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February 1, 2022

Flipboard Joins Forces With Communities for its Photography Destination: Zenfolio, History Club, PhotowalksTV



Photo: Flipboard kicks off a new partnership with Zenfolio, an online community of 500,000 professional photographers. Zenfolio brings its quality content for photographers to Flipboard while offering its members new ways to broaden the reach of their portfolios. It is the latest in a string of community-focused collaborations Flipboard is engaging in to bolster its destination for photography enthusiasts, including History Club and PhotowalksTV.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., January 31, 2022 — Today, Flipboard kicks off a new partnership with Zenfolio, an online community of 500,000 professional photographers that showcase their commercial work to sell their photos and services. Zenfolio brings its vast library of quality content for photographers to Flipboard while offering its members new ways to broaden the reach of their portfolios. It is the latest in a string of community-focused collaborations Flipboard is engaging in to bolster its destination for photography enthusiasts.

Flipboard also joined efforts with History Club, Jason Steinhauer’s famous club on Clubhouse, for a new cross-platform conversation series about history and photography. Clubhouse provides the audio experience, and Flipboard houses companion collections, curated by Steinhauer, that allow listeners to go deeper on each subject in their own time. The following conversation will take place on February 24 about civil rights photography, and the topic for March 24 is women’s suffrage photography.

Moreover, Flipboard is working with PhotowalksTV, a streaming travel photography series on YouTube hosted by former USA TODAY columnist Jefferson Graham. Besides sponsoring the third season of PhotowalksTV, Flipboard co-hosted an in-person photo walk for photo enthusiasts in San Francisco that got so many signups that Flipboard added a second session for the overflow. Participants shared their photos to a Group Magazine on Flipboard, creating a collection of images of each walk.

• Photography Community on Flipboard

Collaborations with community members are an essential part of the Photography destination on Flipboard, which 9.1 million people follow. For instance, Flipboard’s The Shot newsletter for photography enthusiasts has welcomed dozens of photographers and photography experts as guest curators, including Phil Penman, Tyler Stalman, and Marco Secchi. Anyone can sign up for this newsletter.

Furthermore, travel and portrait photographer Erin Douglas starts as Flipboard’s next Photographer in Residence tomorrow, contributing to curating industry news, gear reviews, tutorials, and photographs from creators worldwide. She’s following the footsteps of Ryan Mense and Anete Lusina, both PetaPixel writers who served as Flipboard’s first residents. Flipboard’s Residency Program is a paid, rotating position that brings experts in-house every three months to share their expertise with the community.

Flipboard is an award-winning curation platform where people stay informed and inspired. On Flipboard, quality articles, videos, podcasts, and products are curated every day for millions of people worldwide. It is a platform that lets people spend time on their interests, develop a more profound understanding of issues, and share the best ideas with others by collecting them into their own Flipboard Magazines and Storyboards.

Source: Flipboard

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January 27, 2022

Future of the University, as we know it, is Under Threat - EY Report.

- Advanced economies may have hit “peak higher education.”

- Disruption from temporary remote learning may be just the tip of the iceberg

- An agile approach to business reinvention is essential for universities to survive

EY, Universities

LONDON, Jan. 27, 2022 — A new EY report, “Are universities of the past still the future?” argues that universities in advanced economies face several existential issues in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report derives its conclusions from EY analysis about the future of the higher education sector and 29 interviews with university leaders from the US, UK, India, Singapore, and Australia. The report finds that universities quickly need to adapt to a new reality due to demographic shifts, geopolitical challenges, changing workplace demands, and high student expectations for a quality digital experience.

If they’re not willing to rethink their purpose and how they deliver value, some of the challenges thrown up by the COVID-19 pandemic could rapidly develop into existential threats. So it is time to start asking difficult questions, challenge the status quo, and look at the opportunities the pandemic has created to rethink how and where higher education is delivered - and to whom.”

The report, published on the International Day of Education, recommends that universities take a “future-back” approach, looking ahead to 2030 to understand how five bold scenarios could require a radical transformation of their operating models if they are to remain competitive:

Catherine Friday, EY Global Education Leader, says:

“The COVID-19 pandemic exposed how far universities have to go when it comes to finding their place in the future of education and laid bare their over-reliance on on-campus learning and international students in shrinking domestic undergraduate markets. There is no going back to the way things were, and technology will continue to change the game across the higher education sector. So on this International Day of Education, universities need to start thinking and planning how they’re going to address the need for reinvention and fit into the future’s post-secondary and lifelong learning landscape.”

Source: EY

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January 22, 2022

Armani Beauty announces Tessa Thompson as the Newest Beauty Face.

Armani Beauty

Photo: Tessa Thompson for Armani beauty by Mikael Jansson.

Armani Beauty

PARIS, Jan. 21, 2022 — Armani beauty has announced American actress Tessa Thompson as the newest face. Thompson will feature in both the campaigns for the iconic LUMINOUS SILK FOUNDATION and the new LIP POWER, shot by Swedish photographer Mikael Jansson.

According to Armani, its LUMINOUS SILK FOUNDATION is the first expression of its philosophy of perfecting the complexion with the lightest touch. It comes in a range of 40 colors to suit every skin tone. LIP POWER is a long-wear satin lipstick formulated with protective, comfortable oils and high-intensity pigments to deliver vivid color with all-day wear, comfort, and a lightweight feel. In addition, its innovative drop-shaped bullet allows for easy application and precise, defined lines.

“My idea of beauty applies to every woman as it enhances her personality and uniqueness. Tessa Thompson struck me with the radiant energy she exudes, the deep calmness of her way of being. I am delighted to be able to work with her and express a new facet of the feminine kaleidoscope of Armani beauty”, said Giorgio Armani.

Tessa Thompson added: “Our ideas around what is beautiful, culturally, are shifting and becoming more inclusive. What I love about Armani is how it empowers any woman to feel her best self.”

Born in Los Angeles, Thompson started in the theater then had minor roles in television before establishing her name in the film. Her first notable breakout film role was “Dear White People” in 2014, followed by Ava DuVernay’s 2014 film “Selma.” In 2019, Thompson appeared on the cover of TIME magazine as the Leader of the Next Generation. In 2020, Thompson co-starred in “Sylvie’s Love,” which she also produced. Thompson has most recently won acclaim for her role as Irene Redfield in Rebecca Hall’s 1920s-set film “Passing,” released in November 2021. Alongside her acting career, in 2021, Thompson launched her own production company, Viva Maude.

