only thing Americans agree on right now is that the country’s future is at stake, even as they fiercely disagree about why…. The task before the new Administration is immense: a pandemic to confront, an economy to fix, a climate crisis to tackle, alliances to rebuild, deep skepticism to overcome with many Americans dubious about unity with Trump voters, and an opposition party still very much under Trump’s sway…. This will be the test of the next four years: Americans who haven’t been this divided in more than a century elected two leaders who have bet their success on finding common ground.”

Kamala Harris is the first Vice President to be included in the choice for Person of the Year. Felsenthal writes: “TIME from its beginnings has had a special connection to the presidency, as a reflection of America and its role in the world. Every elected President since FDR has at some point during his term been a Person of the Year, nearly a dozen of those in a presidential election year. This is the first time we have included a Vice President. In a year that saw an epic struggle for racial justice, and one of the most consequential elections in history, the Biden-Harris partnership sends a powerful message.”

In his letter to readers, Felsenthal writes, “The selection of Person of the Year is rarely easy, and this year was far more difficult than most… In Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we have two individuals whose election mirrored and moved the major stories of this year and whose fates will shape the nation’s role in the world and the future of the American experiment.”

In the cover story, TIME’s Charlotte Alter writes, “Biden had the vision, set the tone and topped the ticket. But he also recognized what he could not offer, what a 78-year-old white man could never provide: a bridge to the future. For that, he needed Kamala Harris: California Senator, former district attorney, and state attorney general, a biracial child of immigrants whose charisma and tough questioning of Trump Administration officials electrified millions of Democrats. The Vice President has never before been a woman, or Black, or Asian American.… Together, they offered restoration and renewal in a single ticket. And America bought what they were selling: after the highest turnout in a century, they racked up 81 million votes and counting, the most in presidential history, topping Trump by some 7 million votes and flipping five battleground states.”

On Biden and Harris’ challenge, Alter continues, “Defeating the Minotaur was one thing; finding the way out of the labyrinth is another. A dark winter has descended, and there will be no rest for the victors…. Given the scale and array of America’s problems, the question may not be whether this team can solve them, but whether anyone could.…. Their challenge is, above all, not about any one policy, proposal, or piece of legislation. It is convincing America that a future exists, for all of us, together. It is nothing less than reconciling America with itself.”

TIME also named the 2020 Athlete, Businessperson, Entertainer, and Guardians of the Year:





The December 21, 2020, Person of the Year issue of TIME goes on sale on Wednesday, December 16.

TIME is a global media brand that reaches a combined audience of more than 100 million worldwide, including over 40 million digital visitors each month and 45 million social followers.

Source: TIME

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Global Citizen Prize Awards 2020

Global Citizen Prize

Global Citizen Prize

Global Citizen Prize

Photo: Guests pose in the audience during the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100 at FNB Stadium on December 2, 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Image copyright © 2018 Getty Images. Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images for Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100. Image provided by Global Citizen.

Global Citizen Prize

Photo: Jennifer Hudson performs during the Global Goal: Unite For Our Future - Summit & Concert on June 27, 2020. Photo by Getty Images for Global Citizen. Image provided by & copyright © 2020 Global Citizen.

New York, NY, December 10, 2020 — International advocacy organization Global Citizen today announced Alessia Cara, Carrie Underwood, Common, Gwen Stefani, John Legend, JoJo, and Tori Kelly would perform at the Global Citizen Prize award special on December 19, 2020. There would be appearances by John Oliver, Nick Jonas, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas. John Legend will also serve as host of the broadcast event, which will celebrate and honor leaders who shape the world we want and do pivotal work to help end extreme poverty.

The Global Citizen Prize honors those making extraordinary efforts to lift the world’s most vulnerable and make the world a better place, and who inspire others to stand up and take action. The broadcast special will premiere on Saturday, December 19, 2020, at 8:00 P.M. ET on NBC in the United States and CTV in Canada. The Global Citizen Prize will also air on MSNBC on Saturday, December 19, 2020, at 10:00 P.M. ET, with a second airing on New Year’s Eve at midnight. Albavision in Central and Latin America, Digicel in The Caribbean, South Pacific and Central America, Insight TV in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Mediacorp in Singapore, SABC in South Africa, and SKY Media in the United Kingdom would also air the award. TRACE Anglophone West Africa in Nigeria, Ghana and East Africa, MTV International on select channels in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Vodafone in Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Asia would also broadcast the awards. The Global Citizen Prize show will also be available digitally on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube following its airing on NBC.

The Countdown to the Prize digital pre-show, hosted by Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans, will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with the artists, special packages on the Prize winners, and a virtual red carpet, streaming at 7:30 P.M. ET on Facebook and Twitter.

