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April 6, 2023

Ferrari presents 812 Competizione, an Interpretation of the Ferrari Racing Soul.

Ferrari 812


Ferrari 812


Ferrari 812


Photos: Ferrari 812 Competizione. Images provided by & copyright © Ferrari.

Maranello, Italy — The 812 Competizione, the new limited-edition special series car derived from the 812 Superfast, is a limited series and an homage to the Prancing Horse’s glorious open-top tradition.

The first presentation took place in an exceptional venue, the recently-opened GT Sporting Activities Department located alongside the Fiorano track, further strengthening the inextricable link between Maranello’s road-going sports cars and the peerless racing DNA developed as a result of over seven decades of success on the world’s circuits.

The launch began with the 812 Competizione completing several laps of the circuit to give viewers a full appreciation of the car’s forms in this dynamic and high-performance context and, of course, to hear the unmistakable sound of Ferrari’s iconic naturally-aspirated V12 engine. After the hot laps, Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer, officially presented the car.

This car is dedicated to a very exclusive group of collectors and enthusiasts of the noblest of Ferrari traditions, which focuses on uncompromising maximum performance. The innovative technological concepts applied to the engine, vehicle dynamics, and aerodynamics have raised the bar to new heights.

Once behind the wheel of the 812 Competizione, the driver becomes one with the car, regardless of whether it is on the road or track. The vehicle guarantees instantaneous responsiveness to commands and absolute control even in the most complex maneuvers. Maximum fun behind the wheel and driving exhilaration are ensured at all speeds, thanks significantly to the new independent, four-wheel steering, which delivers exceptional agility and precision in cornering.

The 812 Competizione’s personality sets it very clearly apart from the 812 Superfast in its proportions and proper balance. Furthermore, the engineering modifications adopted allowed the Ferrari Styling Centre to give the car a new connotation by choosing styling themes that further enhance its architectural design, sculptural forms, and sporty vocation.

Source: Ferrari


Ferrari 812 Competizione. Loud V12 Engine Sound.

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April 4, 2023

Jewelry Designer Gabriel & Co. and India born Fashion Designer Naeem Khan make a lively presentation together.

Gabriel Naeem Fashion

Gabriel Naeem Fashion

Gabriel Naeem Fashion

Gabriel Naeem Fashion

Gabriel Naeem Fashion

Photos: Gabriel & Co. featuring Naeem Khan. Models wearing Naeem Khan-designed outfits and Gabriel & Co. Jewelry. Images provided by & Copyright © Gabriel & Co.

NEW YORK, April 04, 2023 — Gabriel & Co., a bridal and fashion jewelry leader, shared their exclusive “Designer Spotlight Series” interview with luxury fashion designer Naeem Khan.

Khan, who shares Gabriel & Co.’s optimistic outlook and enthusiasm for the future of fashion, has loyal clients eager to wear Khan’s incomparably crafted dresses and gowns. Gabriel & Co. had an exclusive interview and “Designer Spotlight” photo shoot with Khan.

According to Gabriel & Co., Khan considers his collections celebratory. He crafts his sophisticated garments from personally designed lush fabrics created at his family’s factories in India, incorporating intricate beading and embroidery. As a result, Khan offers a runway full of compelling reasons for following his mantra of “living large.”

“Naeem’s clothes are such a uniquely irresistible confluence of drama and detail that it’s a joy for us to accessorize his collection,” said Hal Rubenstein, Gabriel’s Global Style Director. “Both houses enjoy making a grand sweep, but when you come in close, the intricacy of what he does, combined with what we do, creates an intoxicating harmony. And we couldn’t be more flattered the way Khan admires how we’ve complimented his beautiful work with Gabriel Fine Jewelry.”

Gabriel & Co.’s new bounty of gold links, lockets, cascades of diamonds, sapphire drops, and an array of Bujukan bracelets perfectly complement Khan’s sensually elegant clothes. “If my clothes are a delicious cake,” says Khan, “then jewelry is the frosting, and who doesn’t love frosting on a cake? So when designing, I always think about what jewelry will finish the look. After that, you can’t go out without it.”

Gabriel & Co. is a New York City-based jewelry design house founded in 1989 by brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel. Family-owned and operated, the company began in New York City and has since evolved into one of the most prolific fine jewelry brands in the U.S., with its products sold at more than 1,200 retail stores.

Source: Gabriel & Co.


Gabriel & Co. featuring Naeem Khan.
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April 2, 2023

American Association of University Administrators announces its 2023 Annual Awards Recipients.