Tessa Thompson joins Armani beauty alongside actresses Cate Blanchett, Zhong Chuxi, Adria Arjona, Alice Pagani, and Greta Ferro; actors Ryan Reynolds, Jackson Yee, and Nicholas Hoult; and models Barbara Palvin, Madisin Rian, and Valentina Sampaio. Each Armani beauty face, in its unique way, incarnates Giorgio Armani’s vision of beauty.

Armani beauty delivers textured make-up, skincare formulated from pioneering science, and fragrances created with rare ingredients. The company says its make-up line enhances natural beauty, revealing rather than hiding, and real people and their needs inspire it.

Source: Armani Beauty

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January 21, 2022

Mastercard unveils a Next-Generation Virtual Card Solution for Instant B2B Payments.


Purchase, NY, January 20, 2022 — Mastercard today announced the launch of Mastercard TrackTM Instant Pay, a next-generation virtual card solution that uses machine learning and straight-through processing to enable instant payment of supplier invoices. Mastercard’s open-loop B2B network is integrated with Mastercard Track Business Payment Service. This new, first-of-its-kind virtual card solution delivers more excellent choice, efficiency, and automation for buyers and suppliers to help streamline and speed business payments. The company explained.

Slow and inefficient payment processes continue to create challenges for businesses. Lengthy payment terms and late invoice payments impact cash flow for suppliers, while manual invoice approval and check processing are costly and time-consuming for buyers. Other payment methods, like ACH, require buyers to safeguard sensitive bank account information, adding another layer of complexity. Research shows a growing demand from businesses to automate supplier payments with virtual cards, but existing solutions aren’t meeting these needs, with 90% of virtual card transactions still being processed manually.

Mastercard Track Instant Pay is the first virtual card solution that can safely and intelligently authorize an immediate payment to a supplier once they submit an invoice. The solution uses sophisticated machine learning to analyze invoices and identify those likely to get rejected, enabling the rest to get authorized for payment on the same day they’re received. Digital payments are sent directly and securely to a supplier’s bank account via a Mastercard virtual card, with no manual intervention required. The company elaborated.

“Delayed payments create significant challenges for businesses financially and operationally, especially in today’s environment,” said Ron Shultz, executive vice president, New Payment Flows, North America at Mastercard. “Track Instant Pay helps solve these pain points by enabling buyers and suppliers to automate their manual payment processes, unlocking valuable time, working capital, and choice. This innovative new solution is the latest step in our ongoing commitment to support multiple payment rails and mission to modernize B2B payments.”

‘Mastercard Track Instant Pay’ combines machine learning capabilities from Previse, an artificial intelligence, and data science company, with Mastercard’s core commercial solutions and global payment network to transform how businesses send and receive payments. The answer is part of Mastercard’s comprehensive suite of B2B products and services designed to reduce complexity and risk, cut costs, and automate processes for businesses worldwide.

Key benefits of ‘Mastercard Track Instant Pay’ include:

Mastercard Track Instant Pay is available in the United States with plans for international expansion, as Mastercard continues to onboard partners as part of its mission to modernize business payments.

Source: Mastercard

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January 19, 2022

Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces 15 Winners of the Global Mayors Challenge

Bloomberg Philanthropies

Bloomberg Philanthropies

NEW YORK, Jan. 18, 2022 — Bloomberg Philanthropies has announced the 15 winning cities of the 2021-2022 Global Mayors Challenge, the fifth edition of the worldwide innovation competition that supports and spreads cities’ most promising ideas. Bloomberg has recognized these 15 winners for designing the boldest and most ambitious urban innovations to emerge from the global COVID-19 Pandemic. The winning statements address one or more of four current issue areas in cities, including economic recovery and inclusive growth, health and wellbeing; climate and environment; and gender and equality. Each city will be awarded one million dollars in addition to technical support and coaching over three years to bring their ideas to life.

“As the world works to address the profound public health and economic effects of the ongoing pandemic, cities can implement innovative ideas at a pace that national governments simply can’t match,” said Michael R. Bloomberg. He is the founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies and Bloomberg L.P. and 108th Mayor of New York City. “Our fifteen winners offer bold, achievable plans to improve health, reduce unemployment, empower women, and more. Collectively, they have the potential to improve millions of their residents’ lives - and the most successful solutions will inspire cities around the world to embrace them,” he added.

• The 15 winners of the 2021-2022 Bloomberg Philanthropies Global Mayors Challenge are:

The 15 winning cities hail from 13 nations on six continents and collectively represent more than 30 million residents. They got selected from among 50 Champion Cities that spent the past four months working with residents to rigorously test and refine their projects. With the most applicants to date, mayors from 631 cities in 99 countries submitted their boldest ideas to the 2021-2022 competition, nearly twice the number of cities that applied to the last Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge in 2018.

The winners were selected based on four criteria: Vision; Potential for impact; Feasibility, and Transferability. The ideas provide a powerful snapshot of the innovation priorities of hundreds of the world’s cities. The most common themes of the winning innovations focus on reducing unemployment, improving health, and addressing climate change. Four of the winning city projects also have an explicit gender-equality lens. In addition, cities developed new ways to deliver city services to residents and approaches to combat the opioid epidemic. All of the submissions were generated in part through participatory processes with residents.

• The 15 winning projects are:

• Africa (20% of winning cities)

• Asia-Pacific (20% of winning cities)

• Europe (20% of winning cities)

• South America (7% of winning cities)

• Middle East (7% of winning cities)

• North America (26% of winning cities)

The 2021-2022 Global Mayors Challenge builds on the success of four previous Bloomberg Philanthropies Challenges in the U.S. (2013 and 2018), Europe (2014), and Latin America and the Caribbean (2016). Thirty-eight ideas have won the Mayors Challenge since its launch in 2013 and often yield such powerful results that other cities replicate them.

The Mayors Challenge selection committee helped Bloomberg Philanthropies select the 15 new winners. The committee is co-chaired by Bloomberg Philanthropies board member Mellody Hobson, Co-CEO & President, Ariel Investments; and David Miliband, President & CEO, International Rescue Committee, and includes a wide range of global experts:

“When it comes to solving issues of equality and access, people need people,” said Mellody Hobson. “Each of the winning teams took a people-first, novel approach to improve their community. I am looking forward to seeing the long-term impact generated by these projects around the world.”

