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August 1, 2022

Mahindra Scorpio-N sets a new record - Clocks over 25,000 bookings within 1 minute; Over 1,00,000 bookings in under 30 minutes.

Mahindra Scorpio

MUMBAI, India, August 1, 2022 — Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. announced that it had recorded 1,00,000 bookings for the All-New Scorpio-N within 30 minutes of the booking commencement at 11:00 am today. That translates into an ex-showroom value of - ₹18,000 crores / - USD 2.3 billion. Customers’ enthusiasm for the All-New Scorpio-N has been extraordinary - the Scorpio-N recorded 25,000 bookings within one minute of booking commencement, the company added.

The deliveries of the All-New Scorpio-N will begin September 26, 2022, onwards. Over 20,000 units of the All-New Scorpio-N are planned for delivery by December 2022, wherein the Z8L variant will be prioritized. Mahindra said it would inform the customers about their delivery date by August 2022.

The booking website handled the massive rush of orders well, but there was a brief glitch with the payment gateway provider. Mahindra said that it would like to assure the customers that their time stamp before payment is duly recorded on the booking platform so that each customer will have their rightful place in the order sequence. Accordingly, the first 25,000 will get considered for introductory prices based on this sequence.

The introductory prices of the All-New Scorpio-N variants are applicable for the first 25,000 bookings. After that, the costs for the subsequent bookings will be as per the prices prevalent at the delivery time. The company explained that bookings for the All-New Scorpio-N will continue to be accepted online and at dealerships.

The All-New Scorpio-N has been designed, engineered, and built to disrupt the SUV segment and redefine the existing product category hierarchies across multiple SUV segments creating resonance with the urban customers looking forward to owning an authentic SUV.

“Thrilling performance, unmissable presence, premium crafted interiors, sophisticated ride, and handling, ‘Go Anywhere’ capability, bristling with tech, having a clean conscience, and an immersive and enjoyable experience via AdrenoX makes the Scorpio-N a stand-out SUV,” Mahindra said. Scorpio-N is available in variants including diesel and petrol, manual and automatic transmissions, and 6-seater or 7-seater capacity. It is also available with 4XPLOR first-in-class intelligent terrain management technology to transform it into an all-conquering, capable 4WD beast.

Source: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

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