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January 1, 2023

Times Square New Year’s Eve Wishing Wall welcomed the Public to Write their Wish for 2023 on Official Event Confetti.

All Wishes Submitted, Virtually or In-Person, appeared on Actual Confetti, Released at Midnight in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

Times Square New Year’s Eve

Times Square New Year’s Eve

Times Square New Year’s Eve

Photos: Times Square New Year’s Eve December 2022. Times Square Ball, Wishing Wall, and Confetti. Images provided by & Copyright © Times Square Alliance.

Times Square, New York City, January 01, 2023 - The Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment, co-organizers of Times Square New Year’s Eve, along with presenting sponsor Planet Fitness, unveiled the New Year’s Eve Wishing Wall a month ago. The Wishing Wall is the premier attraction to visit up to New Year’s Eve. It gives people from around the globe the opportunity to be a part of New Year’s Eve in Times Square by writing their wishes for the upcoming year on pieces of confetti released at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

“The New Year offers people a unique chance to reflect and simultaneously look forward by defining their goals and dreams for a better future,” said Tom Harris, President of the Times Square Alliance. “Revelers celebrating in Times Square and everyone watching on TV will kick off the new year with hope and joy as they watch confetti fall from the sky, filled with people’s wishes and aspirations for a new year.”

“When the Ball dropped, and the clock struck midnight in 2022, we all watched with amazement as a blizzard of confetti blankets the sky filled with the hopes and dreams of people from around the world,” said Jeffrey Straus, President of Countdown Entertainment. “Submitting a confetti wish allows everyone to be part of the magic that happens on New Year’s Eve in Times Square.”

For people visiting Times Square in person, the Wishing Wall was located on one of Times Square’s Broadway plazas between 43rd and 47th Streets every day until December 29. As in years past, one could also submit their wishes virtually.

Each wish collected before December 29 via the Wishing Wall in Times Square or submitted online before December 28 was printed on a piece of confetti and became part of the 3,000 pounds of confetti released at midnight in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

Source: Times Square Alliance

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