“At a time when the world needs ambitious solutions, these cities are delivering,” said David Miliband. “They stood out from the 631 applicants for their vision and leadership and will hopefully deliver real results for residents.”

The 15 winning cities will now enter a three-year implementation period with a $1 million grant and complete technical assistance. During this time, the cities will work diligently to evolve and scale their ideas into a real-life program to improve residents’ lives. Cities will also share their ideas with additional cities worldwide to enable these tested innovations to spread.

“The Mayors Challenge shows that there can be a positive legacy to emerge from all the hardship of the past two years - and that it’s happening in our cities,” said James Anderson. He leads the Government Innovation program at Bloomberg Philanthropies. “Now we turn to help these mayors implement their ideas, evaluate, and spread the ideas that produce a big impact.”

Bloomberg Philanthropies invests in 941 cities and 173 countries worldwide to ensure better, longer lives for the most significant number of people. The organization focuses on five critical areas for creating lasting change: the Arts, Education, Environment, Government Innovation, and Public Health. Bloomberg Philanthropies encompasses all of Michael R. Bloomberg’s giving, including his foundation, corporate, and personal philanthropy, as well as Bloomberg Associates, a pro bono consultancy that works in cities around the world. In 2021, Bloomberg Philanthropies distributed $1.66 billion.

Source: Bloomberg Philanthropies

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January 13, 2022

New One-of-a-Kind World Citizenship Report Gives Switzerland Top Spot with Asian Countries Not Far Behind

World Citizenship Report

Photo: The top-scoring countries in the World Citizenship Report (WCR).

LONDON, Jan. 12, 2022 — CS Global Partners, one of the world’s leading government advisory and marketing firms, has released its much-anticipated World Citizenship Report (WCR). The WCR showcases the World Citizenship Index (WCI), a unique tool that compares world citizenships from the perspective of a global citizen. The index’s methodology evaluates 187 jurisdictions across five key motivators defining citizenship for the global citizen.

Reliance was placed on official statistics to evaluate a score for the defined motivators of Safety and Security, Quality of Life, Economic Opportunity, Global Mobility, and Financial Freedom. Backed by research from leading data banks, interviews, and a survey undertaken by over 500 wealthy investors, the WCR looks beyond passport strength and emphasizes pivotal factors that play a role in choosing the proper second citizenship.

Micha Emmett, the CEO of CS Global Partners, said that the WCR stands apart from other reports in the industry. Because it “examines which countries offer the most benefits for global citizens, particularly in a post-COVID world where those that have the means are consistently searching for greater opportunities and better protection.”

“We wanted to capture what truly concerns and affects a global citizen,” she said. “When there are options to gain a second or third citizenship, the first question in a High-net-worth individual (HNWI) mind is ‘where is the next place to be associated with?’”

“High-net-worth individuals must consider a myriad of factors when deciding something as monumental as where to obtain second citizenship and build a second home. While passport strength is, of course, an important component, it is also one that is subject to the greatest change as evidenced by pandemic-related travel restrictions,” she added.

Results show Switzerland scoring the highest with 88.1, followed by Denmark (88.0) in second place and Finland, Norway and Sweden tied for third (86.9). Notably, global superpowers such as the United States did not rank in the top ten, symbolizing a significant shift in what these economic giants can tangibly offer the global elite. Comparatively, Asia emerged as a hub for economic prosperity due to its business advantages, particularly Japan, ranked sixth, and Singapore, ranked seventh.

Aside from analyzing the performance of countries, the WCR looks at ways HNWIs protect and grow their wealth. It includes implementing an effective financial plan that considers inheritance and wealth taxes and investing in emerging valuable assets like cryptocurrency.

The report finds that citizenship by investment (CBI) is also an effective tool for the world’s wealthiest, and it has become a trend exacerbated during the pandemic. CBI offers an alternative and time-effective solution for those who do not have a marriage, descent, or naturalization attachment to other countries. It ultimately enables applicants to obtain a second citizenship, often within three to four months, without any former ties to the nation, as long as they can pass a multi-tiered vetting procedure.

According to the report, entrepreneurs and business people actively sought investments that stood the test of time during the thick of lockdowns. While predicting the future isn’t possible, keeping abreast of global trends has enabled many HNWIs and global citizens to identify opportunities in places they may not have considered before. The WCR aims to bring these trends to light and make the second citizenship process simpler by compiling relevant data that most concerns affluent individuals and their families.

Source: CS Global Partners

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The Coca‑Cola Company lights Burj Khalifa to introduce a new Global Brand philosophy and visual identity to the Middle East.

Real Magic,’ Coca‑Cola’s first new global philosophy since 2016, and a new perspective on its iconic logo, both revealed during a stunning light show.


Coca-Cola has built the philosophy around crucial lessons learned over the last 18 months: that we can find the magic all around us when we come together in unexpected moments that elevate every day into the extraordinary. It also acknowledges the many contradictions experienced as new generations find harmony and human connection in a virtual and divided world.

“Magic isn’t about the unbelievable or mystical, but about those moments of real human connection. Real Magic can happen at any given moment and can be extraordinary,” said Tarun Sabhlok, Region Marketing Director - the Middle East at The Coca‑Cola Company. “The Real Magic philosophy is rooted in the belief that differences can make the world a more exciting place. So there was no better place to celebrate the Real Magic of humanity than in the most diverse nation in the world, on the most iconic landmark in the region - the Burj Khalifa,” he added.

Source: The Coca‑Cola Company


Magic On Burj Khalifa

Magic is happening all around us. You have to take a look.

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January 12, 2022

THE (Times Higher Education) acquires Inside Higher Ed, claims unrivaled reach across Higher Education Markets

Times Higher Education

LONDON, Jan. 10, 2022— THE (Times Higher Education), the world’s leading provider of higher education data and insights, says it has completed the acquisition of Inside Higher Ed, the U.S. provider of news, analysis, and solutions for universities and colleges.

The acquisition brings together two of the leading brands in global higher education, with combined audiences exceeding 50 million unique users per year, encompassing university leadership, faculty, professional staff, and students, as well as policymakers and others.

Inside Higher Ed, founded in 2004, reaches an annual audience of 25 million, consisting primarily of higher education professionals in the U.S., with its independent news and analysis, industry insights, jobs board, and other tools and services.