Partners of the Global Citizen Prize include Cisco, P&G, and Citi. Global Citizen would present this year’s Global Citizen Prize across six categories:

  1. Global Citizen of the Year
  2. Global Citizen Prize for World Leader
  3. Global Citizen Prize for Business Leader
  4. Global Citizen Artist of the Year
  5. Cisco Youth Leadership Award and the
  6. Global Citizen Country Hero Award.


Also, the Global Citizen Prize is introducing three other awards to recognize individuals or organizations who have demonstrated extraordinary impact over the preceding year, creating positive change and inspiring others through compassion, innovation, and unwavering dedication in their respective fields.

They include:

Since the first Global Citizen Festival in New York in 2012, Global Citizen has grown into one of the largest, most visible platforms for people worldwide. It calls on world leaders to honor their responsibilities in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and ending extreme poverty by 2030. Global Citizens have mobilized $48.5 billion in commitments and policy announcements from leaders, and it has impacted the lives of 880 million people living in extreme poverty.

Source: Global Citizen

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December 10, 2020

"Agile Nations" Sign First Agreement to Unlock Potential of Emerging Tech

World Economic Forum

Photo: Olivia Chang, Anchor, CNNMoney Switzerland, Switzerland, speaking in Investing in the Next Digital Frontier session at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, 24 January. Image provided by & copyright © World Economic Forum / Valeriano Di Domenico.

World Economic Forum

Photo: Sigrid Kaag, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands in the “The Return of Arab Unrest” session at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, 23 January. Image provided by & copyright © World Economic Forum/Faruk Pinjo.

World Economic Forum

Photo: Participants speaking in the Ending Modern Slavery session at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020, Open Forum, in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, 23 January. Image provided by & copyright © World Economic Forum/ Patrick Somelet.

Geneva, Switzerland, 9 December 2020 - The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought economic and social disruption worldwide. As people and businesses focus on recovery, governments must ensure that outdated regulations do not hold back innovation that will power economic growth and solve the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.

World Economic Forum and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) organized a panel for Agile Nations. The ministers from Canada, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom announced their plan to lead the world in fostering responsible innovation and entrepreneurship. The Agile Nations Charter sets out each country’s commitment to creating a regulatory environment in which new ideas can thrive.

In a world-first, the agreement paves the way for the nations to cooperate in helping innovators navigate each country’s rules, test new ideas with regulators, and scale them across the seven markets. Priority areas for cooperation include the green economy, mobility, data, financial and professional services, and medical diagnosis and treatment.

The collaboration results from the World Economic Forum’s project on Agile Regulation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“Too often, rules and laws are designed with the past in mind,” said Murat Sönmez, Managing Director, World Economic Forum. “Our Centres for the Fourth Industrial Revolution help governments, businesses, and citizens co-design for the future - enabling the innovation that will be needed to create jobs, maintain competitiveness, and ensure resilience to shocks. We’re excited to work with the new Agile Nations network.”

“Against a backdrop of a once-in-a-century global health and economic crisis, governments need to undertake a paradigm shift in their rulemaking activities,” said Jeffrey Schlagenhauf, Deputy Secretary-General, OECD. “To help governments navigate the challenges and develop more agile approaches to the regulatory governance of innovation, the OECD is developing principles on effective and innovation-friendly rulemaking in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Agile Nations network is an extremely timely initiative to truly foster international regulatory cooperation for better, innovation-friendly, and up-to-date regulations worldwide.”

“The UK has a proud history of entrepreneurship and discovery, but it is only by working together internationally that we can truly unleash the incredible potential of new technology,” said Martin Callanan, Business Minister, United Kingdom. “The Agile Nations will boost collaboration to remove regulatory barriers, ensuring innovators and entrepreneurs can market and scale their innovations across all seven nations involved, and I urge other countries to join this important initiative.”

“Canada’s endorsement of the Agile Nations agreement demonstrates our commitment to creating a regulatory environment where innovation can flourish. And our respective businesses can be more efficient and competitive globally,” said Jean-Yves Duclos, President of the Treasury Board of Canada. “Canada is ready to play its part in sharing ideas and best practices on agile regulation.”

“As an international company, Siemens has always supported cross-border collaboration,” said Torsten Ende, Head of Government Affairs, Siemens. “Cross-border collaboration of regulators is the best way to avoid unnecessary divergence that could hamper innovation and to ensure future-oriented cooperation and technology with purpose. The proposed Agile Nations network, which fosters cooperation on rulemaking, is a great step in the right direction.”

