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November 24, 2023

UNESCO adopts Landmark Guidance on Education's Cross-Cutting Role in Promoting Goodwill and Peace

Unesco Peace Education

Unesco Peace Education

Photo: UNESCO adopts landmark guidance on education’s cross-cutting role in promoting goodwill and peace at its General Conference on November 20, 2023. Image provided by & copyright © UNESCO/Sacha HERON.

Paris, France, November 24, 2023 — On November 20, 2023, all 194 UNESCO Member States adopted the Recommendation on Education for Peace, Human Rights, and Sustainable Development at UNESCO’s General Conference. The Recommendation is a global standard-setting instrument that outlines how education should bring about lasting peace and foster human development through 14 guiding principles. The newly adopted text updates the “1974” Recommendation that, almost 50 years ago, united Member States in positioning education as a critical driver of peace and international understanding.

The Recommendation is unique in bringing together all dimensions of education and linking different thematic areas, from digital technologies and climate change to gender issues and fundamental freedoms. It acknowledges that peace is built not only through international negotiations but also on school benches, school yards and sports fields, arts, and science education, and throughout life. Education in all its forms and dimensions, in and out of schools, shapes how we see the world and treat others, and it can and should be a pathway to constructing lasting peace.

The new text outlines what exactly needs to change in approaches to education and how. It defines 14 guiding principles that should shape the transformation of education systems in the decades to come. 194 UNESCO Member States unanimously agreed to the revised text and recommended it for adoption by the 42nd session of the UNESCO General Conference.

The Recommendation strongly emphasizes human rights and fundamental freedoms. It integrates issues central to achieving lasting peace in our era, such as sustainable development, climate change, respect for diversity, gender equality, and media and information literacy. It outlines concrete learning outcomes and priority action areas for holistically reshaping all aspects of education systems, from laws and policies to curricula development, teaching practices, learning environments, and assessment.

It can be used by all education stakeholders - from policy-makers and teachers to informal educators and tradition-bearers - as a baseline to transform their policies, practices, and approaches to build empathetic and inclusive learners. It brings education with the times, considering how the world has changed and will continue to evolve in the decades.

Source: UNESCO

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