It joins THE’s portfolio of companies at an exciting time. THE has offices in the U.K., U.S., Australia, and Singapore. Inflexion Private Equity had acquired THE in February 2019 following a period of rapid global growth.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021, THE continues to provide news, insights, and thought leadership and works with thousands of universities globally, collecting data from more than 3,500 institutions and working with 800 clients across its data, consultancy, and hiring services. It is also known for its events, including the flagship THE World Summit Series, which engaged over 45,000 people globally in 2021.

Inside Higher Ed will continue to operate independently under its existing brand. The two businesses will bring together their expertise, relationships, and insights, and together will have unrivaled reach across the world’s key higher education markets.

This combined scale and their complementary strengths and services will enable THE and Inside Higher Ed to enhance their shared mission to provide news, information, and services that help colleges and universities to analyze and improve their performance whatever their strategic goals.

Scott Jaschik, who founded Inside Higher Ed with fellow co-editor Doug Lederman, said: “We are thrilled to be joining forces with THE, especially during this period of growth. We have often collaborated with THE, and this new chapter in our relationship will allow us to be more effective than ever at informing the world about higher education.”

Paul Howarth, CEO at THE, commented: “The rapid organic growth that THE has seen in recent years has been driven by its evolution into a robust, global data business. With the backing of our investors at Inflexion Private Equity, we are in a position to strengthen our place in the market through strategic acquisitions. We see Inside Higher Ed as an ideal partner as we continue to extend our reach and the services we offer. It is a business that shares THE’s values and mission to support excellence in higher education.

“We look forward to working with Scott, Doug, Inside Higher Ed CEO Dari Gessner, and the wider Inside Higher Ed team so that together we can do even more to support universities and colleges across the U.S. and the rest of the world.”

Source: Inside Higher Ed

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January 11, 2022

NASA's Webb Telescope Reaches Major Milestone as Mirror Unfolds

NASA Webb Telescope

NASA Webb Telescope

Photo: James Webb Space Telescope’s final fold. Image provided by & copyright © NASA.

NASA Webb Telescope

Photo: Webb Model - Pranavi Chatrathi. These are Pranavi Chatrathi’s models. Pranavi says, “I am thrilled to win two prizes for the 2 James Webb Space Telescopes I built for the Texas State Fair. I love telescopes. I am waiting to see the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. Image provided by & copyright © NASA.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 10, 2022 — NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope team fully deployed its 21-foot, gold-coated primary mirror, completing the final stage of all significant spacecraft deployments to prepare for science operations.

A joint effort with the European Space Agency (ESA) and Canadian Space Agency, the Webb mission will explore every phase of cosmic history - from within our solar system to the most distant observable galaxies in the early universe.

“Today, NASA achieved another engineering milestone decades in the making. While the journey is not complete, I join the Webb team in breathing a little easier and imagining the future breakthroughs bound to inspire the world,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. “The James Webb Space Telescope is an unprecedented mission that is on the precipice of seeing the light from the first galaxies and discovering the mysteries of our universe. Each feat already achieved and future accomplishment is a testament to the thousands of innovators who poured their life’s passion into this mission.”

NASA had folded the two wings of Webb’s primary mirror to fit it inside the nose cone of an Arianespace Ariane 5 rocket before launch. Then, after more than a week of other critical spacecraft deployments, the Webb team began remotely unfolding the hexagonal segments of the primary mirror, the largest ever launched into space.

Mission Operations Center ground control at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore began deploying the second side panel of the mirror at 8:53 a.m. EST. Once it extended and latched into position at 1:17 p.m. EST, the team declared all major deployments completed.

The world’s largest and most complex space science telescope will now begin moving its 18 primary mirror segments to align the telescope optics. First, the ground team will command 126 actuators on the backsides of the segments to flex each mirror - an alignment that will take months to complete. Then the group will calibrate the science instruments before delivering Webb’s first images this summer.

“I am so proud of the team - spanning continents and decades - that delivered this first-of-its-kind achievement,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate in NASA Headquarters in Washington. “Webb’s successful deployment exemplifies the best of what NASA has to offer: the willingness to attempt bold and challenging things in the name of discoveries still unknown.”

Soon, Webb will also undergo a third mid-course correction burn - one of three planned to place the telescope precisely in orbit around the second Lagrange point, commonly known as L2, nearly 1 million miles from Earth. It is Webb’s final orbital position, where its sun shield will protect it from light from the Sun, Earth, and Moon that could interfere with infrared light observations. As a result, Webb can peer back over 13.5 billion years to capture infrared light from celestial objects, with much higher resolution than ever before, and to study our solar system as well as distant worlds.

Source: NASA

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January 9, 2022

PoliMOVE wins the Autonomous Challenge; Makes history as the First Head-to-Head Autonomous Race Car Competition Champion

Autonomous Race Car

Autonomous Race Car

Autonomous Race Car

LAS VEGAS, January 8, 2022 — The Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) team PoliMOVE from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and the University of Alabama today won the Autonomous Challenge, making history as the first head-to-head autonomous racecar competition champion. PoliMOVE competed at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in a field of 5 teams from 5 countries representing seven universities to win the $150,000 grand prize. TUM Autonomous Motorsport from the Technische Universität München (Germany) took home with $50,000.

The rules of the IAC competition required each team to qualify in a high-speed autonomous racecar time trial competition determining their seed in the head-to-head passing competition. The IAC teams raced the Dallara AV-21, the most advanced autonomous racecar. As a result, PoliMOVE competed against TUM Autonomous Motorsport in the final round of the competition. In addition, PoliMOVE set the fastest speed record on an oval with a top speed of 173 mph.

“Today was the real birth of autonomous racing,” said Prof. Sergio Savaresi, team lead of Politecnico di Milano. “The real high-speed multi-agent racing was pushed to its very limits. The research on autonomous cars will certainly benefit from this historic milestone.”

Organized by Energy Systems Network, the primary goal of the IAC is to solve real-world problems by advancing technology that will speed the commercialization of fully autonomous vehicles and deployments of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). Pushing Limits for the entire independent community and helping to increase safety and performance is of critical importance, not only in motorsports but across all modes of commercial transportation.

“We came to CES this week, the world’s most influential technology innovation event, to showcase to the world how this competition is catapulting autonomous technologies forward,” said Paul Mitchell, president, and CEO, Energy Systems Network. “We’re harnessing the power of prize competitions to attract the best and the brightest minds from around the globe to further the state-of-the-art technology in safety and performance of automated vehicles, and the teams did just that today with another historic competition.”

