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October 3, 2021

Pepsico Positive takes Center Stage at Expo 2020 Dubai Opening Day

PepsiCo Celebrates the Opening Ceremony and Official Inauguration of the PepsiCo Pavilions — Bringing Innovation, Sustainable Fun to the First World Expo Ever Hosted in the Middle East.

Pepsi, Dubai

Pepsi, Dubai

Pepsi, Dubai

Pepsi, Dubai

Photos: Pepsi Go, the brand’s first AI-powered store, offers Expo 2020 Dubai visitors a seamless, contactless check-out experience. Images provided by Pepsico.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Oct. 2, 2021 — As the Official Beverage and Snack Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, PepsiCo celebrated the opening of the global event by inaugurating its three pavilions: The Plus (Pepsi and Lay’s), The Bolt (Gatorade) and The Drop (Aquafina). The latest innovations from PepsiCo, such as the Aquafina Water Station and Pepsi Go, are also open to Expo 2020 Dubai visitors to experience new snack and drink options.

PepsiCo will offer the first pep+ (PepsiCo Positive) look in action to visitors of Expo 2020 Dubai through the various experiences included in each pavilion. The company recently announced pep+, its end-to-end strategic transformation, putting sustainability at the center of creating shared value and growth. PepsiCo provides Expo 2020 Dubai visitors with positive food and drinks choices from Aquafina and Sunbites and positive experiences of its transformation.

For more than 170 years, World Expos have brought people together and provided a platform to showcase the innovations and technologies that shape the world’s shared future. PepsiCo said it is proud to be part of the first World Expo ever hosted in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia region.

Ramon Laguarta, PepsiCo’s chairman and CEO, led the PepsiCo delegation throughout the Expo 2020 Dubai Opening Ceremony, officially inaugurating the PepsiCo Pavilions. The ribbon-cutting moment marked the official start of the PepsiCo experience at Expo 2020 Dubai, which will see the global brand bring its unique sense of fun to the event while also leading conversations that will address some of the world’s most significant issues.

“It is an honor to be in Dubai to celebrate the Opening Ceremony of Expo 2020 and PepsiCo’s role as Expo’s Official Beverage and Snack Partner. Expo 2020 Dubai will be a hub for innovation, creativity, and cross-industry collaboration. Our amazing PepsiCo pavilions - The Plus, The Bolt, and The Drop - will demonstrate how we are leveraging these capabilities to support our pep+ vision of driving positive outcomes for people, the planet, and our business. With millions of visitors coming together from nearly 200 countries across the world, Expo gives us hope that together we can meet our shared challenges and build a more sustainable future for us all,” said Ramon Laguarta, PepsiCo Chairman and CEO.

Experience PepsiCo’s Pavilions

Visitors can immerse themselves in the fun and inspiring world of PepsiCo at The Plus, The Bolt, and The Drop pavilions while also learning about the positive changes PepsiCo is making to create more sustainable products, packaging, and supply chain for consumers around the world.

Expo 2020 Dubai

From Oct. 1, 2021, to Mar. 31, 2022, Expo 2020 Dubai will welcome visitors from every corner of the globe to join the making of a new world, as it brings together the planet in one place to reimagine tomorrow.

Expo 2020 will be the world’s most impactful global incubator for new ideas, catalyzing an exchange of new perspectives and inspiring action to deliver real-life solutions to real-world challenges.

Source: PepsiCo, Inc.

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