Philadelphia, Pa, March 31, 2023 — Following are the recipients of the American Association of University Administrators 2023 Annual Awards:

Blackburn Exemplary Higher Education Model Award
IDEATE Fellowships, Adelphi University

Exemplary Models Awards
(1) Colin Powell Public Service Career Hub, City College of New York
(2) DEI@Work Program, Endicott College

Khaladjan International Award
American Passport Project, Institute for International Education, Allan Goodman, Director.

Tosney Award for Career Service in Higher Education Leadership
Jolene Koester, California State University System

Trachtenberg Award for Thought Leadership in Higher Education
Terry Hartle, American Council on Education

McInness/Ryan Award for Mid-Career Leadership
Sydney Freeman, Jr., University of Idaho

MacVittie Emerging Leader Award
Carolina Gonzalez, Montclair State University

Cavanaugh Award for Leadership in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Jodi-Ann Nunes Francis, City College of New York

King Award for Outstanding College/University Trustee Leadership
Arthur Halsey Rice, Quinnipiac University

Jerome Neuner Award for Excellence in Scholarly-Professional Publication
(1) Nwanda Achebe, Carole Gibbs, Brian Johnson, Daniel Valez Ortiz & Chioma Nwaiche. Creating sustainable university structures for offices of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
(2) Rene P. Beeton, Leslie D. Cramblet Alvarez, Lee Ann “Beez” Schell & Carol D. Guerrero Murphy. CTLs as university change levers.

Allan Watson Award for Excellence in Scholarly-Professional Presentation
Carlos Morales & Shelley Pearson. Implementation Strategies for a sudden surge in enrollments and long-term impacts

Gatzke Dissertation Award
Karen A. Williams, Higher Ed CDOs in Times of Emerging Crises: A Study of Integration, Experience, and Impact (Fielding Graduate University; Placida V. Gallegos, advisor).

Goodman-Malamuth Dissertation Award
Margaret M. Holland, Women Leading Higher Education: Disrupting Patriarchal Mediation in Higher Education Spaces (George Washington University; Sharon Dannels, advisor).

Source: AAUA


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Artificial Intelligence: UNESCO calls on all Governments to implement Global Ethical Framework without delay


Photo: UNESCO Headquarters Paris. A lecture on “Science at the service of humanity.” December 7, 2022. Image provided by & Copyright © UNESCO/Christelle ALIX. (File Photo)

Paris, France, March 31, 2023 — Following the calls by over 1000 tech workers this week for a pause in training in the most powerful AI systems, including Chat GPT, UNESCO has called on countries to fully implement its Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence immediately. This global normative framework, adopted unanimously by the 193 Member States of the Organization, provides all the necessary safeguards.

“The world needs stricter ethical rules for artificial intelligence: this is the challenge of our time. UNESCO’s Recommendation on the ethics of AI sets the appropriate normative framework. Our Member States all endorsed this Recommendation in November 2021. So it is high time to implement the strategies and regulations at the national level. We have to walk the talk and ensure we deliver on the Recommendation’s objectives,” UNESCO’s Director-General Audrey Azoulay said in a statement.

UNESCO’s Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence is the first global framework for the ethical use of artificial intelligence. It guides countries in maximizing the benefits of AI and reducing the risks it entails. To this end, it contains values and principles and detailed policy recommendations in all relevant areas.

UNESCO is concerned by many of the ethical issues raised by these innovations, in particular discrimination and stereotyping, including the issue of gender inequality, but also the fight against disinformation, the right to privacy, the protection of personal data, and human and environmental rights.

Industry self-regulation is insufficient to avoid these ethical harms. The Recommendation provides the tools to ensure that AI developments abide by the rule of law, avoiding damage and ensuring that when harm is done, accountability and redressal mechanisms are at hand for those affected.

UNESCO’s Recommendation places a Readiness Assessment tool at the core of its guidance to Member States. This tool enables countries to ascertain the competencies and skills required in the workforce to ensure robust regulation of the artificial intelligence sector. It also provides that the States regularly report on their progress and practices in artificial intelligence by submitting a periodic report every four years.

More than 40 countries in all regions of the world are already working with UNESCO to develop AI checks and balances at the national level, building on the Recommendation.

UNESCO has called on all countries to join the movement it is leading to build an ethical AI. UNESCO will present the Progress Report at the UNESCO Global Forum on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Slovenia in December 2023.

Source: UNESCO

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