Karen Chupka, EVP of CES, Consumer Technology Association, officially started the competition with the call, “Ladies and gentlemen, start your software.” Halo, a remote-piloted driverless car service operating on T-Mobile’s 5G network, served as the official pace car, leading each set of IAC teams off of pit lane and completing a warmup lap at speeds of 65-80 mph before the start of each round. Next, Bridgette Foster, from Las Vegas, sang the national anthem.

The call to action for this competition has been remarkable, with 41 university teams initially signing up to compete more than two years ago, representing top engineering and technology programs from 14 U.S. states and 11 countries. However, the IAC first made history on October 23, 2021, when it held the Indy Autonomous Challenge Powered by Cisco, the first high-speed autonomous racecar competition at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS).

Nine teams from 8 countries representing 19 universities came to Las Vegas this week to compete in the Autonomous Challenge @ CES.

Source: Indy Autonomous Challenge

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January 8, 2022

IBM Watson Advertising Brings Artificial intelligence (AI) Driven Weather Analytics to AWS Data Exchange.

IBM Watson Advertising and The Weather Company offer AWS Data Exchange users access to weather data and insights to inform marketing strategies


ARMONK, N.Y., Jan. 7, 2022 — IBM Watson Advertising (NYSE: IBM) today announced data availability from The Weather Company, an IBM Business, on AWS Data Exchange, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. The AWS Data Exchange allows businesses to find and subscribe to third-party data in the cloud easily.

By providing data from one of the world’s most accurate weather forecasters, IBM Watson Advertising’s Weather Analytics harnesses the relationship between weather and consumer behavior using artificial intelligence to extract deep insights to help businesses make more confident, data-driven, and insightful enterprise decisions.

The weather datasets can help analyze how weather affects consumer purchasing across different categories such as pharmaceuticals, apparel, consumer packaged goods, and indoor and outdoor activities. Local data by ZIP code, including historical weather data, 15-day forecast weather data, and comparative data such as hot, cold, windy, and other conditions, could also be used to help inform campaigns, supply chain, and forecasting decisions. This data can even help surface unique or non-obvious relationships between weather and consumer behavior.

“We know that weather can impact nearly everything in daily life. How we feel, what we do, even what we buy,” said Sheri Bachstein, Chief Executive Officer at The Weather Company and General Manager of IBM Watson Advertising. “This expanded relationship with AWS gives more businesses access to the weather data that can drive consumer behavior and purchase. We are committed to opening up our insights and technology to a broad set of organizations and giving more companies access to efficiency driving data and tech.”

Insights that show locations where the weather could affect sales can help businesses drive revenue based on predictive consumer behavior.

AWS Data Exchange helps make it easy to find, subscribe to, and use third-party data from providers in the cloud. IBM elaborated that subscribers can use the AWS console or APIs to load IBM Watson Advertising solutions into many AWS analytics and machine learning services.

Watson is IBM’s Artificial intelligence (AI) technology for business. It helps organizations better predict and shape future outcomes, automate complex processes, and optimize employees’ time. Watson has evolved from an IBM Research project to experimentation to a scaled, open set of products that run anywhere. With more than 40,000 client engagements, leading global brands apply Watson across various industries to transform how people work.

Source: IBM

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January 7, 2022

India celebrates Silver Jubilee of Nifty 50 Index and 20 Years of Derivatives in Indian Capital Markets.

National Stock Exchange of India, NSE

National Stock Exchange of India, NSE

Photo: The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) Building in Mumbai.

MUMBAI, India, January 6, 2022 — The Nifty 50 Index was launched on April 22, 1996, and has completed 25 successful years. The Index, representing the 50 large capitalized and liquid stocks across 13 sectors, has grown 15 times in 25 years, delivering annualized returns over 25 years of 11.2%.

Nifty 50 Index was the first underlying benchmark on which the first Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) was launched in India. It was also the first Index in National Stock Exchange NSE’s derivatives market. As of November 30, 2021, Assets Under Management (AUM) of passive products tracking the Nifty 50 index were USD 25 billion.

National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) commenced trading in derivatives with the launch of Index Futures benchmarked to Nifty 50 Index on June 12, 2000, in the equity derivatives segment. It was followed by trading in Index Options (also based on Nifty 50 Index) on June 4, 2001, Options on Individual Securities from July 2, 2001, and Futures on Individual Securities from November 9, 2001.

NSE has been the largest derivatives exchange globally for two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020. In addition, the Index options contract on the Nifty 50 Index was the largest traded contract globally for multiple years.

The equity derivatives market has provided a practical risk management framework for investors and has also propelled the growth of the underlying cash equity segment. In the last ten years, volumes in the cash equity segment of stocks available in derivatives have increased by 5.5 times in line with single stock derivatives, which have increased 5.4 times. Availability of products is one of the criteria used by various investors, particularly institutional investors, for the basis of their investment in a security or an asset class in a jurisdiction.

Mr. Piyush Goyal, India’s Minister of Commerce and Industry & Consumer Affairs, was the Chief Guest for this momentous occasion. Mr. Piyush Goyal said: My best wishes to National Stock Exchange on the Silver Jubilee of Nifty 50 Index and 20 years of launching Derivatives.”

Mr. Ajay Tyagi, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) Chairman said: “NSE has made many important contributions to develop Indian Capital Markets over the years. It has achieved global stature and made a mark worldwide by being the largest derivative exchange globally for two consecutive years - in 2019 and 2020. I urge the exchange to continue its endeavor to be innovative, bring in best global practices to and further build trust of investors and issuers in Indian Capital Markets.”

Mr. Vikram Limaye, MD & CEO, NSE, said: “On behalf of National Stock Exchange, I would like to express my gratitude to the Government of India, Securities Exchange Board of India, and the Reserve Bank of India along with all the stakeholders for their support over the last 25 plus years. As India emerges out of the ongoing pandemic, NSE shall continue to provide a robust platform for raising capital and effective products for risk management. As a frontline regulator, NSE will continue to focus on disciplined market development and what is in the best interests of investors and issuers, and in further strengthening trust in markets.”