“Regulatory agility, strong business-government partnerships, and constructive international regulatory cooperation are key in enabling innovation and helping businesses to emerge stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Low Yen Ling, Minister of Trade and Industry, Singapore. “Singapore looks forward to working closely with the Agile Nations network to strengthen collaboration in agile regulation to enable businesses and emerging innovations to rapidly scale up, offer new solutions, and drive greater growth.”

“We fully support this Agile Nations network as an initiative to promote international cooperation regarding the concept of ‘governance innovation’ agreed at the 2019 G20 Ministerial Meeting held in Japan. We are happy to share our experiences and knowledge about innovative governance, including projects of the Digital Architecture Design Centre established this year,” said Kouichi Munekiyo, Parliamentary Vice-Minister, Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan.

“IBM is pleased to support the Agile Nations initiative,” said Christopher Padilla, Vice-President, Government, and Regulatory Affairs, IBM. “Even as breakthroughs in technology are creating immense opportunities and improving economic and social well-being, these innovations are challenging traditional models of regulation. Promoting agile governance is a key mechanism for ensuring we reap technology’s benefits while mitigating risks. The Agile Nations Charter is an important step in fostering the international cooperation necessary to deliver on the promises of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

“Sperimentazione Italia (Italy Experimentation) allows companies, universities, and research institutions to experiment with frontier innovations, so that disruptive innovations’ opportunities are not missed. The time is ready to extend and apply the testing of ‘agile regulation’ within the international cooperation among countries,” said Paola Pisano, Minister of Technological Innovation, Italy.

“The UAE government is proud to endorse the Agile Nations network. It would help adopt agile governance and innovation to build strong, capable, and resilient governments. It would enable them to tackle future challenges with proactive solutions,” said Ohood Bint Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Government Development the Future, United Arab Emirates.

“New technologies can accelerate the transition to a more green and sustainable society,” said Katrine Winding, Director-General, Danish Business Authority. “However, regulatory and other barriers currently prevent start-ups and innovative SMEs in particular from bringing their ideas to market. Through innovation-friendly regulation, we will support the testing and developing of new solutions, ensuring equal competition, and protecting our citizens and the environment. It is no simple task. Denmark looks forward to addressing key challenges through the Agile Nations network.”

Source: World Economic Forum

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Goodyear Innovation Challenge Inspires Students To Build Future Mobility.




Photo: Goodyear expands Mobile Tire Installation Service to make Tire Buying easier in Greater Atlanta area. This zero-contact service lets drivers have tires installed on their time and their turf. Image provided by & copyright © Goodyear.

Goodyear Blimp


Photo: The Goodyear Blimp returns to Europe. Image provided by & copyright © Goodyear.

AKRON, Ohio, December 8, 2020 — A collaboration between The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company’s Akron Innovation Lab and Case Western Reserve University offers college and graduate students an opportunity to design the future via a virtual competition focused on the mobility ecosystem.

Goodyear is sponsoring the competition for the fifth straight year as part of its continuing drive to deliver future mobility solutions.

“The Goodyear Innovation Challenge allows students to show their talent and ideas, and we are consistently amazed at the passion and innovation they show,” said John Brainerd, Goodyear manager, Innovation Lab.

While Goodyear held the event at the university’s world-class maker-space in past years, this year, it would be hosting this event virtually due to the ongoing pandemic.

Students are invited to submit their proposals in response to a brief displayed at Case Western Reserve University until February 1, 2021. A review panel will select five teams to participate in the event, which begins February 22, culminating in virtual pitches to Goodyear leaders and an awards program on March 3.

Student participants get a chance to practice their innovation skills in a real-world context and receive valuable mentoring and interaction with Goodyear innovation leaders, along with the opportunity to win cash prizes up to $5000. In conjunction with the program, Goodyear will interview participating students for a possible internship position next summer.

Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tire companies. It employs about 62,000 people and manufactures its products in 46 facilities in 21 countries around the world. Its two Innovation Centers in Akron, Ohio, and Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg, strive to develop state-of-the-art products and services that set the industry’s technology and performance standard.

Source: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

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December 9, 2020

Volkswagen presents 2022 Taos compact SUV

Volkswagen Taos

Volkswagen Taos

Volkswagen Taos

Volkswagen Taos

Photos: Volkswagen Taos 2022. Images provided by & copyright © Volkswagen of America, Inc.

Herndon, VA. December 09, 2020 — Volkswagen of America, Inc. recently unveiled the all-new 2022 Taos. The Volkswagen Taos will slot under the Tiguan and is the second proof point of Volkswagen’s doubling-up SUV strategy following the launch of Atlas Cross Sport earlier this year. The vehicle comes in the largest U.S. vehicle segment, the compact SUV market, where 4 million cars were sold in 2019—around 24 percent of the market. According to VW, the Taos is small in stature, but big on value, with bold design, smart packaging, and high-end features.