National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) is the world’s largest derivatives exchange by trading volume (contracts) as per the statistics maintained by the Futures Industry Association (FIA) for the calendar year 2020. In addition, NSE is ranked 4th in the world in the cash equities by the number of trades as per the statistics maintained by the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) for the calendar year 2020. NSE was the first exchange in India to implement electronic or screen-based trading. It began operations in 1994 and is ranked as the largest stock exchange in India in terms of total and average daily turnover for equity shares every year since 1995. NSE has a fully integrated business model comprising exchange listings, trading services, clearing and settlement services, indices, market data feeds, technology solutions, and financial education offerings.

Source: National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE)

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December 30, 2021

New Lamborghini Countach LPI 800−4 Posters for the Walls of Teenagers

A poster collection that celebrates the success of an icon.






Photo: COUNTACH LPI 800-4 BY LRNZ (Lorenzo Ceccotti)



Sant’ Agata Bolognese (Italy), December 29, 2021 - Lamborghini has released a series of new Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 posters. The posters feature the limited edition super sports car, presented at Pebble Beach in August 2021 on the original Countach’s 50th anniversary.

The futuristic limited edition Countach LPI, 800-4, continues to be a source of inspiration, reflecting its predecessor’s non-conformist iconic status that defined a new horizon for automotive design. The image of the original Countach powerfully denoted the passion of the most refined car connoisseurs, as well as the teenagers of a generation choosing a Countach poster for their walls.

This poster collection has reinterpreted the love for the Countach’s timeless lines, emphasizing how image alone can stimulate creativity. The five posters by Automobili Lamborghini each bear the signature of artists and illustrators specializing in 3D and digital works, feeding the Countach myth and confirming the immortality of the icon.

The contributing designers from around the world bring a particular dimension and interpretation of the Countach LPI 800-4 as a future icon.

Omar Aqil, a Pakistani 3D illustrator and CGI artist, places the Countach in the center of the incredible technological evolution of the last 50 years.

Yegor Zhuldybin, a young Russian creator specializing in surreal digital collages, explores the integration of the new Countach into today’s world, balancing between the modern incarnation of the iconic model and the celebration of Lamborghini’s history.

Shy. Studio, an independent motion graphics studio specializing in 3D animations and still life, is inspired by the influence of the vintage 1980s posters, reproducing the legendary Countach design in a modern setting mixed with abstract, tactile elements and objects that seem to come from another world.

Andreas Wannerstedt, a Swedish artist known for his 3D works featuring hypnotic looped animations, proposes a reinterpretation that stages the encounter between nature and the most advanced human technology: the delicate shades of an imaginary sunset meet the clean lines of the Countach LPI 800-4.

LRNZ (Lorenzo Ceccotti): graphic designer, motion graphics creator, animator, and illustrator highlights the extraordinary visual qualities of the new Countach, focusing on extreme minimalism and high-tech vibrations.

Source: Lamborghini

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December 21, 2021

Porsche Exclusive Nights held across Five Cities in India for Customer Preview of 2022 Models.

Porsche India celebrates with more than a thousand customers to wind up a strong 2021

Porsche, India

Photo: Manolito Vujicic, Brand Director at Porsche India, unveiling the first all-electric model, the Taycan, at the Porsche Exclusive Night in Chandigarh. Image provided by Porsche India.

Porsche, India

Photo: The latest Macan and the all-new fully electric Taycan at the Porsche Exclusive Night in Mumbai. Image provided by Porsche India.

Porsche, India

Photo: Photocall in Ahmedabad following the reveal of the latest Porsche Macan. Image provided by Porsche India.

Porsche, India

Photo: Porsche Taycan saloon range. Image provided by Porsche India.

Porsche, India

Photo: Latest Macan S in Mumbai. Image provided by Porsche India.

Mumbai, December 21, 2021 — Porsche India celebrated the completion of a successful year capped by the strongest ever third-quarter sales result and a preview of two new models. In addition, it hosted a series of Porsche Exclusive Nights across the country (especially in five cities — Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, and Kochi) to thank its customers for their continued loyalty and support throughout 2021.

For five weeks starting mid-November, more than 1,200 customers witnessed the reveal of Porsche’s first fully electric sports saloon, the all-new Taycan, as well as the latest Macan compact SUV. Both models are available for order now, with the first units expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2022.

Manolito Vujicic, Brand Director at Porsche India, said the events had been an ideal way to thank Porsche owners for their trust and loyalty over the year and show them the first two essential models that will arrive in 2022. “Our customers helped Porsche India achieve a remarkable bounce-back after the difficult pandemic situation in the first half of the year. As a result, demand is high, as evidenced by strong sales across the country this year and most recently with a 96-percent gain in the third quarter over our 2019 sales. This result also records a 24-percent increase over our previous best third quarter recorded back in 2014,” Mr. Vujicic added.

Following a year of many disruptions in life and business, Vujicic added: “These nights are our way of thanking our loyal customers in person. It also gives them an exclusive preview of what’s to come with the revolutionary electric vehicle range of Taycan models as well as our popular new Macan that has already received enormous interest.”

The latest Macan offers increased performance and sharper styling in three variants comprising the Macan, Macan S, and Macan GTS, along with a range of 14 colors newly available for the Macan.

The all-new, all-electric Taycan is available in four saloon models, comprising the Taycan, Taycan 4S, Turbo, and Turbo S. The exciting Cross Turismo in 4S, Turbo, and Turbo S versions complement it. They add the versatility of extra ground clearance, Gravel Mode, and 1,200 liters of rear cargo space.

Porsche India is confident about the business performance next year, with many projects in full swing. Plans include expanding the national dealer network with new partners and upgrading several facilities. As a result, the network shall consist of nine locations by the end of 2022.

Source: Porsche India

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Ducati MotoE bike takes to the track for the first time on the Misano circuit.




Photos: Ducati MotoE prototype. Images provided by & copyright © DUCATI.

Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 20 December 2021 - The Ducati MotoE bike took to the track first at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli. Starting from the 2023 season, the Borgo Panigale motorcycle manufacturer will be the sole supplier of motorcycles for the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup, the electric class of the MotoGP™ World Championship.

The electric motorcycle prototype, code-named “V21L”, is the result of the joint work of the Ducati Corse team and the Ducati R&D engineers. Roberto Canè, Ducati eMobility Director, led the team, and the bike was taken out on track by Michele Pirro, a professional rider and Ducati test rider since 2013. He evaluated the technical characteristics and potential of Ducati’s first electric motorcycle.

Roberto Canè, Ducati eMobility Director: “We are experiencing a truly extraordinary moment. I find it hard to believe it is real and still not a dream! The first electric Ducati on the track is exceptional not only for its uniqueness but also for the type of undertaking: challenging both for its performance objectives and its extremely short timescales. Precisely for this reason, the work of the whole team dedicated to the project has been incredible, and today’s result repays us for the efforts made in recent months. We are certainly not finished yet; indeed, we know that the road ahead is still very long, but in the meantime, we have laid a first important ‘brick.’”

Michele Pirro, Ducati test rider: “Testing the MotoE prototype on the circuit was a great thrill because it marks the beginning of an important chapter in Ducati history. The bike is light and already has a good balance. Furthermore, the throttle connection in the first opening phase and the ergonomics are very similar to a MotoGP bike. If it weren’t for the silence and for the fact that in this test, we decided to limit the power output to just 70% of performance, I could easily have imagined that I was riding my bike.”

The most critical challenges in developing an electric racing motorcycle remain related to the batteries’ size, weight, and range. Ducati’s goal is to make electric motorcycles that are high-performance and characterized by their lightness available to all FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup participants.

Ducati’s experience in the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup will be fundamental support for product R&D. The goal is to create a Ducati electric vehicle for road use as soon as the technology allows it. Sporty, light, exciting, and able to satisfy all enthusiasts.

Source: DUCATI

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December 20, 2021

The new French National Identity Card gets the Best Identity Card recognition.

French National Identity Card

French National Identity Card

PARIS, Dec. 20, 2021 — The new French electronic National Identity Card (eID) has been awarded the prestigious Best New National ID Card prize by Reconnaissance International at the HSP Awards EMEA (High-Security Printing for Europe - Africa - Middle East). A jury of independent international experts has recognized this personal identification document program’s outstanding achievement and technical sophistication. The French Ministry of the Interior, ANTS (Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés), and IN Groupe worked to design and produce the new French eID.

• An identity document at the cutting edge of technology

Under its Regulation, France has deployed a new identity card, more secure, convenient, and innovative. This card can be used to prove one’s identity and serves as a travel document in the European Union. As a result, France has issued more than 2 million new eID(s) since June 2021.

This next-generation polycarbonate card can meet French citizens’ everyday needs. It incorporates both tried and tested security features and innovations with security design validated by the Ministry of the Interior experts.

The card incorporates new security features, including the DOVID, a new-generation holographic device. The card’s secure background extends into the transparent border of the card. In addition, a Visible Digital Seal allows the card to be digitally signed and ensures the integrity and origin of the credentials. Further, it is impossible to access the data on a highly secured chip.

• IN Groupe at the service of the State

In the French National Identity Card program, IN Groupe acts as a solutions integrator, relying on the contribution of some twenty different companies. As a result, IN Groupe qualifies, tests, and selects the best technologies, components, and IT systems that the French government needs to build the most secure document according to the ANTS specifications and the expected security targets.

IN Groupe is a public limited company. It guarantees France the sovereignty to issue its legal identity documents. Further, it equips the French government with identity technology operations.

For IN Groupe, identity and its protection are at the heart of its raison d’être because it ensures States’ sovereignty and trusts with their citizens, especially since legal identity remains the reference identity among all others both in the physical and digital worlds.

Source: IN Groupe

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Kia Carens, a three−row recreational vehicle, debuts in India with six standard airbags across variants

Kia Carens

Kia Carens

Kia Carens

Kia Corporation has launched the Carens during a world premiere event in India. The recreational vehicle (RV) is another made-in-India global product from Kia that brings the sophistication of a family mover and the sportiness of an SUV in one compelling package.

The Kia Carens, designed for modern Indian families, is a comfortable and spacious three-row seater with the most extended wheelbase in its class. In addition, the car comes with a first in India Hi-Secure Safety Package as standard across all trims, including six airbags, making it one of the safest vehicles in India. The Kia Carens is also a connected car with many class-leading features, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

“With its bold design, high-tech features, and industry-leading safety systems, the Kia Carens would create a completely new segment and industry benchmark for family vehicles,” said Ho Sung Song, President, and CEO at Kia Corporation. “Kia is especially honored to launch Carens in India, where new ideas and innovations are taking shape. We are confident that the Kia Carens will deliver meaningful experiences to modern families both in their daily and leisure life.”

Tae-Jin Park, the Managing Director, and CEO, Kia India, said, “India is diverse, and the people here have different preferences. It is the most exciting insight we tried to unlock while developing the Carens. It’s safe, is feature-rich, has artistry in its design, and is comfortable and classy; it packs everything a modern Indian family would want in their vehicle. The Carens, in all aspects, is another true customer-centric offering from Kia. The vehicle is all set to revolutionize and redefine family commuting. It is another game-changing product dedicated to our discerning Indian customers.”

The Kia Carens will be available in India and selected markets starting from the first quarter of 2022.

Source: Kia Corporation

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December 19, 2021

Hyundai IONIQ 5 East Coast Buyer Exemplifies New Set of Owners Making the Transition to Electric

Hyundai America

Hyundai America

Photo: John Szymanski, general manager, Eastern Region, Hyundai Motor America, IONIQ 5 customer Ms. Sandra Bergland, and Gary Rome, dealer principal, Gary Rome Hyundai at Gary Rome Hyundai in Holyoke, Mass. on December 17, 2021. (Photo/Hyundai)

HOLYOKE, Mass., December 17, 2021 — Hyundai celebrates one of its early IONIQ 5 electric cross-over utility vehicle buyers, Ms. Sandra Bergland of Boston, Mass. Ms. Bergland purchased a 2022 IONIQ 5 Limited AWD in the Digital Teal exterior finish. Coming from a family of early adopters of electric vehicles, Ms. Bergland was drawn to the IONIQ 5’s driving range and ultra-fast charging coupled with Hyundai’s new Electric-Global Modular Platform that allows for more interior space and optimized performance. In addition, IONIQ 5’s progressive design represents a departure from past norms, exploring new design freedom.

“As a captain for a major cargo airline flying large freighter planes, I am immersed in technology and how it’s reshaped the industry. The IONIQ 5 is the perfect vehicle for me. I appreciate its progressive aerodynamic exterior design with a spacious and smart interior, innovative connectivity, and advanced technologies; it’s redefining the industry and providing new choices for customers like me. After the wait, I’m thrilled to be among the first to drive the IONIQ 5 and embark on road trips that complement my active lifestyle without the need to stop at gas stations.” said Ms. Bergland.