“Taos is our fifth new addition to the Volkswagen SUV family in just four years, and we’re thrilled to keep finding new ways to meet the needs of American families,” said Scott Keogh, CEO, Volkswagen Group of America. “Taos will bookend our compact SUV offering, giving buyers all the style, technology, and drivability that Volkswagen is known for at an even more affordable price.”

The Volkswagen SUV design DNA is apparent in the exterior of the Taos. It bears a bold front end with a sculpted hood and LED light signature reminiscent of the VW Atlas Cross Sport. Top trims feature LED headlights with the Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) and an illuminated light line stretching outward from the logo, as on the recently unveiled ID.4 electric SUV. The distinctive side profile harkens to the ‘VW Tiguan’ with a strong character line, while the more squared-off wheel arches give ‘VW Atlas’ a nod. Eight colors meet four-wheel designs—17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels are standard, with two 18-inch wheels (machined or black finish) and 19-inch wheels available—and a panoramic sunroof is optional, VW said.

Dimensionally, Taos sits at the middle of the entry compact SUV space, in contrast to the Tiguan, which sits at the top of the compact SUV space. Nose to tail, Taos is 175.8 inches long—9.3 inches shy of Tiguan—with a wheelbase of 105.9 inches; it is 72.5 inches wide and 64.4 inches tall. Passenger space is a roomy 99.5 cubic feet—just 1.6 cu ft less than the two-row Tiguan—with 28.1 cu ft of luggage space behind the second-row seats and 66.3 cu ft with the second row folded down. In addition to offering generous cargo space, the Taos provides a comfortable ride for all passengers, with 40.1 inches of legroom in the front and 37.9 in the rear, the company explained.

Inside, the Taos features a modern design and premium fit and finish. The cockpit comprises clean lines with a horizontal focus; the dash décor divides the central touchscreen from climate controls and flows seamlessly into the door inserts, adding visual interest.

Taos offers the latest in Volkswagen connectivity and infotainment technology. The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit configurable instrument cluster comes standard, as does Volkswagen Car-Net with in-car WiFi capability when you subscribe to a data plan.

According to VW, the IQ.DRIVE® suite of driver assistance technology is available on every Taos model. It features Forward Collision Warning with Autonomous Braking (Front Assist), Active Blind Spot Monitor, Lane Keeping System (Lane Assist), Adaptive Cruise Control with a Stop-and-Go feature, Travel Assist, and Emergency Assist. High Beam Control (Light Assist), the Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS), and Park Distance Control are also available.

The engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission in the front-wheel-drive model, while models with 4Motion® all-wheel drive get a seven-speed DSG® dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Taos will be produced in the North American Region at Volkswagen’s Puebla, Mexico factory, the company stated.

Founded in 1955, Volkswagen of America, Inc. is an operating unit of Volkswagen Group of America and is a Volkswagen AG subsidiary, with headquarters in Herndon, Virginia. Volkswagen’s operations in the United States include research and development, parts and vehicle processing, parts distribution centers, sales, marketing and service offices, financial service centers, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Volkswagen Group is one of the world’s largest passenger cars producer and Europe’s largest automaker. Volkswagen sells the Arteon, Atlas, Atlas Cross Sport, Golf, Golf GTI, Jetta, Jetta GLI, Passat, and Tiguan vehicles through more than 600 independent U.S. dealers.

Source: Volkswagen of America


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Reebok and Rich Froning Jr. pay tribute to Mayhem Nation in the upcoming Nano X Froning limited release.





BOSTON, Mass. - December 9, 2020 - Building off its sold-out debut from earlier this summer, Reebok and Rich Froning Jr. have teamed up again for a new Nano X Froning limited release.

Celebrating over ten years of partnership, the Reebok Nano X Froning represents the latest collaboration between the fitness giant and 4 x Fittest Man on Earth.

Rich Froning Jr. is an American professional CrossFit athlete known for participating in the CrossFit Games. He became the first person to win the title of “Fittest Man on Earth” four times with his first-place finish in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 CrossFit Games.

The debut collection featured the elite athlete’s favorite colorway, a crisp black/white upper, and sole gum combination. The latest collection takes on special meaning by paying tribute to Froning’s Mayhem Nation family, featuring its signature red, white, and blue color scheme.

“It was incredible to see the community’s reaction and support around our first Nano X Froning release earlier this year,” said Froning. “I’m very excited to be able to deliver another shoe that is not only one that I love to train in but more importantly celebrates a community that I am so proud to be a part of.”

Designed by building off of Reebok’s award-winning Nano X silhouette, key additional features on the Reebok Froning Nano X include:

The unisex style will be available just in time for the holidays, December 15.

Source: Reebok

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