Sandra Bergland is a captain for a major cargo airline based in the United States, flying one of the giant freight airplanes in the industry. When not flying to Europe and Asia, Ms. Bergland enjoys spending time with her family and skiing in Park City, Utah. The IONIQ 5’s flexible and intelligent interior design and towing capability are perfect for carrying ski equipment and providing the extra space her two dogs will enjoy. The ultra-fast charging and impressive driving range are key attributes as she plans to drive the IONIQ 5 from the Berkshires in Massachusetts to Park City, Utah, next year. Sandra Bergland comes from a family of early EV adopters, including her brother, who currently owns a 2019 IONIQ EV. Hyundai plans to work with Ms. Bergland to chronicle her first year driving the IONIQ 5 and share this journey via social media platforms.

Source: Hyundai Motor America

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December 13, 2021

TIME Names the 2021 Person of the Year: Elon Musk


NEW YORK, December 13, 2021 — Today, TIME named Elon Musk the 2021 Person of the Year.

TIME Editor-in-Chief and CEO Edward Felsenthal write, “Person of the Year is a marker of influence, and few individuals have had more influence than Musk on life on Earth, and potentially life off Earth too. In 2021, Musk emerged not just as the world’s richest person but also as perhaps the richest example of a massive shift in our society.”

Felsenthal continues, “Musk’s rise coincides with broader trends of which he and his fellow technology magnates are part cause and part effect: the continuing decline of traditional institutions in favor of individuals; government dysfunction that has delivered more power and responsibility to business; and chasms of wealth and opportunity. In an earlier era, ambitions on the scale of interplanetary travel were the ultimate collective undertaking, around which Presidents rallied nations….For creating solutions to an existential crisis, for embodying the possibilities and the perils of the age of tech titans, for driving society’s most daring and disruptive transformations, Elon Musk is TIME’s 2021 Person of the Year.”

In his letter to readers, Felsenthal writes, ” Elon Musk’s spacefaring adventures are a direct line from the very first Person of the Year, Charles Lindbergh, whom the editors selected in 1927 to commemorate his historic first solo transatlantic airplane flight over the Atlantic. For us at TIME, it has also been a year of building on the past to forge the future.”

In the cover story, which includes an exclusive interview with Musk, TIME’s Molly Ball, Jeffrey Kluger, and Alejandro de la Garza, write, “His startup rocket company, SpaceX, has leapfrogged Boeing and others to own America’s spacefaring future. His car company, Tesla, controls two-thirds of the multibillion-dollar electric-vehicle market it pioneered and is valued at a cool $1 trillion. That has made Musk, with a net worth of more than $250 billion, the richest private citizen in history, at least on paper. In addition, he’s a player in robots and solar, cryptocurrency and climate, brain-computer implants to stave off the menace of artificial intelligence and underground tunnels to move people and freight at super speeds.”

The December 27, 2021 - January 3, 2022, Person of the Year issue of TIME goes on sale on Friday, December 17.

Source: TIME

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Miss Universe India, Harnaaz Sandhu, crowned 70th Miss Universe in Global Anniversary Televised Event.

Three-Hour Special included inspiring performances by powerhouse female musical artists JOJO and Noa Kirel.

Miss Universe, India

Photo: Harnaaz Sandhu, Miss Universe India 2021, poses for a portrait after being crowned Miss Universe after the 70th Miss Universe Competition on December 12, 2021, at the Universe Arean in Eilat, Israel. The new winner will move to New York City, where she will live during her reign and become a spokesperson for various causes alongside The Miss Universe Organization. Photographer: Benjamin Askinas. Image provided by & copyright © Miss Universe Organization, New York.

Miss Universe, India

Photo: Harnaaz Sandhu, Miss Universe India 2021, is crowned Miss Universe by Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza after the 70th Miss Universe Competition on December 12, 2021, at the Universe Arena in Eilat, Israel. The new winner will move to New York City, where she will live during her reign and become a spokesperson for various causes alongside The Miss Universe Organization. Photographer: Benjamin Askinas. Image provided by & copyright © Miss Universe Organization, New York.

ISRAEL (December 12, 2021) - Miss Universe India Harnaaz Sandhu was crowned Miss Universe live on FOX and Telemundo tonight from Eilat, Israel. Harnaaz will use her time as Miss Universe to advocate for menstrual equity through public administration.

After a two-week-long visit to Jerusalem and Eilat, a beautiful National Costume Competition, rounds of interviews, a preliminary competition, and the live Finals, Harnaaz was crowned with the iconic Mouawad “Power of Unity” Crown. It was presented to her by outgoing Miss Universe Andrea Meza. Harnaaz will move to New York City in the new year to represent the brand and various philanthropic organizations during her reign.

“This has been an experience of a lifetime!” said Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu. “The past three weeks have been a dream getting to know these exceptional women, and I’m honored to be chosen among them to represent this inspiring organization. I hope to serve the global community to the best of my ability in the year to come.”

Miss Universe India, Harnaaz Sandhu, credits her mother, who broke generations of patriarchy to become a successful gynecologist, for inspiring her to follow her dreams. Driven to support women similarly, Harnaaz grew up working with her mother at health camps, educating women about their health and menstrual hygiene. Deeply conscious of the privilege her mother’s struggles have gifted her, Harnaaz strongly advocates for women’s empowerment today, particularly their constitutional rights to education, careers, and freedom of choice. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Public Administration. Harnaaz is also an actress and enjoys yoga, dancing, cooking, horse riding, and playing chess in her free time.

“It’s been exceptional getting to know the contestants through our shared admiration of the history and beauty of our host country these past two weeks,” stated Paula M. Shugart, President of the Miss Universe Organization. “I’m thrilled to have Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu represent Miss Universe this year, as her passion for helping educate women and fight for their freedoms emulates all the crown stands for.”

The 70th MISS UNIVERSE competition aired live from a bespoke venue in Eilat, Israel. Legendary entertainer Steve Harvey hosted it, along with backstage correspondents, Emmy Award-winning TV personality and style expert Carson Kressley (“RuPaul’s Drag Race,” “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”) and TV presenter and former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst (“Extra”).

One of the evening’s many highlights included the powerful performances from GRAMMY Award-winning artist, JoJo and Israeli singer Noa Kirel. In addition, women representing 80 countries competed to become the next Miss Universe in this anniversary spectacular. Selection committee members for the 70th annual show included:

Source: Miss Universe Organization, New York.

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